Hey where the heck did October go???


Hello friends! 

Hope you’re all doin well….

WOW-I can’t believe this month is almost behind us and we are soon heading into November!  I seem to have missed almost an entire month somehow! 

So is everyone getting ready for the holidays?  I sure hope November doesn’t blow right by like this month did!


I have some new Christmas Offerings finished…. you can check them out over at my

Blog Shoppe if you’d like.

Here’s a little holiday peek for ya :)


BTW- if you’re interested the Snow Folk

Well those were made for me by Loretta over at Under the Wild Cherry Trees 

I don’t know if you can see or not, but the snow kids she made for Ava and Savannah even have their names on the little signs! 

Too cute, huh?!


…and if this pin keep grabbed your attention, you can find that over at Primitive Basketcase, Pam made these for me.

I have included the links on my blog shoppe page too, so if you are interested you can contact them to inquire.


I have been working on another doll too!


What was that??? 

Oh, I know…I can’t BELIEVE it either!  LOL!

Actually Pam made the doll body while she was here…she left it all white and naked, for me to finish up….so I primmed her up!

The pattern is a Walnut Ridge Primitives.

I know my version looks nothing like the finished doll on the pattern!

The Pattern is actually Pam’s and she just made me the body…..then I added my own touches ….I actually made the dress and bonnet all by myself! 

YAY me! ☺

I just measured her body and drew a dress pattern and cut it out and sewed it.

…and it FIT HER!


I know it’s not done as well as most of you ladies do your dolls


but remember I am a BEGINNER….and at least she looks like a doll and has some clothes on!


I even made her little boots!  :)


So whatcha think?? 

Pam???  Did she turn out ok? 

Thanks for making her body for me ;)


So along with trying to keep up on my sewing, [practice makes perfect, and I don’t want to forget what I’ve learned!!]  I have been working on orders and trying to get some Christmas things done…oh and we’ve been working on the cupboards for the kitchen too…this is one of the two pantry cupboards we’re making.


  I’m hoping to get the doors and top made soon, then I can paint it up and bring it in here!  I have one of my old cabinets in here now, storing my dry goods and canned goods in that…what an eye sore! 



Of course I want to share some sweet Ava pictures too…

She getting so big…so fast…too fast


This was taken last weekend

the kids and Ava’s other Grandparents (who are beyond wonderful) all went to Six Flags


Obviously that was a bit too much for little Ava ;)  She’s all tuckered out!


Here she is in her OSU garb!

Look at those legs…and those cheeks…..she is just a little chunk!



Here she is on her other Grandpa’s lap “pretend driving” :)DSC01617 

I am so happy Ava has such loving, caring and FUN grandparents around her,  close to her…spending time with her,  since we can’t be there with her, I’m so happy she has them right there!  What a shame it would be to never know the FUN and LOVE of a Grammy and Gramps!

Thanks so much Ava’s other grammy and gramps for all you do for her and with her! ♥ 


Well, I think that’s pretty much it for this post, my friends.  Geeeeeesh for missing almost an entire month, I sure don’t have much to show for it do I??!!

I’ll do better next time ;)

I wish you all a happy rest of the week and a beautiful weekend…don’t forget to turn your clocks BACK! ;)

I’ll see ya in November!

Until then, TGC and thanks for stoppin by!


~♥~ Kath

~My Visit with Pam and some other stuff~


Well…Hello there! 

My goodness, long time-no post, huh!? 


I have just been so busy…trying to catch up after my week long visit with Pam!  We spent the entire week crafting!   So this week I had to catch up with things around here.  Or at least TRY to! 

I have had lots of orders keeping me busy too…I need to send outta big thank you to all of you who’ve ordered from me…. ”THANK YOU”


Just so ya know….

This post has lots-n-lots of photos so I hope ya have time to stay awhile!



I have been doin some more ‘tweakin’ in between playing catch up!

I grabbed some Indian corn when I was out & ‘bout…Didn’t have a place to lay it…that I really liked, and I didn’t want to hang it….so it’s standing!  I like it standing :)



023 I also did a ‘re-do’ on a shelf we made about 7 years ago!  It was a warm toffee beige tone…I painted it black and distressed it, left the hinges the original color, along with the inside.  I think you can see your pieces sitting inside better,  if the color is lighter.



This is where I have it hanging now






Here’s my Yarrow I dried this year…I was sorta tired of the yellow, so I grew some other colors…yellow holds its color the best…but I really like this…it was a bold reddish/burgundy—it dried a lot lighter, still really pretty!


  Oh and this…….


I harvested a TON of hydrangea this year too. 

