Crafting my little fingers to the bone…

Hello Friends ~ Hope you’re all having a w☼nderful Sunny, Wednesday?! It’s pretty darn nice here, in my part of PA, today--finally! Seems good…we’ve had more than our share of rain!! I am so very tired of rain…

…there’s nothin else for me to do, ‘cept craft so this post is full of craft projects, and some ugly rainy weather pictures…

This is a cheese box I did

049 Of course, ya know by now, how much I love pineapples ☺




LOL…yep...more pineapples….



This sign I made up by using parts of five different stencils!

It took some time, but I love how it turned out.

Here’s my first ‘crop’ of Lavender, I harvested. 007Well, Ok…It’s actually my ONLY crop and only harvest…but at least I got a pretty good sized bunch…mmm…I love the smell of fresh Lavender!

Here’s the same bunch hangin on my peg shelf in the dining room. Love it!!


This is another “Gatherings” sign I did up…I know ya saw a sign similar to this in my last post. On this one, I added OLDE TIME to it, along with a couple of crows, hangin out on the “G’s”! Sorta autumnal, don’t ya think?


This is a new candle round I finished up.

It’s Colonial Inspired…I used a Pewter base color and did a colonial stencil on it.


The stencil is done in a dark liberty blue, colonial red and harvest gold---see why I call it “Colonial Inspired” ;)


Another set of stack boxes—I love stack boxes…Love working on them and I just love them in gatherings…they add just the right amount of height to a shelf or table display.


Here’s another mini game board I got finished. Prim and Simple ☺ and leaning towards autumn, with the added touch of a crow!


I placed it on the shelf and got rid of the plate for awhile…


Here you’ll see what I’ve been griping about ALL SUMMER! Rain, Rain RAIN!

We flooded! The creek came up and it came fast!


We did get water in the basement, but that’s gone now…we have fans going to dry it up, there’s nothin worse than a damp basement. We really don’t need any more rain here!016

Well, I guess that’s all I have for this post.

I’m off to go make my most wonderfullest hubby a birthday treat!


I dunno if I’ll actually attempt to BAKE him a special treat or not…we all know how my cooking is…it’s sorta not very good…BAD…

…Oh, speaking of which… reminds me…HA…this is sooooo funny (NOT)!

Remember in my last post, about the bear. I told ya about having to get my pot and spoon out to chase him away, nothing else would work…he just wouldn’t leave---

Well….the big haha joke around the old homestead now is:

The bear took off running when HE SAW ME WITH A COOKING VESSEL AND UTENSIL in my hand…he ran like a bat outta H*LL cuz he thought I was gonna COOK him something!!!!!! BAWAHAHAHA!

My family is way too funny…don’t ya think ;)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone and a Happy rest of the week!

‘♥’ ~ hugs to ya all.

Until we meet again…TGC!