∙✾∙The Final Days of Summer; Morphing into Autumn ∙✾∙

Sharing the treasures and pleasures of the last days of summer…as we head into the splendor of Autumn…


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Summer’s last bit of

•Simple Pleasures•Little Treasures•


Last of the Late Summer Blooms….late summer rainbowThere’s nothin’ like bringing a rainbow of color indoors to enjoy just before the frost comes, as the days begin to chill and get shorter…

late summer color

…a late summer pleasure, for sure!



The late summer Butterflies…butterfly

Monarchs...such delicate little treasures…..emerging from their chrysalis, getting their fill of the last bit of nectar….preparing to take flight-heading south…before the frost. 


The Queen of the Late Summer Blooms

•Sunflowers• a simple pleasure, indeed


Standing tall and proud, following the sun as it moves through the day, and as the days grow shorter, these majestic beauties, hang their heavy ‘heads’…as if they are sad to see the last days of summer come….



Changing skies


The hills take on a slightly different hue as the leaves will soon begin to change.  The sky it seems, is bluer and the late summer rains always seem to leave us with something special…ah, no pot of gold…but still, a treasure!


Summer’s Last Hoorah….

It’s County Fairs…

fair day


Lazy afternoons in the hammock…

A and Ava


it’s…cooking out…over an open fire.



ava s'more

it’s S’mores by the pond…


….it’s one last swing

from the big ole Hickory nut tree…


…before we bid a fond ‘farewell’ to those glorious late summer days….


as they begin to slowly

morph… into Autumn Splendor…

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·accompanying my photos below is a  writing by Al Fritsch, S. J.

"September starts with Labor Day when goldenrod are in full bloom


and the crops are being gathered. 

beets harvest

It's harvest time on farms, when entire families helps in an intergenerational enterprise.  We hasten in anticipation of autumn chill and a possible early frost.

The heavier mists now hang over the valleys reminding us each morning…

that days are warm,


but nights are cooler than the temperature of rivers, lakes and ponds. Work, even garden work, includes beating the frost and a mutual sacrifice.

   The birds flock in the evening and nature seems to anticipate what is in store. 


We pick elderberries for pie,


Pick apples,


press cider,048


deep freeze the grapes and


continue to use the solar food dryer for beans and apples.

We notice that the late tomatoes have a different taste this month. 


In the more even temperature of the month the peppers seem to fill the stalks miraculously with each
passing day and hang heavy in yellows and greens and reds and purples.


Butternut and winter squash are ready to store;



we prepare the greenhouse for the first transfers as frost approaches. 


We trample the late summer woods nearby and find the acorns now falling from the oak trees. 


We taste the most exquisite of all fruit in the wild, the wild plum.


And we hear the reports of hunters -- fathers and sons and daughters bonding by bringing home a mess of squirrel.

fawn momma

We see deer and rabbit and raccoon as well and hear the gobbling of the wild turkeys. 

Yes, this is September."
-   Al Fritsch, S. J.



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Autumn’s  vibrant berries are poppin’ out everywhere…as nature begins to decorate for fall!

These are just a few of Mother Nature’s little jewels I captured around our property.

   DSC_0044 Red Nightshade Solanum dulcamara-not yet turned

Some of the woodland berries are still  green….but are beginning to *pop* with the vibrancy that is autumn. 



Red Nightshade  Solanum dulcamara


Red-Osier Dogwood Cornus stolonifera

wild dogwood



Lily of the Valley


Honey Suckle

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

 ~Albert Einstein



So, as we say good-bye to summer as its  long, hot days grow shorter and pleasantly cooler…as the final dog days of summer have now passed….

we look forward to the Splendor that is…


and Welcome her,  with open arms…ahhh….it’s Autumn, at last!



Merry Autumn, Everyone!!

I hope to be back soon with some indoor autumnal décor! 

So, until my next entry…

Take Good Care and 


♥--Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~Elizabeth Lawrence

Bountiful Blessings, Kath