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~•~Welcoming Autumn~•~

Dear Autumn,
Oh…how I’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival….only a couple more weeks and it’s official…and yes, I’ll be ready for you…
Hello Friends,
This entry is EVERYTHING Autumn-There’s lots of pics of my fall decor and  pics of some wonderful goodies I’ve been [ever so patiently] waiting to share…
So lets get started!!
  This is my “Halloween” gathering. I received these wonderful hand-mades from a sweet gal named Sharon.
She placed an order with me just before I took my break and a couple of weeks later, to my surprise, these cute lil’ prims showed up on my doorstep!  Sharon made the prim witches hat, the boots and the black cat!
She sent them to me with a note enclosed saying just how much she loved the pieces I made for her!!  I was more than surprised when I received the box-I just plain speechless! 
That was so nice—made me really really happy to know she liked the  prim pieces I made for her that much!! 
I thanked you when I got my big box of goodies, but I’d like to say THANK YOU again, Sharon!
So-I gathered up some of the goodies and came up with this darling little gathering! 
I made the Witch’s broom, I just dried some corn husks and wire/wrapped them to a stick!  Cute isn’t it?? 
Sharon included lots more goodies in the box too, you’ll have to keep goin, to see what else she sent.
Some of my mini pantry cakes and my dried Hydrangea.  I LOVE drieds…LOVE LOVE dried Hydrangea! 
Blackened beeswax candle nub with some sweet annie, wax dipped black-eyed susans and some tallow berries. I have some blackened beeswax corn in crock bowl also.  Makes for a nice little gathering, if ya have any corn husk,  dry some up…you’d be amazed at the things you can do with it.  I added some to the prim wax corn.  Pam made the little ears of corn, she is offering it on her selling blog if you’d like some….check with her and see if she has any left!

It just takes the simplest little touches to make me happy in my home….
The gathering is on top of the Pantry Cupboard in the kitchen.  Pantry Cakes, dried orange slices and some Cinnamini bowl fillers.  This kinda stuff makes me feel all warm and fuzzy… ;)
Back Entry/ Mudroom gathering.  Sunflowers, some drieds and some cattails along with some prim beeswax pumpkins add just a little ‘Fall Welcome’ as guests walk in.
Acorns, another of my favorite Fall things
This fabric pumpkin (along with a black one, not shown) was made and gifted to me by Sharon too.

♫Sunflowers and Acorns, and Pumpkins and Leaves….. these are a few of my favorite things ♪ :) 
You’ll surely see a ‘trend’ when it comes to “Fall” inside my home.  Everything is Sunflowers, Acorns, Pumpkins and Leaves…. oh and Hydrangea! ;)
Lots of Warm, Natural colors…golds, pumpkins, browns…such yummy yummy fall hues!

This Autumn Stocking was made and gifted to me by Sharon, the sweet lady I mentioned at the beginning of this entry…I love it, and it’s got SUNFLOWERS in it!!
Prim window box we made, now filled with sunflowers and candy corn!
Candy Corns were made and gifted to me by Sharon, also!  (she spoiled me, didn’t she?)!

Trencher chock fulla sugared acorns, large acorns, brown pears, sunflowers, and some leaves….

Kitchen, sink area…still very simple, leaf garlands & pumpkins,

see the little punkins in my cabinet :)
I ♥ Pumpkins
Fall garland on the fireplace, this one has acorns and grapes on it…some moss pumpkins and my old antique Shoe Shine box filled with faux hydrangea make up my fireplace decor.  I have a grapevine with leaves and grapes around my dining room light too, forgot to take a pic…

Outside now,
a sign I made for my fall garden.  I made out of a really olde and very weathered piece of barn board.  The Crow on the pumpkin and the other crow are both removable, so come Spring and Summer, I‘ll change it out and add something else.  I have a wooden beeskep and some bumbles to add next gardening season! 
So-That’ll do it for this entry…betcha thought it was never goin to end, huh?! ;)
Fall is my favorite time of the year, I just LOVE Fall, love everything about it! The colors, the smells, the crisp air….I enjoy decorating more for the Autumn season, than I do for the Winter/Christmas season!
…I try to keep things simple when I decorate, I stick with (or try to) the things I love the most, and I carry those few things through out my home….Sunflowers, Acorns, Pumpkins and Leaves…Oh and Bittersweet would have definitely been included,  if I could find some!!
I hope you enjoyed your visit, I’m always happy to have ya stop by…
I’ve been enjoying everyone’s beautiful fall decor, you’re all so talented and busy….keep them pictures comin---there so much beauty & inspiration out there!!!

Until my next post – TGC!
HAPPY AUTUMN Blessings, everyone!