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"The force of Spring -
powerful beyond measure."
-   Michael Garofalo

table top bouquet

My SpringThyme Bouquet is a combination of greens and handmade Salt Dough fillers-even the little seed packets are made from salt dough.  They are a creation of one of my sweet friends-Colleen-she comes up with the neatest ideas!!  You can visit her here  to see more of her wonderful creations, lots of yummy recipes and read about her heartwarming/emotional journey…she’ll touch your heart and inspire you—



Hey There Friends…

…HAPPY SPRING, to you!

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I’m so glad you’ve stopped by :)

This entry is quite lengthy, chock full of photos and a few little tips and a couple of handmade projects.  So--

I’m hoping you’ll grab a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite beverage,

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We’ve had some pretty darn nice weather here, which melted almost all of our snow! 

We were awakened by a Thunder storm…yesterday morning…making it seem even more “Spring-like”! 

So Now, we venture on into to the Mud season…which usually bothers me but for some reason this year, I’m actually happy to see mud—well ok, maybe not ‘happy’…but it’s better than seeing all that snow…PILES and PILES of it!

  No matter the mud and muck…and no matter the snow some of us are still bound to get…soon the flowers will be in bloom and the lawn will need mowed…the garden will be planted and the days will be getting warmer and warmer…and then I’ll be on here griping because it’s too dang hot!  LOL…just kidding! ;) I’ll try not to complain (too much)!


Ok, on to my dining room project… 

Whew…this little room makeover took me longer than first expected!  I’m very happy with the way it turned out though!

I ended up making some new pieces and doing a ‘makeover’ on a cupboard.  I still have to get my corner [wall] cabinet made for above the fireplace.  BUT-Other than the corner cabinet- the dining room project is DONE!!!!

If you’ll remember, I posted my “story board” in the last blog entry I made.


I’ve known for sometime now that I wanted more “wood” and less “painted finishes” in here.  I also wanted  to bring in some ‘reds’ and of course I had to keep some of my all time favorite-BLACK- in here as well.

So this transformation started long ago, actually…it all began because I wanted a wood [tongue and groove] ceiling, that then morphed into an entire room makeover!


We’ll start with some BEFORE photos

-If you roll your mouse over my photos you’ll see I have the paint colors and other info listed on them-

007 (2)

Before Photo


Before Photo


Before Photo


Before Photo

Before Photo-what a difference in the hues during the evening hours-looks like mustard—I don’t like mustard!! 


Moving right along to some changes….

diningroom feb 2011

Removed the chair rail and patched in

dining redo feb. 2011

I had lots of patching in to do!


…and a whole lot of cutting in to do!


…half the painting is done


Painting job—COMPLETE!


On to the next project

Steve ceiling

-which started this whole “dining room makeover” ball rollin’ to begin with!   New Ceiling!

Be still my heart—I just LOVE Wood!


We used V-groove, tongue and groove knotty pine boards for the ceiling and I finished it in dark walnut-a new stain (new to me) I found recently.  I LOVE IT…it’s the best stain I’ve ever used…and the best tone of dark walnut I’ve ever seen!   I applied a couple of coats of water base poly, also.


This stain is a ‘wiping stain’ and it did NOT raise the grain, nor did the poly I used.  As you know, most stains or water base poly will raise the grain and you have to buff (steel wool it down to make it smooth) between coats—these boards turned out beautiful with NO buffing at all between coats!  That’s why I LOVE IT! …and the color is gorgeous too!


My new Light fixture is up — I decided (again) to go with a ‘distressed wood’ look, rather then a painted/distressed fixture.   chandi

chandy closeup

It’s Blackened Pine.  It fits in here perfectly!


So the chair rail is gone, everything is patched in, the painting is done, the ceiling is up and so is my new light… 


…Now the fun part begins!

The Decorating!


My Color choices for this room makeover are:  Au Lait Ole for the walls, Lots of wood tones; Pecan, Hickory and Dark Walnut… and some pops of red.

diningroom end view

I went with a Cranberry and Cream striped curtain.  They best way to describe it is … It looks very much like Red Ticking—Only Sheer!  I chose a sheer curtain to let in as much light at possible, now that the ceiling and floor both, are dark.  I wanted lighter / airy feel.  Nothing heavy over my windows. 


