Patriot Day~My way of Remembering….

Ok, my friends…I know today’s post appears long and wordy and even worse…has no pics ….but trust me when I tell ya….it’s a fairly quick read.  It looks longer than it really is….  

…It’s just an optical illusion!  ;)


Friday is “Patriot Day”…and this is just my way of remembering….

[I am not sharing my writings with you to recall the sadness, but simply, to remember.  Though, in my opinion, the two go hand in hand. 

So many were lost…and so many families have a gaping hole in their hearts, still filled with sadness……From all those who’ve lost a friend, or a loved one on Sept. 11th, whether in Washington, New York or in a field in PA… to all those who have lost a dear loved one oceans away….in the war(s) following 9/11.

My heart goes out to all, for we’ve all been touched, in one way or another, by this one atrocious act….for some, the scars may never heal…]

I wrote these poems right after the 9/11 attacks….

The first was written just after the horrible shock.  The second poem I wrote about a week or so later, and had to keep changing the ‘number of [new] stars’…as it took so long to determine how many people were killed on that horribly sad day. I remember at one time, when I first wrote it, I had 6,000 [new] stars…per the media broadcasts at that time… thankfully that number decreased…..sadly, still too many new stars shine bright……

The third poem, I wrote on Sept. 11, 2002…and every year since then, I’ve updated it…it used to read “we awake today 1 year now gone by”

Now- I’m on year #8…..I would give anything for this is be my last revise!

We all remember where we were, what we were doin, who we were with…we remember it like it was yesterday.  I’m sure we always will…..9/11… eight years ago, yet through our minds eye and in our hearts….it’s as vivid as yesterday.

I remember too, I didn’t ‘decorate’ for the holidays that year…we put up one small tree in the corner of our dinning room and donned it in simple red white and blue ribbon….nothing else.

Shorty after that, my son told me he would be enlisting in the military (which was a bag of mixed  emotions for me, pride- that he wanted to stand up for and help protect his country, especially in such a frightening, unsettling  time…. and with that came pure horror- that he wanted to stand up and protect our country at such a frightening, unsettling time)…. and shortly after that, he was deployed to Iraq.

My life has never been the same since, nor has his….

Sept. 11th has forever changed me….I think, for the most part, it has changed us all, each in a different way….yet in very much, the same way.  Hopefully we’ve  all become a bit wiser (or more aware), a lot stronger…and far more compassionate towards others…after all, where would we be if we found nothing ‘good’ or ‘positive’ from  this ‘evil’ attack? 


From the Hand of Man

to the Arms of God…

rubble, dust, ash and smoke

left by the hand of man

sorrow, pain and suffering

a nation weeps, heart in hand


thousands taken with one swift strike

millions left behind

September 11th, evil reared its ugly head

with an attack on all mankind


A nightmare unfolds before our eyes

We still have dreams to fulfill…

For those forever gone, we pray,

They have answered God’s divine will


We vow to stand as one

Bound by a common thread…

To weed out this evil where it grows,

United--this is our pledge


We must not fight a war with hate

For this battle will never die

We must fight with fierce conviction…

Peace and freedom, our battle cry


Flags now wave, both near and far

Voices raised in prayer and song

…all these remembered,

Forgotten for so long


We shall conquer this ugly  monster

Take down this heinous beast

For Americans stand for freedom

This is our nations creed


Now we fall on bended knee

As one people, with one prayer

Candles burn and flags fly proud

it’s our faith that shall remove despair


For where one or more come together

Let no one be asunder

One nation, one world, under God

This notion we must not ponder


One evil act against humanity

Has united a nation and a world

Together as brothers and as sisters

Our boundless tears and prayers unfurled


One certainty lives on in all of us

As we put forth a brave facade

Those taken by the hand of man…

Now rest in the arms of God…

© 2001 K. Bosko



…And Now I Rest In The Arms of God….

…do not cry in sorrow

for my body felt now pain…

do not stand motionless

for I am born again…


He took us in His arms that day

protected us from ‘hell’

delivered us each to heaven

before the towers fell


we were wrapped in wings of gossamer

gathered up like innocent babes

feeling only love and peace…

we were delivered at His gate


look up and see the blue before you

the skies reflecting bright

this is the image of my eye…

you are forever in my sight


wipe the tears from your cheek

please mourn and weep no more…

for I am among the fortunate

I have arrived at God’s front door


I am with you everlastingly

this  promise I will keep…

though I never said ‘good bye’ to you

my wings now hold you as you sleep


should grey clouds begin to gather…

if darkness should amass…

fold your hands and pray to Him

and your darkness soon shall pass


for He has placed new light above

nearly 3,000 [new] stars shine bright

so no one left behind that day

shall be left alone at night



do not cry in sorrow

for my body felt no pain


do not stand motionless

for I am living again


live your life

dream your dreams

love and laugh…move on…

I will always be here with you

it’s only the towers that are gone

©2001 K. Bosko


We Awake Today…

…8 years gone by…

gathering together with a sundry eye

looking for something we have yet to find…

still mourning those taken, we left behind


96 months now since removed…

so little time to heal such a vast wound

raw and opened… this cut still runs deep

this nation still mourns, still remembers, still weeps


416 weeks have now passed

since Olde Glory waved; poised proud, at half mast

a show of honor, a will to prevail 

the result of a ‘hell’ that was so swiftly unveiled


2,916 days have now now elapsed…

since the towers and our peace buckled, gave in, then collapsed…

the rubble, the dust, has since cleared away

the pain, the sorrow, prolongs it’s stay


69,984 hours have now amassed…

since that stone of hate, with grave intent, was cast

trying to uproot it from where it did spawn

exhausted, we fight it…but the evil lives on


4,199,040 minutes have since departed…

this time seems so long, though we’ve only just started…

to fight a fight we know nothing of

to send in our Troops with only hope from above


251,942,400 seconds have since ticked away…

second by second we continue to pray;

for all those we lost in that one heinous act

for all those we will  lose, now still in Iraq


we awake today…. 8 years now gone by…

no closer to knowing, still wondering why…

deploying our loved ones to fight a war

or sending them over to ‘even the score’?

the totality of innocents we lost on that grave day….

is still growing in number…

…8 years to the day

Peace Soon~©2002-2009 K. Bosko

*(please note,…my time calculations are just estimated…I didn’t figure leap years or the seconds we lose each year…it’s simply my way of remembering.)


Thank you for taking (or making) the time to read my writings today….for remembering…for honoring…for just thinking of all those we’ve lost…and of the families who live with that loss every single day…

May we continue to grow… wiser, stronger, more compassionate-together!

Until my next post…TGC, friends