It’s my Birthday…and I have a BIG “WHOOO-HOOO” to share with you all!

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are doin well, and have everything ready for your holiday festivities!

I can’t get over how fast this year has gone by!  Can you?  I was hoping the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas would slow itself down just a bit, but instead, it seems as if it has shifted into a higher gear and SPED up! :)

I am just about ready for Christmas…a few things still need doin…but for the most part I’m ready! 


So, tomorrow is my birthday-“whoo-hoo”!

I’m gonna be 48—gee, I used to think that was “old”…I don’t feel old…48 isn’t OLD…is it?  Naw! ;) it’s just a number…’least what what I keep tellin myself! ;)

I have had one heck of a ‘birthday week’!!

One I will never forget!  EVER!

If you’ll remember, I wanted to build a new table for the dining room, and Steve decided instead, to gift me with a fireplace!


(this isn’t my BIG whoo-hoo---that’s yet to come, ya’ll have to stick with me here….)

I was so hoping to actually have the fireplace finished for my birthday…that was my goal…and YES….I think it will be!☺

We got the fireplace exterior all finished last Monday evening!  This project went pretty quickly for us, [PTLusually our projects drag out, and for some reason this went very smoothly-you’ll see why we are so happy it went smoothly if you continue reading]….please don’t leave me just yet! :)

…we had everything here and just had to rough frame where the fireplace would go, then install our brick (left over from the kitchen project) and build the mantel (using the oak we had left over from the old kitchen remodel).  So it pretty much just fell into place!

It’s a gas insert, so it’s not like we actually had to “build a real fireplace”!

All that’s left to do is run the gas line, that should happen today…who knows…we are soooooo  close….I am still hoping to have “FIRE” for my birthday!


nope not the BIG one, keep reading ;)

So this has been a great week, getting that done  – well ‘cept for the “fire” part lol! ;)

…and getting most of my Christmas preparations done….that’s a big load lifted…I was having a darn good beginning to my birthday week, it couldn’t get better, could it?!


I received a wonderful package in the mail from Loretta, filled with all kinds of goodies! WHOOO-HOOO!! I will show you those in a little bit here!  I didn’t think my week could get any better…mom has my birthday dinner all planned out…she makes me a special dinner every year.  I’m blessed…Thanks mom!


Then it HAPPENED….

Tuesday came, and it got


We went over to mom and dad’s for dinner and when we got home there was a package waiting for us.

We took it in and opened it, and there were two [large, matted and so nicely framed], pictures of Van & Ava sitting on Santa’s lap!  They were all dressed up in matching pretty Christmas outfits…too cute!  I was so happy, one for us and one for my parents…what a thoughtful gift from the kids!  I LOVE it!  I’ve been sorta blue, missing the kids so much and not being able to spend the holidays with with them….this gift made my heart so happy!  …and mom and dad loved theirs  too!


So, as I am opening that and getting ready to take the other one over to mom and dad, the phone rings………….

Steve answered it and handed it to me :)

On the other end I hear:

“Hi…. is this Kath, from the Olde Weeping Cedar?” 

I said…Yes….

the voice on the other end says….

“this is Linda Rudman”…

Oh my goodness…I was so tickled!!  What a nice thing for her to do, call me to chat.    


Then she asked me;

…are you aware that CS is trying to contact you?

WHAT?????????  NO!!!!!

For REAL???

Now, I was in SHOCK, serious, stuttering, babbling, not making sense, SHOCK!! [poor Linda ;) ]

I really have no idea what I even said…

but, Linda was kind enough to look me up and to contact me to let me know that they had contacted her and inquired about me…. she then gave CS my contact info and after I got off the phone with Linda, Esther called me!!   She asked if we would be interested in having our home featured in CS…well, ya know what I said, right??


We would be THRILLED! (‘least that’s what I hope came out…who knows…I was just beyond HAPPY and Excited…)

She asked me to please send some photos of our home and they would get back to us…

I was hoping to hear something back and just maybe they would indeed choose our home for a shoot in the future!

