Hello my Friends! 

Sure hope you’re having a happy Autumn day!

It’s FALL here, in NW PA, no doubt about it!

CHILLY, WET, WINDY, more cloudy days than sunny ones, foggy cold mornings and cold nights…

hey…wait a minute…that was our summer!  LOL!  My Bad….It’s still SUMMER HERE??!!

I was checking out the 7 day forecast and we have the ever dreadful “S” word showing up next Wednesday! 

WHAT?  S***!  Now, that’s a BUMMER!

I was so looking forward to a nice long Indian Summer, especially since we got ripped off this summer!! 

I guess (if the “s” thing really does happen-

-I just cannot bring myself to say the actual word!)

we’ll have our Squaw winter in mid OCT!

Indian Summer is the nice spell of weather after the first frost or freeze, (which we’ve had already!)and before the first snow…and Squaw winter is basically when ya get ripped off and Indian summer doesn’t show up for very long or in some places [my neck of the woods] doesn’t show up at all!!!

Anywhooo, enough of my ramblings about this crappo weather…

You’ll hear enough of that when the “S***” starts flyin’ !  hehe! 



It’s time to announce my Giveaway winner…

To determine the winner

I *sorta used a random number generator!


Mom called to check in and let me know they arrived back in FL safe and sound… …while I was on the phone with her, I had her choose a NUMBER! :)

So, *MOM is my Random Number Generator!

[I didn’t count those who opted out of winning … and also subtracted any duplicates…]

I didn’t tell mom why I asked her to “pick a number” until after she decided on which number she’d like! 

Well…after careful consideration, since she didn’t quite know why she was picking a number…and she said “she wanted  to pick a good one”…she finally decided and shared it with me!!

Her number was 65!

After I told her why I had her pick a number…she was so tickled!

She said;

‘She hopes whomever she picked likes their gifts & Congrats to you’! ☺ 


So now,  onto the winner……







Congratulations to:



I’ll get in touch with ya here and get your mailing address…and you’ll have to let me know which set of boxes you’d like!

You’ll also be receiving a little something extra tucked into your box!   ;)


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who left a comment-

and joined in,

this was so much


I’d also like to


 my new friends

who’ve joined me

too!  I look forward

to visiting with you :)

It’s always fun to

make new bloggin’

friends ☺

THANK YOU  All for a

wonderful first year

of blogging!


Thanks for stopping by…

Until my next post…TGC, friends.