Wanna see my “rack”??

LOL — My new bowl rack, that is ;)


Happy Monday, Everyone…

I hope you had a beautiful last day of August.  I can’t believe August has come and gone.  Can you?

This is a quick post…not much to read and only two pics!!

I just wanted to share my bowl rack with you!

I got it finished up last night.  Hubby ‘custom’ made it for me to fit right where I wanted it…I needed it to fill a rather small area between the window and door.  He designed it himself!

  I love it…it’s a perfect fit and I LOVE the way it turned out. 

 Bowl Rack

That’s it!  The End!  Told ya it was short!

Bowl Rack

Thanks for visiting me, I know it wasn’t a very long visit….but I enjoy your visits even if it’s just for a few minutes :)

Have a Happy Week & I hope your first day of September is a beauty!!

Until my next post…TGC!

“♥” hugs