How exciting!  And oh what a Dream come true!


The next morning, Wednesday, I got an email saying CS would like to indeed shoot our home for next years Holiday edition!!


wait for it…….


here it comes…..

The BIG-


This all happened so fast…I had no clue, not one inkling!  I was beyond shocked….still am!

LOL…Steve didn’t believe me when I told him about Linda’s call…to be honest, I didn’t believe it either! I never sent in any photos, so I had no idea they were even looking at or considering our home. 

Talk about one heck of a BIRTHDAY surprise, huh?!!

So this is why I was so happy that fireplace project went so smoothly and is finished, Esther told me they would like to come shoot our home for the holidays, which means I will have to leave up all the Christmas decor for a bit longer than I usually do….but it also means they will be here rather SOON…I could just picture us having that fireplace started and not done…what a nightmare that would’ve been!

So needless to say, I am still floating around on cloud 9…Tuesday I was excited/honored to know that CS saw our home and may consider it for a shoot…Wednesday morning…I was beside myself knowing they wanted to do a shoot!! 

…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…what a GIFT!!  What a Fabulous week I have had!!  And how wonderful it is to be able to share it with all of you!!


Thanks Linda, for getting in touch with me and passing along my contact info…I still can’t believe this is happening!

It hasn’t even sunk in yet!!

With the holidays right upon us and so much to do…I have had no time to just sit here and let it all soak in!  One Another good thing is, at least I already have the house all decorated for the holidays…so that’s a bonus! :)  I will just be doin a lot of tweakin’ after Christmas is all!

Well now, I do have a few pics to share…I know every one likes pictures, and I’m sorry this entry was so long and wordy…and has only a few pictures.

I have mentioned before that I’ve wanted to make myself a floorcloth…well, I wanted to try it before I spent the $$ on stencils and canvas and such…so I found a rug I had out in the shop, and thought I’d just try it!


so, this is the “back side”, the front looks just like this….except that lighter toned band you see isn’t so prominent on the front side….I just wanted to show ya what I started with…



I just taped off the part I wanted black, painted it and after it dried, I used parts of some stencils I already had here…it was tough getting it all measured and spaced, but after some measuring and “re-measuring” LOL…I got it!  Then I put a few coats of water based poly-acrylic on…I think it turned out great for my first attempt…and making do with what I had on hand…


I also made some more blackened beeswax pantry cakes!  OH YUM, they smell divine! ;)

I have some olde candy molds I found at the antique mall, last summer…and used those!  Love how they turned out!


I would show ya a pic of the fireplace, but I think I should wait for the “fire”…don’t you? 


Here’s those wonderful goodies Loretta sent me!

She spoiled me, I got some things for Christmas and one VERY special and VERY thoughtful gift for my birthday! ;)


She gifted this Belsnickle (Ragon House Collection) Santa to me…LOVE HIM!


She included a bag of little pear bowl fillers, these tappers.  Also an ornie, which I forgot to put in the picture, sorry Loretta.  Oh and a bag of candy that Steve ate already! 

…and see the NEAT Pewter Pineapple Bell??  That’s my special b-day gift!  I LOVE PINEAPPLES, I LOVE PEWTER, how on earth she found a pewter pineapple bell is beyond me, but I just adore it!


It’s very pretty, isn’t it?!

Thanks so much, my sweet friend! ♥ You and our friendship mean the world to me!

We are working on the gas line as I mentioned above, so as soon as we have that done, and we have fire I will be sure to post some pictures.

I want to wish my fellow December babies a very Happy Birthday, there are many of you and/or your family members having birthdays this month too…I wish you and yours the happiest and most blessed birthday every!!

That’s it for now…

Until my next post…TGC, Friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for letting me share my exciting news with you!!


Wishin’ You and Yours and Very Merry Olde Christmas!