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•Morphing into SUMMER•

JEEPERS-I almost forgot how to do this bloggin’ thing….

It’s been so long since I’ve posted!

But never fail…I remembered…it all came back to me in a big wave…whoooooosh--like I couldn’t stop once I started! 

LOL…it’s a long one…



Hello-I’ve missed my lil’ blog and I’ve missed YOU all too!

I hope you are all doin well! 

Did ya have a nice Mother’s Day?   Have ya been enjoying the nice weather.  Well, it was nice…until this past weekend…at least here in my part of the country.  We have had above normal temps and with that came fast growing gardens…and faster growing weeds!  Then we got hit with a terrible cold spell, HARD FREEZE last night…my poor gardens took a bad hit!

I think it was 20 degrees when we got up this morning!  Another cold blast again tonight…


This Mother’s Day was a very special one.

Ava turned ONE on Sunday!  I can’t believe she is already a year old-walking-talking…well ok not '”talking” but she’s saying little words, where did this year go???


It’s truly a BLESSING…


…being a “Grandma”


So, since I missed the entire month of April and almost 1/2 of May…..and didn’t get one entry in on my blog I thought I better get on and let ya know I’m still here…

I have come to the realization that I can only post once in a while. *sigh*   Soon my parents will be here for the summer…so I know it’s goin to get even harder to find time to post.

Ya know, I really have good intentions.  Seems something ALWAYS comes up!Here’s just one example of how we “Murphy’s” live!! 

On this day I was planning to make a blog entry and ended up dealing with this instead….


trees down, two here, one on the other end of the property.


Ok—Hubby got that all cut up and we got it hauled out of here and stacked ready to use in the fire pit this summer :)

BUT that then lead to this….


Stump removal


…and root chopping and pulling!


This is hubby’s toy :)  He loves this olde girl!

He get’s her fired up… and I can’t get him off her!

They seem to pleasure each other… I think she loves him too!!

If not for her [olde] age, and willingness to clear me some new gardening ground…I’d be a tad bit jealous!!  Geesh, look at him….grinning and grasping her FENDER!! *wink*


 I digress…….

where was I….Oh…root chopping and pulling…….


that…lead to hauling dirt to fill the holes, then re-seeding three areas of the yard!

Well. That got DONE!

Then it was time to start on the gardens!

We got the veggie garden all fertilized  tilled and have the peas, onions coming up…still too early (due to frost) to plant anything else!  So I started my Tomatoes, Eggplant, Cukes, Zucchini and have those in the greenhouse.


We made the greenhouse ourselves, years ago!  Not the most “attractive”  but it serves its purpose WELL! 015


As long as we’re already outside, I’ll show you my creeping phlox :)



The only other ‘bloomers’ right now is some wood hyacinth, some Indian hyacinth, a few late tulips, my trillium, primrose and oh yes…lest I forget….Hubby’s dandelions!!!  (hehe---those aren’t mine…they are all his!) tho I’m the one who has to dig ‘em out!

I split some of my daylilies too and got those replanted…I must have nearly 100 daylilies around the property now! 

That’s some of them ya see along the drive opposite the phlox. 

We also got the pond filter hooked back up and I had to get my Blue Herron decoy out, as I saw the BIG BIRD swooping low over my pond, eyeballing my fish!


That’s what’s been occupying my spare time, along with mowing, mowing and MOWING!! 


Would ya like to come in the house now, and see what tweakin’ I’ve been doin?

As my title implies, I am morphing into SUMMER!  Albeit, slowly and with subtle touches…I still am morphing :)

I feel kinda badly, because as I was looking through my photos, I see that the new tweaks are pretty much the same photos I posted last time…a month and a half ago!  But, that’s all I have to offer ya ….at this time…sorry.


We’ll start in the mudroom…


I took out my olde tin pitcher filled with Daffs and replaced it with some greens.  A nice airy fern  in a pot and a candle ring inside my lantern.




…and this…(remember?)  …my first ever “COMPLETED” x-stitch, I finally found a frame and OH, just look at it---it’s done…the FRAME makes it DONE!!  I’m so stinkin’ proud of myself!!

LOL…it took me forever to get this finished and I feel really good that it’s framed and hanging so I can look at it and …..wonder…. ‘why the heck did I ever try to tackle such a big one…for my first x-stitch!?!’  ;)


Into the kitchen we go….

Here’s my Window Sill Box


All changed up for summer! Another candle ring on the back of my olde wooden chair….

To the right of the window/chair is my dry sink


Here’s the Summertime gathering atop the dry sink.  Cherries and Geranium, the perfect summer combo!




Some new [faux] herbs I got for my kitchen


I have those in the window on the other end of the kitchen



Oh, I also purchased this

adjustable iron trammel

from one of my most favorite prim shoppes

Winter Willow Primitives

Janet has the BEST stuff!!


I love it, I have been searching high and low for a LONG enough candle holder to hang from the side of my cupboard.  This is perfect!



So, there ya have it…that’s what I’ve been doin this past month and a half!

Along with my daily household stuff and working in my [garage] shoppe to get my orders done.

I really have to thank you all for being patient and so kind…I just never dreamed I would have so many orders when I started my little blog shoppe.  I am so grateful that ya like my pieces….I enjoy making them for ya, BUT…. I am goin to have to take a break after I finish up these last orders.  I am goin to be honest and say:


I just need to take a break and regroup for a bit.  Hope you all understand. 

I will be sure to post about taking a break on my selling blog too.


Also….before I go on my crafting vacation, I thought I would have a GIVEAWAY!


“FOLLOWER APPRECIATION” giveaway…just my little way of saying thanks so much to all of you who have joined me and a BIG THANK YOU for sticking by me while I’ve been lax on my blog entries!

I have an idea about what the giveaway will be, so please stay tuned….I will be back soon to let ya know all about it!


I have decided too,  to start a PictureTrail

I have photos loaded if you’d like to visit you’re more than welcome to…I still have a lot of commenting to add to the photos but for the most part it’s up and running! :)  I will be adding more photos soon.

Please stop by:

The Olde Weeping Cedar


Ok, so…I think that’s about it!

Iwish you all a wonderful week, and thanks so much for stopping by!  I’ll keep doin my best to leave you comments when I can…and I will keep pluggin’ away at this and make some new entries as much as I can!!

I’ll meetcha back here soon and let you know all about my giveaway. 

See ya then




Until my next post…TGC, Friends!

Hugs & Blessings,