Spring has Sprung and more craft projects are DONE!


OK…right off the bat, I think it’s only fair to warn you…this entry has been deemed

“a photo overload”!


~•~ Hello Friends ~•~

Yes, ‘spring has sprung’…

…at least in my kitchen it has!

I just had to come up with a way to bring some spring cheer into my home—so what better way to do that, than to make an indoor Window Sill Box and fill it fulla pretty spring flowers!

001 (2)

Ya might even think it IS SPRING…if not for the snowy scene outside my window!


Here’s a closer look….I debated on what color to finish it in, I wanted it light but still wanted it to blend well with my other things.  I chose to do it in a tone that would match my tobacco cloth curtains



…and it matches pretty well…




Other window, other end of kitchen



I just used floral foam in the bottom and some Spanish moss on top of it (to hide the foam).  I have different faux flowers for each season to fill the planter…for spring I used flowering shamrocks and daffs :)  I will change it out for summer and add some geraniums. 

Love this piece it adds so much springy cheer to my kitchen… it just makes me smile :) 


    Oh and…guess what else… 

I got that good ole itch back…


what???…wait a minute…backup….

le’me rephrase …

[surely don’t wantcha thinkin’ ya might catch something while over here visiting!  hehe☺]      

I have been ‘itchin’ to get back out in the work shop!!

Seems like forever since I’ve done any fun crafting projects!

Feels good to scratch that itch! :)

Here’s a few projects I have been working on.  My prim game board…I LOVE how this turned out!



Looks olde-huh?



and-here’s where I have it hanging



  Here’s a Mercantile sign I did



and…here’s where I have it, for now.





Love this….new WELCOME wall hanging


Ya know I just

had to do a pineapple…this and my sill box are my two faves!

Here’s where I have this piece hanging





New version of my “gatherings” sign



… love the olde weathered look



and…here’s where I have it


in the family room…oh, the doll…see her hanging on my blanket crane…isn’t she great? 140  I adopted her from my wonderful friend, Maurine ;)  She didn’t make this doll, but I do have some made by Maurine…along with many other hand sewn pieces of hers…bonnets, aprons little dresses. 

She does beautiful work!

Maurine has been selected as the “featured shoppe” of the month  [February] over at

~ A Primitive Place

Please stop by for a visit…there’s always lots of great stuff happening over there!



Finally, I made this cute little shelf sitter…I’m lovin’ sheep!




These big ones are my favorites, along with the pictures hanging above them :) and of course this sheep penny rug made by Karen ;)






one more ;)



Oh and here’s something I have to share with ya…I got a surprise in the mail the other day!

Love surprises…don’t you?!



My sweet♥heart of a friend-Colleen-sent me some of her wonderful homemade bowl fillers!!

She had them packaged up so nicely!


Here’s what she sent…

A bag of her “THINK SPRING” fillers…AND… a bag of her ”Primitive Welcome” fillers…

Wish you could smell these…OH YUM!

She does such a wonderful job on these, doesn’t she?!!


Thanks so much Colleen, I lov’em…another “springtime” goodie to put in my kitchen!  YAY!



All righty then, I think this entry sorta got away from me…guess this is a good place to end ;)

I want to THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments you left me on my last post….you guys are the best of the BEST!!

…Until my next post…

“Be Happy”, 


&… TGC!

♥ Blessings, Kath


It’s time to say FAREWELL….

…Though it’s been Merry & Bright (for the most part), I’m tired and need a change…so it’s with a heavy heart that I bid you fair adieu, good bye, so long, adios, arrivederci, au revoir, sayonara, ta-ta

Seeeeee Yaaaaaaaaa………



Till next Christmas!!!!!!!!! 


Hello Friends…

Yes, Christmas is finally over at our house and I am so happy to see it go…

The Country Sampler photo shoot has come and gone too!

What an experience that was!

Franklin and Esther Schmidt [photographer & stylist]

did our shoot….

They arrived here around 9 am and left a little before 7 pm.  It was a very long day….very exhausting…lol…hmmm …I have no idea why…. I didn’t do anything, they did all the work!!  I guess it could be attributed to that little break down I had during the shoot…lol…

poor Esther and Franklin-I must say though, they handled it well! ;)

I have some pictures of the shoot to share with you.  I took quite a few…well, ok…A LOT…. but I did make a promise to Esther that  I would only post the one’s that didn’t have her in them, per her request.  She’s not fond of having her photo taken and then published on the web for all to see…. I totally understand…I wouldn’t  like that much either!

