Prim Pieces•Pantry Cupboard•Plenty of “THANKS”


Hello friends!

Thanks for stoppin by….

My gosh, I can’t believe how my days are getting away from me.  I have been so busy, I know you are as well…doesn’t it seem like each day passes a littler bit faster than the day before, or is it just me?

Ya know…I have actually been working on this blog entry for a while now…usually at night, when I have a free minute I upload some photos and type a bit…

I know it’s sorta long and I know some of you have already seen some of these pictures, but I wanted to at least,  finish one post in the month of November, so I might as well make it count! lol!

So, here’s what’s been keeping me busy…

orders…lots of ‘em….Thanks so much to each of you who’ve placed an order …I am so happy you like my pieces, and I am doin my best to keep up!

Thanks!! Thanks!! Thanks!!



I’ve been working on some other stuff too, I made these  tiny little ditty bags, filled with sweet annie…these will be ornies for my tree this year!  I only have 8 made so far…I have a lot more to make.  I want them all over the tree. 




Remember the blackened beeswax candle I made…well I now have a small candle round for it!  Perfect!


And this…a new candle paddle, colonial inspired…010Oh…and this one…just simple & prim…


…actually, these two candle paddles are one in the same, it’s reversible! 

I also wanted a place for my little beeswax candle nubs I’ve been making, so I made this candle keep board.


…the pattern matches my candle paddle.

I did this in pewter, Colonial Red, Black and Harvest Gold, rusted some cut nails to rest the nubs on  018




In my last post, I was tellin ya about my pantry cupboard…I know it’s been a while ago…ya prolly don’t remember!?

012We finally finished it this past week

and I got it all painted, stained and waxed this past weekend!  

We still have another one to make.

But I’m so happy to have this one finished and in the house! 

Thanks, sweet hubby,  for building sucha beautiful piece for me!


Love the Antique Pewter latches


 So are ya ready to see the finished pantry??

 Oh, ya know what…before I show ya my new pantry cupboard, I want to show you something else, well a couple of things…

…this is an apron my friend Maurine made for me, I love it, it’s laying on my bench in the kitchen next to my pantry, and the stitchery next to the apron…well that’s one I’m working on!!  Ok…it’s one I have been working on since last winter!!  But I am bound and determined to finish it!


…and speaking of Maurine, and the apron….

She also made me a bonnet!

Love the bonnet, Maurine!  I knew it would look great on my pantry door, and I couldnt’ wait to finally hang it!

Thanks so much….068



One more thing…then I will get to the pantry photos, I promise…

I just want to say Thanks to Janene, ya all know what a great treasure hunter she is…well she found me some wonderful pewter pieces.

The plate is my mom’s and the candle stick I got at the antique mall when Pam was here visitng. 

Janene sent me the bowl, the little pitcher,  the spoons and the S&P shakers-Thanks again, girl, they look great in my cupboard!! 031


Ok, ya ready??  Here it is… my  pantry!

I stained the doors and the inside to match the Whiskey Blackend Alder cabinets in the kitchen and did the outside of the cupboard in black to match the heirloom black cabinets (yeah, I’m anal I’m a “matcher”…)

I do love the rounded doors and the pewter latches match the knobs & pulls on the cabinets and the switch plates. 009

The inside of the doors are pegged/braced, love that look

045 (2)

This olde floor sweeper was my great grandma’s…what a treasure, it’s neat isn’t it?

Below are some more pics…





Gathering on top……065

Sorry about the window, it looks bad, I know…the trim still isn’t finished…we still have to finish that, the shelf above this window, the molding around the doors and the floor base…Geeesh, when I type it all out,  it looks like we have a lot left to do yet!



It will look like this window when we get it finished…and the two pantry cupboards will flank the window… 005

 Hoping to get the window trim done and the other pantry at least started before the holidays…we’ll see…I am also in the process of designing a new dining room table….that is s’posed to be my Christmas/Birthday gift this year…but I think my Sweet  hubby has enough to do, and finished around here…so maybe that will be my Valentine’s day gift instead?? :)

He owes me big time on the old Valentines day gifts….see, he bought me a “thigh-master” one year…(remember those?)…

LOL…who buys their wife a thigh master and gives it to her on Valentines day???? 

Only my ever-so thoughtful hubby-that’s who!  Haha…he’s still payin for that one!


Before I close…I want to show ya this!

Here’s a pineapple my dad grew! :)  That’s one thing we can’t do up here in PA…grow pineapples.  It was ready to pick when he got back down to FL, mom said it was very sweet and yummy!!

(btw-nice pic mom) ☺



I have one more “thanks” to give…and it’s a huge one…

 Thank you to all our Vets, past & present. 

I think we really need to show more gratitude, more appreciation, towards our vets…Thank them more often….they have given so much for us.

My prayers go out to those Soldiers & families, who are injured and who [so senselessly ] lost their lives at Ft. Hood.  My son served and was stationed at Hood, I have to be honest and say; I am proud of my son, for his service, his courage for serving his country….but I am so happy he’s out. 

For all our troops and to all their families I say;

 Thank you & Peace Soon.

……Until my next post…TGC, friends.

Joyful Blessings~♥~Kath