I love dried hydrangea…I have it everywhere, scattered throughout my home!  The longer you leave it on the tree/bush, and the colder it gets, the more the colors change in it!  Mine are off white when they bloom…I harvest the heads when they are turning to shades of pink and even pale greens…so pretty….I think Dried Lavender and Hydrangea are at the top of my drieds list.




Oh and here’s a candle I made!  I got some blackened bees wax and a couple of silicone molds…one pineapple candle mold (of course, I LOVE pineapples, so I had to have this one!) I also got a candle nub mold.  Haven’t tried that one yet…Pam did make some tho while she was here and they turned out fabulous!  I can’t wait to make some for myself!

I hope she shows ya hers…they turned out great! 

Pam brought one of her molds with her so I could use it…of course I forgot to take a pic of those…so I’ll share ‘em with ya in another post!008

See the pantry cake next to my pineapple candle?  Well, I made that from an antique mold I have.  It’s made out of the blackened beeswax too, then dusted with yummy spices!



Here’s another project I’ve completed.  I made this Give Thanks wall hanging.  I do love how it turned out!


I have been working on Christmas projects too…hope to post my holiday offerings soon…I already have my ‘blog’ Christmas tree up…not decorated yet…but it’s up! ;)

Too early, ya think??




So have ya been wondering about Pam…and our visit and what we did?  Why haven’t I mentioned our week of crafting?

Well….I was saving the best part of my post till last :)

Pam & Me  Oct.2009 

Here we are!

This is the only pic you’ll see of “us”!  We didn’t take many pictures! (but I think she’s gonna post one too?)

We were so busy, we never even thought about taking pics of ‘us’!  We did get lots pictures of our craft projects tho :)  LOL!


Anyway…just thought ya’d like to see where we spent our time…


This is where Pam stayed while she was here in PA.  This is Steve’s shop, and above his shop is an apartment.  Mom and dad stay here when they come up from FL.   Pam had her own  place to stay…to hang out and just kick back.  Makes it nice for company…sorta like a Bed & Breakfast…’cept ya have to make your own bed and fix your own breakfast!  hehe!

Or come over across the pond and I’ll fix ya some toast! ;)


pond/home(these photos were taken last spring)

This is the view from the apartment…standing the on deck, looking over to my house.  So all Pam had to do was walk over across the yard… and… ‘a craftin we would go’!  ☺



Here’s my shop

This is where we did all our projects

From 6 am til about 5-6 pm-non stop!!  LOL…I told ya we crafted our fingers to the bone!

my work shop

While Pam was here it snowed and was quite cold but we didn’t mind…we had good great company, lotsa craft projects to do, we had the pellet stove goin, so it was nice and warm…it could’ve snowed a foot and we wouldn’t have noticed!!


LOL…as you can see, Pam…I didn’t clean up my mess ;)

So this is where we made Pam’s candles and all her wood pieces…signs and stuff!

We did all our sewing projects over at her place (the apartment). 



I wanted to share some sweet little gifts Pam made for me too…Look at all the Pin Keeps :)   She actually made me another one, I forgot to take a pic of that one.



We didn’t just craft, we managed to break away from crafting to go shopping one day.  We hit the antique mall and a sweet little prim shoppe, Something Special.

Of course, we didn’t grab our cameras :(




Here’s the valance I got when we were the prim shoppe, Something Special.  I LOVE IT!  I wanted something different on the window above the sink.  I have tobacco cloth on my two big windows, and have been looking for something that was different and wouldn’t take any light away from my sink area.

PERFECT!  Crocheted & VERY tea stained!


Do ya like it?  YAY or NAY?



Also picked up some more mashers while I was at the antique mall-the name of the mall is The Whistle Stop.  They have some really really great stuff…really well priced too!  You can’t believe the OLDE salt glaze crocks!  GORGEOUS! I love goin there.  I think Pam enjoyed it too!  She must have cuz she mentioned next time she comes she’s bringing the TRUCK! LOL!

git from Pam

This is a Pewter candle stick holder I got while we were there…I got a set, for 16.50!  They are so pretty….and see the ink well?

That was a gift…from Pam! 

It’s e’std. circa 1890.  It’s beautiful…I LOVE~LOVE~LOVE it, Pam…Thanks again, my friend ♥

♥ gift Here’s a picture of it with the lid closed.

I found the feather out in the yard one day while I was mowing!!  Worked perfectly in my new-OLDE ink well ;) (see pic above this one)



Here’s another pin keep Pam made (while she was here).  She made two, one for me and one for my mom.  She sells these in her blog shoppe if you’d like one…they’re beautifully done, please stop by and check them out!



