∙·✥·∙Merry Christmas∙·✥·∙

…From our home to yours…..
back entry lit
Wishing you and yours….the “all” of Christmas…
…May you soak in all the Hope, the Peace, the laughter, love and thankfulness….may your home be filled with the Comfort and Joy that is Christmas!
…May we all  see the ‘real gift’ and true meaning….of Christmas!
May your blessings overflow!
Merry Christmas to you!

big tree

belsnickls diningroom


by mom


Christmas chair

Christmas chair letter


diningroom table

dry sink and basket

drysink centerpiece


family room tree



kitchen island


pineapple tree


santas kitch

santa kitchen

santas treats

under island tree 

The Promise of Christmas
Wishing you and yours Peace, and Happiness in the New Year…and beyond!!
See ya next year!
Christmas Candle

·✵·Celebrating Autumn, with Mother Nature’s help·✵·

I decorate Simply—I like the suggestion of “less is more”… I think that describes me and the way I decorate, perfectly.  Less truly is more…in many aspects of life!  Less, makes you appreciate what you do have all the more!  Doesn’t it?

I think living out in the country helps, it keeps me grounded…keeps me focused on what’s right out there in front of me…it’s amazing really, how much nature gives us…the sights, smells, tastes of Autumn.
I was mowing the other day and as I passed by all the blooming golden rod, and rag weed…I kept getting this wonderfully yummy fragrance in my nose!  With each gentle brush against the golden rod a waft of sweet honey scent enveloped me…the leaves,  as I mowed through them gave another rustic fall aroma…Fall is just a splendid season, that’s all there is to it!

…I think it should last all year long!

Sorry, I  digress…back to my decorating ;)

This year, I had a helping hand when it came to my fall Décor.

Mother Nature helped me decorate and what a grand job she did.  I gathered gourds from my garden, leaves and berries, I cut and dried my flowers and she so graciously offered up a couple nicely shaped pumpkins for me use too!
I love Autumn, I love everything about it…the smells, the colors, the way it makes you feel…it’s a feeling of “gathering”, whether it be gathering of a harvest or a gathering of friends or family…there is just something so comforting about Autumn…even the foods and meals prepared are more comforting in Autumn!
It’s that cool crisp air, and seeing your breath for the first time as you go out for the morning paper…it’s the sight of chimneys smoking and the smell of the first wood fires being lit to take the morning chill off.  It’s apple pickin’ and cider drinkin’.  It’s football games, woolen socks, dressing in layers and raking leaves….it’s Mother Nature at her finest…changing green hilltops into rolling waves of color so vivid and beautiful you really do just have to stop and marvel at the awe that is Autumn…Simply put, she is my favorite time of the year!

So…with the help of Mother Nature…here’s my Fall Décor.




Dining Room


   •A gathering of Mother Nature’s offerings…gourds from my garden and bittersweet vine sit atop the hutch in my dining room along with a couple moss pumpkins.




•This is the corner cabinet we made and I just got it finished a couple of weeks ago and got it up…It fits perfectly above the fireplace.  So happy with the way it turned out.

The fireplace mantel is only decorated with bittersweet and a couple small pumpkins.




•Table Top Centerpiece in the dining room.  Mother Nature (again)provided the fillers…I just placed ‘em in the big ole dough bowl!

server side

•Server table & shelf we made, dressed with pumpkins, bittersweet, and some drieds.




•Handmade, by me… these sweet lil’

Folk Art Harvest Pumpkins…simply sit in a trencher and Mother Nature did the rest!

pattern by Make Me a Memory/Tammie Everhart


•I think the dining room feels much warmer since we added the wood ceiling…cozy…and perfect for autumn dining! 












•On the hutch, a pewter candlestick, I dressed it with some blackened beeswax acorns and little wax putka pods I made and I added a few dried putkas to it…for color.


•Dried Hydrangea, one of my all time favorite flowers to both decorate with fresh or dried.


•This large bunch is in my antique shoe shine box.  I just sat the box on end and stuck the hydrangea in the opening where the shoeshine polish, rags and brushes would’ve been stored.


• My bushel basket of dried Hydrangea and my pumpkins-courtesy of Mother Nature!


She sure can dress a room for autumn, can’t she?

Mud Room


Simply Simple…some faux Sunflowers a single branch of bittersweet and my wooden Folk art Angel greet all who enter through the back door






Bittersweet--Before the Berries “popped”

fall (2)…and After they popped opened!




• Basket of dried hydrangea on top of my pantry cupboard.


•Freshly cut from my garden, then dried…my sweet annie fills my grapevine door basket.  I tucked some Pheasant feathers and added a gourd for a lil burst of color. Mother Nature’s contributions to this display are just perfect!




•Just a basket of dried artichokes, a few gourds and some Indian corn…again, I couldn’t have pulled it off without Mother Nature!




Clever Idea…. candle dressings/bowl fillers for the kitchen candles…use coffee beans!




•Fall touches, atop the dry sink and shelf we made.




•My olde wooden chair I picked up at the local antique shoppe…this chair has become one of my favorite spots to decorate! 

Family Room




•My prim drieds board.  I have sweet annie and cattails tucked in it


•Of course, I have some hydrangea in here too-Thank You, Mother Nature! 



•Baskets filled with Hydrangea, dried yarrow and a little dried bouquet of dried yarrow, sweet annie and a bunch of tallow berries tied together with a piece of aged cheese cloth…Simple…and everything was gifted to me…by Mother Nature—oh and my friend Pam, who made me the baskets! ♥



Below are just some more random fall photos I took…














Dining room table top Centerpiece with the sun shining in on it…even Autumn sun is prettier than the other seasons…


out my window

and…Out my window, today!  :)  My silly Quacks!


In closing, I’d like to say “thank  you” to Mother Nature for allowing me to decorate my home with the things I love so much…the natural beauty that is autumn…♥

and thanks to you too, for stopping by to visit me, I’m always happy to see you and look forward to seeing your Autumn décor!

Until my next entry, TGC friends & get out and Enjoy this beautiful season, gather up some of Mother Natures lil gems and bring them inside and always try to take pleasure in the simple things……