☺It’s been a YEAR ~ It’s time to Celebrate…and You’re all invited☺


~Hello! Hello!  Dear Friends~

I’m so happy you’ve stopped by to help me celebrate!

Well, this is it! 

I’ve reached a milestone…






The Olde Weeping Cedar

Wow, it’s been a wonderful year…and the icing on the cake is that I’ve met all of you wonderful, sweet gals.  I have made so many new friends.  I never, in my wildest dreams, would have thought I would’ve-could’ve met this many fantastic, caring ladies…you are all just super…caring, talented, giving, funny, warm, supportive, inspiring….well, I could go on and on….you’re just simply, wonderful!


I wanted to give a quick ‘shout-out’ to a couple of friends, if ya don’t mind :) 

[I have NEVER-EVER posted “food” pics on my blog and with good reason!]

But there is a first time for everything…….

First I’d like to thank my friend, Colleen

She inspired me to BUY A BUNDT PAN!  LOL! 

Here's the cake I made Colleen, in my new pan…Pleeeeease don’t ask me about the recipe (it’s a box cake mix)…I have to start slow……baby steps!!

Before ya know it, I will be whippin’ up something that takes more that ONE bowl to make it in—hehe!

Thanks, Colleen ♥



Second ‘shout-out’ is for Maurine!

Maurine sent me a cookbook!

WITH PICTURES-what a lifesaver-it’s good to know what the end result should look like-LOL!

She kept telling me all I needed was a ‘good southern cookbook’ and I’d be able to cook!

Well….guess what???

It’s true!!  I made Black Bean Soup!

Once I figured out what a ham hock was…I was on a roll!  It turned out fabulous, so tasty!  I surprised my own self!

Thanks, Maurine!


For those who’ve been with me for a while now, you know I have trouble in the kitchen-HA(understatement)!  So, Colleen & Maurine both deserve a huge THANK YOU, for encouraging me! ;) Steve’s belly thanks you too!


Now-on to the  PAR-TAY….

120105~1Lets see what’s in the blog-a’versary bouncy box…shall we?


To celebrate my blog-a’versay I’ve decided you get to choose what goes in the GIVEAWAY BOX!


Choice #1 120105~1includes the following:


This set of three oval stack boxes

I painted these in Harvest Gold and Black and cut the stencils myself for this set!

Wheeeeeeeew…took forever!

flower stacks

The stencils are done in Harvest Gold and black.  I distress them and gave them a hand rubbed wax finish :)  I’ve also included a wooden candle stick base, painted black and distressed just a little. flower stack boxes

If you choose this gathering, you will get a “SIMPLIFY” sign too, which I did in Black (base coat) and Harvest Gold with black lettering…to match your boxes!





Choice #2120105~1

This set of 3 oval stack boxes, done in Harvest Gold and Black.  For this set I used one stencil on the large box and ‘parts’ of the same stencil to do the medium and small box.  These are finished the same as the set above.colonial

You will get the candle stick and the SIMPLIFY sign with this set of boxes.





and…120105~1finally…Choice #3We kindly welcome thee

  A set of these square stack boxes.013  This set I did in a parchment tone, with blue, red and a touch of harvest gold in the patterns and black lettering.  These are distressed quite a bit and also have a hand rubbed wax finish.  You will get a wooden candle stick done in colors to match the boxes and you will get this “PRIMITIVES” sign.  The sign is also in parchment and has black lettering

 we kindly welcome thee


Ok-so that’s my Blog-A’versary giveaway, the winner will receive one ‘stack box gathering’ of their choice. 

There’s nothin to do to enter…except leave me a comment on this post to let me know you’d like to be included.  No need to post this on your blog…everyone gets one entry…

Now, for those who’ve joined me through this blogging journey, [or as BLOGGER likes to call us; “followers”], if your name is drawn you will get a ‘lil sum’in sum’in extra in your box!  ;)

So If you have joined the OLDE WEEPING CEDAR, I THANK YOU and if you’d like to join me, I welcome you :)….and to show you my appreciation I will throw in a little extra surprise for you!!

Be sure to leave your email addy if you don’t have a blog, so I have a way to contact ya!

I’ll let ya know when I draw the name of the winner. I haven’t picked a “drawing date” yet.  But if you win when I draw your name…I promise, you’ll be the first to know :)

I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me-mom and dad will be leaving in about a week to head back to FL.  So I will be spending  this last bit of time with them.  Then I will be getting ready for my special guest to arrive. 

I am goin to meet one of my dear, sweet bloggin buds!!!  YAY…I am so tickled!  Pam is comin in from MI to stay with me for about a week!  How KEWL is that?!

We are planning to CRAFT our little fingers to the bone…she’s even volunteered to teach me to sew…I have had that silly sewing machine for over 9 mos. now, and still can’t do a diddly thing on it!  [I honestly don’t think she knows what she’s gettin herself into here-hehe]

So, I am hoping to draw my giveaway winner sometime between mom & dad’s departure and Pam’s arrival!

Good Luck Everyone!

…and THANKS for making this past year of blogging…a wonderfully FUN year for me!


Until my next post…TGC, Friends!

“♥” ~hugs