….and now for the really big news! 



Yesiree, I sure did…this is the first little doll I made.  I apologize for not knowing who’s pattern it is…Pam brought a couple of patterns with her to teach me how to sew, so I don’t know who’s they are.  I’m sure she told me…I just forgot.



Now check this out!


This is my second doll :)  Bigger and better!  Right?

At least I made progress.

Again, I apologize…I don’t know who’s pattern this is. 


041 I think she turned out great! 



….and here’s another…


…this is my third doll!  I just LOVE HER!  She’s my favorite!!  I actually bought this pattern myself!!  It’s a Drakestone Primitives Country Cabin pattern.  Isn’t she adorable? 


Her head is actually ‘bowed’…


…as if she is looking into the candle’s glow.047

I did make changes to this pattern.  It is originally a make-do.  I gave her legs…I added a little pocket and tucked some sweet annie in it and I gave her a tiny little cross necklace.  I do love her…I can’t believe I made her!  LOL!  What’s goin on with me…I’m SEWING and COOKING (well sorta) hehe…I amaze myself sometimes!

I had a good teacher!  ;) 

Thanks so much Pam…


Well, friends… that’s it for now…I had a wonderful time with a wonderful friend and did lots and lots of crafting an some fun prim shopping…what could  be more enjoyable?? 

You’ll have to keep a look out for Pam’s post…I’m sure she’ll be sharing lots of goodies too ;) 

…thanks so much for visiting me!

Until my next post…TGC, friends.

Joyful♥Blessings, Kath


Hello my Friends! 

Sure hope you’re having a happy Autumn day!

It’s FALL here, in NW PA, no doubt about it!

CHILLY, WET, WINDY, more cloudy days than sunny ones, foggy cold mornings and cold nights…

hey…wait a minute…that was our summer!  LOL!  My Bad….It’s still SUMMER HERE??!!

I was checking out the 7 day forecast and we have the ever dreadful “S” word showing up next Wednesday! 

WHAT?  S***!  Now, that’s a BUMMER!

I was so looking forward to a nice long Indian Summer, especially since we got ripped off this summer!! 

I guess (if the “s” thing really does happen-

-I just cannot bring myself to say the actual word!)

we’ll have our Squaw winter in mid OCT!

Indian Summer is the nice spell of weather after the first frost or freeze, (which we’ve had already!)and before the first snow…and Squaw winter is basically when ya get ripped off and Indian summer doesn’t show up for very long or in some places [my neck of the woods] doesn’t show up at all!!!

Anywhooo, enough of my ramblings about this crappo weather…

You’ll hear enough of that when the “S***” starts flyin’ !  hehe! 



It’s time to announce my Giveaway winner…

To determine the winner

I *sorta used a random number generator!


Mom called to check in and let me know they arrived back in FL safe and sound… …while I was on the phone with her, I had her choose a NUMBER! :)

So, *MOM is my Random Number Generator!

[I didn’t count those who opted out of winning … and also subtracted any duplicates…]

I didn’t tell mom why I asked her to “pick a number” until after she decided on which number she’d like! 

Well…after careful consideration, since she didn’t quite know why she was picking a number…and she said “she wanted  to pick a good one”…she finally decided and shared it with me!!

Her number was 65!

After I told her why I had her pick a number…she was so tickled!

She said;

‘She hopes whomever she picked likes their gifts & Congrats to you’! ☺ 


So now,  onto the winner……







Congratulations to:



I’ll get in touch with ya here and get your mailing address…and you’ll have to let me know which set of boxes you’d like!

You’ll also be receiving a little something extra tucked into your box!   ;)


I’d like to THANK


who left a comment-

and joined in,

this was so much


I’d also like to


 my new friends

who’ve joined me

too!  I look forward

to visiting with you :)

It’s always fun to

make new bloggin’

friends ☺

THANK YOU  All for a

wonderful first year

of blogging!


Thanks for stopping by…

Until my next post…TGC, friends.



Almost time for my Giveaway drawing…and some NEW ITEMS!


Hello, friends! 

Just a quick post to let you know I will be drawing a winner for my giveaway and TODAY is the last day you can put your name in the ‘prim hat’ if you want a chance to win!   Time’s Up for entering!



   I have also added a couple new pieces to my blog Shoppe.  I’d love for ya to stop by and take a peek if ya have a minute! 

Olde Crows


Wishin’ you a HAPPY AUTUMN DAY!

Thanks so much for poppin in, today :)

…until my next post…TGC, my friends ♥