FALL is Here…Inside and Out

Welcome Friends

Happy Autumn~Everyone!


Being that Fall has officially arrived (well, technically- later today- after 5, but this is close enough for me)

I thought I would share with you some bits of fall I have scattered about my home. 

I think we’ll start in the kitchen and meander through the house from there…all righty?


~Kitchen Gatherings~kitchen

putka pods, leaves, acorns and pinecones

I have noticed I am a “natural decorator”…most everything I have for my fall decor is outdoorsy and natural.

dried yarrow & putkas

  Some yarrow I dried this summer and some more putka pods

Cider, anyone?

 Cider, Anyone?



~Back Entry [we say ‘mudroom’] Gatherings~

bittersweet Dried Hydrangea, I picked a couple of weeks ago.  I made this Harvest sign and my friend, Loretta sent me some bittersweet!


 More of the bittersweet…I just love it…what a gorgeous burst of color it adds



Here’s the bittersweet, before the berries burst opened with color



I also tucked some in my lantern!


olde bucket

My olde wooden bucket, I filled this with faux hydrangea heads and grasses



This is a picture of the entire gathering


~Family room Gathering~


Pretty, plain and simple :)  Just a couple small pumpkin gourds I ‘tiqued a bit…and some leaves and a few acorns-oh and my favorite ‘pineapple’ carved pumpkin!familyroom



~Dining room Gatherings~


Table-my large dough bowl filled to the brim with Autumn Harvest …a large white pumpkin I antiqued, some real gourds, leaves, pinecones and sugared acorns


   I added a branch of bittersweet to the shelf, and filled my basket, made by my friend Pam, with hydrangea heads…. and on the dry sink I have a bowl of acorns  & oak leaves

 049 (2)

Olde Mr. Crow atop my moss pumpkins.

My friend Pam made the crow for me, also :)

He looks perfect  perched atop those punkins!

041 (2)



Dining room light-wrapped with grapevine


Front Entry

olde shoe shine box

This is a gathering I have in my front entry.  All fall foliage and flowers with some bittersweet tucked in!  The arrangement is in my olde antique shoe shine box.  I just love this box!  I have it sitting up on end.  It’s actually s’posed to sit down and the opening where the arrangement is would be where the shoe shine fella would keep his polish and buffers.


Here’s a close up of the box.  The foot rest is made of wrought iron…it’s a really heavy box! (this pic was taken just as the bittersweet berries began to ‘pop’


~Outside the Front Door ~


Greeting flag on the front porch



One of my front entries…the other one, we are still working on…trying to get it stoned up…it’s slow goin, like everything else around here…we tend to have too many logs in the fire at one time!  :)

My beautiful Boston Fern-most definitely does  not scream “fall”…but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it yet!



Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my little bits of fall…I love fall, as I know so many of us do…it’s such a short season for us, here Northern PA….I wish we could have fall all year long! :)


Oh yes---I also wanted to share with you a special ‘♥’ gift I received from my sweet friend, Maurine!

She sent me a COOKBOOK!


Southern Cooking…hopefully this will help me with my cooking skills…’er…I should say…lack there of! 

See the little doll and the pineapple note pad?  Maurine tucked that in with the cookbook too.  Thanks so much Maurine, I will be sure to give this a try :)




And I have just one more very special ‘punkin’ photo to share before I sign off…..

Here’s  precious little Ava…

she’s 4 mos old already!

Isn’t she just the sweetest lil chunky-monkey ;) Look at those cubby cheeks!DSCI0920

Beautiful Girl, you make my heart FULL


Ok, guess that’s it for this post…

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit, I wish you all a SPLENDID FIRST DAY of FALL!!


…Until my next post…TGC, Friends

Joyful~♥~Blessings, Kath