~•♦•~ Primitive-Elegance ~•♦•~

…is that an oxymoron?

what about busy-slacker?? 


Hello, Friends!

Golly,  it’s been a while, huh?  I’ve been a BUSY gal….and a SLACKER, both at the same time…that would be considered   multi-tasking, right? *wink*

LOL-or is it an oxymoron?!  :)


I have been keeping very BUSY working on orders,  [thanks to my friends who’ve placed an order]…I am just about caught up now!

In between orders, I have been working on some other things too…this is why I have been a SLACKER on posting any updated entries on here…I need more hours in my day!!!

I have spent so much time out in the work shop…that I didn’t even bother to decorate for Easter! 

St. Patty’s day came and went…First day of SPRING has already SPRUNG….and now Easter is just around the corner!!

Wheeeeeeew…don’t know where the time goes!


Here’s some of the things that have been keeping me busy.


Wall hanging I made.

I added the willow tree and sheep, and I have it hanging in the mudroom as you walk in the back door.




Another thing I’ve been doin in my ‘spare’ time is working on some prim game boards…

folding game board

  This is a folding game board. This one is hand painted-no stenciling.  I used two boards and hinged them together.  Beat it up a bit so it looks old…


stenciled backgammon board

Backgammon wall hanging.  This one is done with a stencil.  See the ditty bag with the game pieces?  Those are wooden, handmade pieces….very neat!  I actually made those game pieces for my other Backgammon Game Board


Here’s the other one…

This is a handmade, hand painted Backgammon game. 

hand made, hand painted original

  This is made out of pine and hand drawn then hand painted.


 handmade backgammon set

Here’s another, this picture is showing the game board closed.  I did use a stencil for the top design on this, but the game board itself was laid out by hand and then painted.


This one is made of solid oak…It’s a gorgeous piece….the oak waxes up beautifully!




Here’s a large Checker board!

Larger than any of the others I’ve made, it’s a little over 19”x19”!!  The checker board is hand measured/drawn and hand painted-I used a stencil for the black leaf/vine accents only.


19"x19" checker board

The checkers are wooden and are all hand made as well. 

handmade wooden checkers

I love this board…hubby and I sat down after I finished it and actually  played a game! 

I WON, -but that’s neither, here nor there-! don’t know why I threw that in….hehe!




prim chalk board

  Cute,  little prim chalk board



handmade 'simple keepings' box

Another new piece, I call this my

“Simple Keepings” box….





This is the sign ya saw at the beginning of my entry.  I used three different stencils for this. 




Here’s what I have been working on in the evenings---I am a bit tickled about this….



It’s my first x-stitch and I FINALLY finished it and it took me FOREVER!  I am not patient at all when it comes to stitching…so I am thrilled that I finished it!! 

Just have to get it framed now!

 Little House Needleworks design




This is a photo of our mudroom,

the ‘back door’ entry into our home-actually it is the main entry into our home, nobody we ‘know’ ever comes to the front door…and we have two front doors :)038

Paint color of choice is called “Teepee” the trim is painted in “Toffee Crunch”.

I have bi-fold doors in here, which were painted the same color as the walls and trimmed in the darker tone (toffee)…for no other reason than to BLEND the doors into the wall…because it’s such a small area! 


Well, “blending in” doesn’t work for me :)

I decided to make a statement in the mudroom.  I have black speckled throughout our home.  I love black!  I always have…have not tired of it….prolly never will…

It’s a BOLD neutral!  ….and it makes an elegant statement…no matter what your decor taste is. 



Primitive & Elegant??? 


I removed the buttermilk cupboard and replaced it with this Jelly Cupboard I re-did in black.


013 Then, I painted the doors Black! 



I arranged all my game boards in here to fill the large empty area above the bi-fold doors.  Filled it in perfectly! 018I used black stars to tie things together on each wall…I have one above the cupboard, one hanging on the wall with my game boards…which I actually have my wooden checkers hanging from….

…and a large one hanging above the Black bench/coat rack…remember this is our mudroom – so this is where we throw our coats and jackets and shoes! :) 



Behind the bi-fold doors is my laundry room,


  I love black…and

it really does give a bolder, more elegant – feel-even to a mudroom!!



Still in the mudroom, looking to the left is our… Main Bath…031

I finished my ‘make-do’ apothecary and sign

to go in here…LOVE it!!


   I finished it in black and oak.  I do like painted pieces, but I also LOVE WOOD too, and I love the combination.  020 (2)

Black is a wonderful, bold, neutral… there is nothing drab or blah about it….it’s a Beautiful color---and it tends to get a bad rap, it’s always the biggest, sharpest crayon left in the box!!!  :)  No one ever wants to use it! 

I think as long as you use some softer tones and textures along with it…it makes a very elegant statement….no matter what your homes decor






Shoutin’ a BIG  “WhoooHooo”  out to Tammy

who is one step closer to Luke!!  :)

and A BIG ‘Congrats’ to APP—I know, I know…. you already heard about their exciting new venture

[that we ALL will benefit from]! 

APP Magazine!! 

Some WONDERFUL & TALENTED gals and guy are a part of this….Kristine, Bonnie, Sarah, Linda, Kris, Kathy, Margo, Ashley, Dana & Dan!!


**Never be afraid to DREAM**

--Cuz there’s the PROOF--

Dreams really do come true !!


So that’s it for this entry…

Thank you-Thank you, for stopping in and visiting with me :) 

I’m wishing you ALL a very Happy and Blessed Easter

Have a beautiful day, Sunday!

….Until my next entry…TGC, Friends!