The Oak trim is finished in a Pecan stain, the ceiling is a gorgeous dark Walnut and floors are henna Hickory!  LOL…I guess ya could say it’s a room comprised of ‘mixed nuts’—add me and hubs into the mix and it’s even more so!!  Hehe!

table view

I brought my braided rug in here to break up some of the wood


end widnow

I was inspired with my ‘cranberry’- red tones- because of the brick on the fireplace



I wanted the curtains longer this time, long enough to ‘puddle’ on the floor. 




baywindow flowers

Changed out all the rods and went with Wrought iron rods and hold backs-I dressed the bay window differently this time.  Before I had the curtains/rods hanging on the inside of the window, this time I draped them on the outside of window.  I admit, out of everything I’ve done in here, this window caused me the most grief!  I think it’s hard to dress a bay window!


sideboard and shelf

uh-boy!!!  I see I still have painters tape in this photo!  :-/


The peculiar (yet very cool) thing about this room now- is when you look at some of the photos, ya tend to see mostly “the red tones”,


then…you look at some others’ and you see lots of black…french door-closed

…and if I had a way to stitch all the photos together and give you a panoramic view …you’d see that the room doesn’t feel or look divided by color at all…I love that!!



I tried to keep my décor at different levels…I have this star placed low above the bench…Keeping things at different levels keeps the eye moving-and will tend to give the appearance that the ceiling is a bit higher…which I need, being that it’s dark/wood.





I decided to do a little stenciling in here too…not much, I didn’t want it to look too busy, I only wanted some ‘stencil highlights’— some bare spot filler-inners!


Well it just so happened that when I was just about to do my stencil project-Valspar was having a FREE SAMPLE of Paint offer!

You had your choice of many colors, and they mixed it up and sent you a 8 oz. sample!

paint sample

Included was a 5.00 off Coupon for your next paint purchase and a little roller and pan!  Well, I went ahead and chose my FREE sample color.  I picked the next shade (darker) on my sample card that I picked my wall color from.  I wanted to use that and do a tone on tone stencil above the two windows!  YAY Valspar—Thank YOU!


This is the smaller window, The wall color is AU Lait Ole-I used the next darker tone [Universal Umber] and then added a touch of red to it…I wanted something above the windows, yet nothing dark/heavy looking—being so close to the wood ceiling…so signs were out!

stencil baywindow

This is above the Bay Window. 

I’m happy with the look and the way it just becomes a ‘highlight’ by adding a stencil above the windows only,  rather than carrying it around the entire room. 



I’ve wanted a Sideboard Server table in here for the longest time!

server closeup

Now I have one!  I’m so pleased with it.  I measured the spot, sketched up the table and my sweetheart of a hubby built it for me!

table top petina

Love the patina the wood took on

I knew how it would look (in my mind)—Black, of course :) but I wanted the top unpainted and really REALLY distressed!

server shelf

Then, I found the perfect Coverlet Throw for in here and had to have a place to display it.  So we built this matching shelf to go above the server.  I finished it in the dark walnut-distressed the heck out of it and I just love these two piece together!  I am so happy I didn’t paint the shelf.


new shelf

*We made this shelf a while back, for the kitchen –so- I took the same idea for the one in the dining room, it’s the same shelf… we just shortened it up and made it with only one quilt bar!



It all came together just like I envisioned it!

*Coverlets, battery taper and Iron Trammel are from

Winter Willow Primitives

The little birds were made by Maurine over at

Stitchins House of Prims



Looking for a way to fill up an empty spot on your wall without spending much ??

stencil framed


I decided to stencil the wall and frame it!  I just took a pencil and lightly traced the inside of the frame, stenciled it in using the same stencil I used for above the windows and then I found a neat olde frame I had laying around, distressed it and hung it over the stencil!

And there ya have it—A very Simple, FREE, ‘bare spot on the wall filler-inner’!  :)






Refinished Piece


I just needed to darkened this piece up a bit so all I did was…


Sanded it down, distressed it with my trusty chain!  Stained it….



…and this it how it looks now! 





So there ya have it;  The dining room is complete (with the exception of my corner cabinet for above the fireplace)!   I’ve also been working on the front entry way, just repainting it … and we’ve decided to add knotty pine planks to the ceiling in there as well!! 


Ahhh,  so you’ve finally made it to the end of my post—THANK YOU for staying, I know it’s a very long one but I wanted to fit as much in as I could,  I get quite a few emails with lots of questions so I thought maybe by fitting in a bit more info that would help??  Not that I mind answering your questions/emails…but I do tend to get behind a bit!  

*On a side note

I also wanted to let ya know that I’ve been thinking of closing my selling blog!Not for good…I’m leaning towards relocating my ~ALL THINGS PRIM~shoppe

I’ve been tossin’ the idea around and think I may just move it over into my Picture Trail site—I’ll keep ya posted on the move-one good thing about moving a “virtual” Shoppe-no inventory to move!! ;)


Well, looks like I need cuppa coffee refill…so Until my next entry…

I thank you kindly for stopping by and I wish you a most delightful day♥

Spring Blessings


           Sunny Hugs, Kath