Ahhhh Good Olde Christmastime Tweakin

Is there an end to the madness?…LOL

Seems once those Holiday decorations go up….the tweakin never ends :) at least here at our house!



Hello Friends. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday.  It’s WINDY and raining here in PA.   We’re having Thunder Storms now-in December!!!  Crazy, huh?!!!

Last year at this time we had “feet” of snow on the ground.  I see a lot of you are getting hit hard with snow…I honestly don’t miss it…Yes, the first snow fall is pretty, and exciting….and yes, I enjoy it…but we already had ours, back in Oct!  So the excitement has sorta passed! :)

I know Pam is pretty excited about the snow…aren’tcha my friend *wink*…how much ya got now???  3 feet?? hehe…sorry, didn’t mean to laugh!  I know We’ll be getting our share soon enough…




I just wanted to post a few tweaks …

so- go ahead…take a peek ;)


064  I put my lighted garland on the staircase railing.  This is in the front entry.  Just tied it on with striped ribbon and added some pine cones.  Ribbon with wire edges is my friend! :)   012

Below is just the view from the dining room




I put this twiggy pine tree in here, and decorated very simply, with birds!  My friend Maurine made them for me…I had a few, not enough to decorate the tree with, so she made me more…enough to fill the tree quite nicely!  Don’t they look right at home, perched in the twig tree?

Thanks so much Maurine!


This tree is my multi-tasker tree!

It also acts as a CORD HIDER! :)

(dreaded cords…anyway-they are always hard to hide, but the holidays bring a lot more cords out and a lot more challenges with them!)

The cord from my garland is running behind the tree…the empty crates ya see won’t be empty for long, white poinsettias are goin inside of both and ontop of the one without the light.  I ran another garland on the floor…LOL…Am I the only one to put garland on the floor??

It will look really pretty once the poinsettias are set in place, the garland will cast a soft glow on them…



Tweakin the bathroom  103

…this is where I decided to hang my homespun rag-knot wreath!  I really like it in here.  I made it last year, it was s’posed to be a garland…but then I discovered it was too short to go around my tree….It took me forever, and I didn’t want to make another one…so I grabbed a grapevine wreath and wrapped it ‘round that.  055

here’s a closer look [Christmas ‘08 photo]

 Colleen has a wonderful tutorial on her blog if you’d like to make one…..


Next, well ….This is just my DEAL OF THE DAY I wanted to share! :)

see the braided rug in the kitchen…


5’x8’- it fits the space perfectly at the one end of my kitchen…Ok-ya ready???

I got this rug for 50.00 and FREE SHIPPING to boot! :)  Awesome buy!  JCPenny!  It was on sale, (I think it was 50% off) which was a great price, BUT….  I had a bonus points card that reduced my price another 50 bucks…I just couldn’t pass this up! 

108 A 5’x8’ braided area rug for 50.00!


I’m so tickled about that ;)




Here’s some tweakin in the Kitchen…


Just a wooden bowl filled with fresh cut pine bows and a scoop fulla dried crab apples


Oh…here it is again…hehe, I moved it!


I stuck some fresh pine in the crock of yarrow I have on the island…I don’t really put my ‘everyday stuff’ away, I usually just add to it…I just do everything as simply as I can…leave the everyday gatherings out and add to them!


I placed my Ole Santa with the crock of yarrow & greens…just enough “holiday” for me :)  In the back ground, I put some bronzed poinsettias and berry twigs in a pitcher.



Here’s some more kitchen


…just a bowl of fresh citrus for a pop of color…a Christmas sign I made ( I really like the black sign against the brick)  I stuck some holly berries in the herbs that sit in the crock on the sill…and I added some little tea light candles to the cabinet…I also have stars hanging on each window.

Simple huh?

The outside is just as simple as the inside, a wreath, made with a mixture of fresh greens and juniper berries, candles in all the windows,  and small trees flanking the front door…that’s it!   So pretty at night tho!



We’ve been working on another project too…I’m very excited about it….remember I mentioned in an earlier entry that  I would love a new dining room table and have been planning for that…maybe for my birthday :)

Well….that’s not gonna happen…

Yes….I was a little bummed about it, at first…but I did know that hubby is extremely busy and probably wouldn’t get to it anytime soon, I was hoping for a ‘Birthday Table’ by Valentines Day :)

He informed that I’m not gonna be getting my “birthday” table…not for my birthday day anyway, probably not even for Valentine’s day…reason being…

He surprised me with something else…

A Happy Birthday-Fireplace-, instead!

Seems we have some brick left over from the kitchen just sitting around that can be used…also, lots of Oak from when we did all the trim and stair case…so…why not use all the leftovers and put a fireplace in the dining room??!!

WOW-I was WAAAAAAAAY OK with that plan!!! :)

The table can wait!

Happy Birthday to ME from my ever so thoughtful Hubby….he did indeed redeem himself after that thigh master gift he gave me!  LOL!

So, we have it started…..just have to get it finished now…my birthday is in 10 days…CAN WE DO IT???!!!

I’ll letcha know……hopefully with some “finished” pictures soon! :)

Until then…TGC, Friends… and Happy Holiday TWEAKING! ;)

J♥yfull Blessings, Kath