…so here’s a few of Franklin ’doin his thing’! 







yes…i know, I know….

it’s ‘still photography’…but he views it instantaneously on his laptop-makes the appropriate adjustments and views it again…so that’s sorta like “action” isn’t it?

It’s very interesting to watch the entire process!

Watching all the lighting and the use of those umbrellas…think I might get me one of those…they seem to make any room look good ;) 


The stories Franklin and Esther shared with us,  of all the places and homes they photographed, were amazing…so interesting! Of course, after hearing about the famous people and the gorgeous homes…we were a bit intimidated, it must have showed I think…both Esther and Franklin told us that our home was very photogenic and Franklin even told me  that “I really had an eye for placing things” :)

I’m thinkin’ they most likely say that to everyone!  But it still meant a lot!  Of course, after he told me that…Esther started moving my stuff around and taking my gatherings apart…now mind you…I am very anal when it comes to moving my ‘stuff’…It took all I had in me to leave it as she had it and refrain from goin over and tweaking it and moving stuff back--Hence the break down I mentioned earlier!  ;)

HA…guess my ‘eye for placing things’ wasn’t that great after all!  ;)



….did ya here that?  that was my prim bubble bursting!  lol!

All in all, this was one day we won’t soon forget!


After the shoot I started taking all the holiday stuff down and getting it all packed up and put away! Then I had to do some major rearranging…the house seemed so bare once the Christmas was gone…good grief…it was up so long I actually stopped noticing it, it was becoming part of my house!!!!   I can say, finally…that my home is back to normal!  No more Christmas, ahhhh… just in time for Valentine’s day!  LOL!


First things first…I want to share

this picture below;

a sweet little doll from Melissa over at Farm Field Primitives…She sent me the doll, she’s just darling and Melissa also included the little tea lite cupboard candle and a little stitched pillow!  She made each piece!

Thanks Melissa, your work is just awesome, girl!  :)  I love-love everything!  047

     Check out her blog, she sells her prims, so be sure to check out her goods by clicking on her shoppe link!





Now…for the UNDECORATING and the post Christmas tweakin’

Now ya see it…



NOW YA DON’T…Thank Goodness! ;)



No more tree(s)! 

We changed the doors between the kitchen and dining room too…they were oak, no lights (glass) in them.003




I love the glass & I love the black!


If ya know me at all, ya know I love wrought iron!  I decided to use this wrought gate latch as a ‘door knob’!

It’s  operational from both sides, the pull just turns and lifts the bar :)

I looks so neat!


My old chair is now in the kitchen!

LOVE my old chair…

see the books sitting on the seat?

Those are OLD OLD school books…

2 Spellers -

one dated 1868, the other dated 1909

and a School Reader, Second Year-

dated 1897




below is the view of the one end of the kitchen.




This is a close up of my gathering atop my drysink…which  is also my new header photo!  I love this pot of sweetannie.


I took one of my old clay pots…and just stuck a piece of floral foam inside, then tucked some sweet annie in it…it looks like a little pot of sweet annie growing, doesn’t it? ;)  It smells divine too!

I made some changes in the bath too…

Got rid of the sill shutters, we made these quite a few years ago….time for a change :)



I put up a tobacco cloth curtain instead


oh…see the solar light outside the window, shimmering on the patio??  Yes, we had enough SUN to light the solar lights…the days are getting longer and brighter…that’s a good sign! ;)



      Another LOVE of mine, along with wrought iron, is HYDRANGEA!  I made this tie-back from faux hydrangea, I love it…



070 I also took all my dried hydrangea (cut and dried from last summer) and put them in bunches on my peg rack above the tub

055 I have a basket of dried hydrangea on the vanity top


Yes-I love hydrangea, it’s a timeless/seasonless beautiful dried…it goes with any decor, in any room and in any season.  I think I have it in every room!  Whether you hang it on a peg rack, bowl rack, or door…… or put it in a basket, a crock, an olde wooden bucket,  a pitcher…or a fancy vase it will fit your decor, perfectly!  If you don’t grow it…you really should try it!

It’s one of the easiest flowers to dry!

…I love this photo, the reflection in the mirror, and seeing all my hydrangea is so pretty. 

It just makes me happy :)

…doesn’t take much to make me happy!



Well, I guess that’s it for this entry.  I’m so happy you’ve stopped by.  I don’t want to close with out saying ‘Thanks’ to all of you who’ve emailed me and left me such wonderful, kind comments…you guys are so wonderful! :)  I’m lucky to have ya as blog friends♥

Here’s wishin’ y’all a HAPPY DAY and a beautiful weekend!

Until my next post…TGC, Friends!


Joyful Blessings, Kath