Happy MID-January? Wow—I’ve lost about 10 days somewhere!!


Hello Hello!! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the New year?!

I can’t believe it’s mid January and I haven’t even made a “first post of the new year, yet”!! 

It’s been so crazy here…and of course it’s STILL ‘CHRISTMAS’ here! :)  …and yes….It’s really starting to get to me too…I just have to stay focused and remind myself WHY it’s still Christmas here….LOL…and once I remind myself of that… why…I start to STRESS---it’s a vicious cycle.

At least I’ve been keeping myself busy!

Between cleaning (and re-cleaning… after Linda Babb sent me some photo’s of her CS shoot and I saw those big lights Franklin uses…I decided I best do a MUCH better job…heaven only knows what those spot lights will shed light on!!)  ☺

It’s also that dreadful time of year again…TAX PREP time—geeesh I swear I just did this!! 

So, I have all the year end bookkeeping and tax prep stuff to do…that’s so NOT FUN…

…between scanning for dust in places I’ve never even thought of cleaning and doing tax prep…I haven’t been having very enjoyable days. :(

SO- I took a break and did some crafting!

Not much…but it did seem good to be back in the work shop and not thinking about cleaning and taxes! :)

Here’s what I’ve been up to in between the books and the cleaning…

Coffee Maker Cover.


 I have wanted to make one forever…our coffee maker is a huge thing!  It’s one of those with no pot.  The maker brews the coffee and keeps it hot within the maker itself, you just hold you cup on the tab to pour a cup of hot coffee.  I love it, but it’s bigger than most.  It’s deeper and shape sorta-oblong!  So I always have it in the corner, takes up less room! 002 

Looks way better covered, huh? :)


We had to come up with a way to make the cover fit the maker, yet make the cover fit the corner, yet not make the cover over the maker look too big! LOL!  Did ya get that??

I didn’t want it sticking out too far, so to keep the appearance of the cover looking as if it’s a narrow piece, we cut the top to make it a corner piece…it fits back in there perfect…007

 Now, if we hadn’t made the top like this, the sides would’ve had to be a lot deeper to hide the maker…and it would’ve stuck out too much……none of this really matters to ya, does it?  I just wasted a whole lot of time explaining something that no one really cares about! ;) LOL! 

All that really matters is that is looks good and hides what I need it to hide!

All righty then…on to my next project…

My cupboard re-do!

Now, I thought I had a picture of this cupboard before my re-do, so I didn’t bother taking one!  Do ya think I can find a “before” of it???  NOPE!

It was ALL Oak with a protector/sealer on it, not varnish…I couldn’t tell  ya what it was it came off pretty easy tho….it had copper punched panels and it had ugly knobs too…

I sanded it down to the bare oak, and painted it black, I love Oak, so I left the door an drawer unpainted…then I distressed the painted part and waxed the entire piece.  The Oak took the wax beautifully…I love how it looks.  I ordered new blackened punched tin panels for it, spray painted the hinges and changed out the knobs…sure wish I could find a before pic!


AFTER is nice, huh?

Next…I decided to get my stencils back out…I needed so sort through them and straighten them out into some kind of order!!  This was one of the very first one’s I bought and never even used it!


It looks nice above my family room doorway, coming in from the mud room, wonder why I didn’t make it sooner?  :)  I have noticed I have quite a few stencils I haven’t used…I think I buy stencils, like some of my friends buy patterns!!  

You know who you are, you pattern addicts, you!! ☺

While I was on my little bloggin’ break…We celebrated mom’s birthday!!  That was on New Years Eve…she and my brother’s both!  We had a lot to celebrate!

  Me and my beautiful mom :) meandmom-Christmas 2009  ~♥~ Happy Birthday, Mom ~♥~

I love you!


Brad’s birthday is today!


~*♦*~ Happy Birthday-Brad ~*♦*~

I hope you have a wonderful day and all your B-day wishes come true!

Love you♥Mom


I’d like to Thank Debbie, from

Simply Debbie for offering me the Sisters in Faith award.  Thanks so much Debbie!  Your kind words and giving heart mean so much to me ;)

So…that’s it for this blog entry…thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and visit me.  I hope things settle down here shortly…after the Country Sampler shoot, and Franklin and Esther work their magic and after I get all my bookkeeping and taxes done I will be back….hopefully I can sneak a post in here and there before that!  I’ll be visiting you all in the meantime!


I’ll be back to let ya know how the shoot goes….for sure!

Until my next post…TGC, friends

Have a wonderful week!

Joyful ♥Blessings,