Thank You’s, Prim Projects and BEARS~OH MY!

Hello friends,

How’s your week goin?  We had two NICE days here!  Not in a row…but we had TWO of ‘em…I’m hoping August will bring some summer to us!  *Finger crossed* !

To start with….I want to THANK YOU for the sweet comments ya left me about the kitchen.  You are all so w♥nderful and very kind :)  It was such a long process and I’m so glad this is behind us!  It was overwhelming at times, to say the least.

I didn’t mention this, but I actually broke down and cried a few times during this reno!  Mostly in the beginning, when the house was a complete disaster area!!  I was beginning to wonder if it would ever get done!

Like y’all said tho, it’ll be worth it in the end ;)

For me, it was “getting to end”  that was the roughest part!  Thanks for all your encouraging words in my previous posts…I appreciated it! :)

And now, with that behind me, I have some time to do some other things :) 

I have [slowly] been trying to get back into doing some crafting…albeit, very little is getting accomplished, as my work shop/ garage is chock full of junk from the remodel…hopefully soon we can get the old cabinets installed in the garage and get the rest of the stuff hoed out  of there and I’ll have my workshop back! 

Now, when I say “very little” is getting accomplished, what I mean is…very “LITTLE”  prim pieces :)  Little as in SMALL and quick, easy to finish pieces!

I have to stick with small quick projects, I can’t stand working amidst the mess!


So here’s what I’ve accomplished so far,

I did a few new pieces and got a couple of ‘re-do’s’ done.  I like re-do’s cuz they get done in no time flat.  :)  




Prim Candle Paddle




Shoo Fly Cover




Mini Game Board-Love these little boards! 



Gatherings Sign-I love this sign ;)




Dry Goods Sign-ok I actually made this stencil, and let me tell ya, I don’t think I’ll be doin another one anytime soon!  LOL…I have little to NO patients when it comes to cutting these out!  Good thing I didn’t try my hand at something more elaborate!

I would’ve stopped at “DRY” if it would have made sense to have a “DRY” sign hanging somewhere! HA!




Set of Stack Boxes-these I did in a grey/blue Soldier color, can you believe I don’t have one “blue” piece in my home??  I see all these blues in all your homes, and I looked around my house and have NADA!





   Stepping Stool-Steve made me this stool years ago to set beside the bed, we have a high bed :)

It’s made of solid Oak, and he pegged it and used mortise and tenon joinery, I know I shouldn’t have done a “re-do” on this…shame on me!!





  Ugly bowl - before


Prim bowl – after


I wanted to share some more photos with ya.  These aren’t prim or crafty but they are neat!  I think so anyway :)

This large fella was strolling around out back!  He wasn’t  afraid and wouldn’t even run when I yelled at shook my arms at him to leave…nor when the dogs went ballistic!!  Instead he plopped a squat and decided to stay a while.  It wasn’t until I went in the house and grabbed a pot and large spoon and beat it as loud as I could….that he decided he’d leave!  He came back three times……….he’s very persistent! :)






Well, that’s all I have to share for now.

Thanks for stopping by….  I hope you all have a beautiful week, and a wonderful, relaxing weekend. 

Until my next post…TGC, friends!