Hey where the heck did October go???


Hello friends! 

Hope you’re all doin well….

WOW-I can’t believe this month is almost behind us and we are soon heading into November!  I seem to have missed almost an entire month somehow! 

So is everyone getting ready for the holidays?  I sure hope November doesn’t blow right by like this month did!


I have some new Christmas Offerings finished…. you can check them out over at my

Blog Shoppe if you’d like.

Here’s a little holiday peek for ya :)


BTW- if you’re interested the Snow Folk

Well those were made for me by Loretta over at Under the Wild Cherry Trees 

I don’t know if you can see or not, but the snow kids she made for Ava and Savannah even have their names on the little signs! 

Too cute, huh?!


…and if this pin keep grabbed your attention, you can find that over at Primitive Basketcase, Pam made these for me.

I have included the links on my blog shoppe page too, so if you are interested you can contact them to inquire.


I have been working on another doll too!


What was that??? 

Oh, I know…I can’t BELIEVE it either!  LOL!

Actually Pam made the doll body while she was here…she left it all white and naked, for me to finish up….so I primmed her up!

The pattern is a Walnut Ridge Primitives.

I know my version looks nothing like the finished doll on the pattern!

The Pattern is actually Pam’s and she just made me the body…..then I added my own touches ….I actually made the dress and bonnet all by myself! 

YAY me! ☺

I just measured her body and drew a dress pattern and cut it out and sewed it.

…and it FIT HER!


I know it’s not done as well as most of you ladies do your dolls


but remember I am a BEGINNER….and at least she looks like a doll and has some clothes on!


I even made her little boots!  :)


So whatcha think?? 

Pam???  Did she turn out ok? 

Thanks for making her body for me ;)


So along with trying to keep up on my sewing, [practice makes perfect, and I don’t want to forget what I’ve learned!!]  I have been working on orders and trying to get some Christmas things done…oh and we’ve been working on the cupboards for the kitchen too…this is one of the two pantry cupboards we’re making.


  I’m hoping to get the doors and top made soon, then I can paint it up and bring it in here!  I have one of my old cabinets in here now, storing my dry goods and canned goods in that…what an eye sore! 



Of course I want to share some sweet Ava pictures too…

She getting so big…so fast…too fast


This was taken last weekend

the kids and Ava’s other Grandparents (who are beyond wonderful) all went to Six Flags


Obviously that was a bit too much for little Ava ;)  She’s all tuckered out!


Here she is in her OSU garb!

Look at those legs…and those cheeks…..she is just a little chunk!



Here she is on her other Grandpa’s lap “pretend driving” :)DSC01617 

I am so happy Ava has such loving, caring and FUN grandparents around her,  close to her…spending time with her,  since we can’t be there with her, I’m so happy she has them right there!  What a shame it would be to never know the FUN and LOVE of a Grammy and Gramps!

Thanks so much Ava’s other grammy and gramps for all you do for her and with her! ♥ 


Well, I think that’s pretty much it for this post, my friends.  Geeeeeesh for missing almost an entire month, I sure don’t have much to show for it do I??!!

I’ll do better next time ;)

I wish you all a happy rest of the week and a beautiful weekend…don’t forget to turn your clocks BACK! ;)

I’ll see ya in November!

Until then, TGC and thanks for stoppin by!


~♥~ Kath