Wanna see my “rack”??

LOL — My new bowl rack, that is ;)


Happy Monday, Everyone…

I hope you had a beautiful last day of August.  I can’t believe August has come and gone.  Can you?

This is a quick post…not much to read and only two pics!!

I just wanted to share my bowl rack with you!

I got it finished up last night.  Hubby ‘custom’ made it for me to fit right where I wanted it…I needed it to fill a rather small area between the window and door.  He designed it himself!

  I love it…it’s a perfect fit and I LOVE the way it turned out. 

 Bowl Rack

That’s it!  The End!  Told ya it was short!

Bowl Rack

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Have a Happy Week & I hope your first day of September is a beauty!!

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More “Textures” of my Home, and some More Kitchen projects completed!



I think it’s only fair to WARN you…this post is LOADED with lotsa pics!!

So consider yourself Warned



Hello Friends, Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

I’ve decided to do a sequel;  “Textures of the Home” Part Two.  Like many before me, I had so many photos left over from the first post, I just had to do a “part 2” :) 


We also have a few more things finished in the kitchen.  I will post about those after my ‘textures’ photos.





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I had so much fun taking photos for the “textures” post!  I enjoyed [even more] seeing all the gorgeous textures throughout your beautiful homes!

That was a very enjoyable challenge, and I think it was really great that so many participated , don’t you!!

I just wanted to add that a few of my texture photos above were special gifts from a dear friend of mine.  If you noticed the pumpkin with the pineapple engraved on it, or maybe your eye caught those kewl pineapple napkin rings??  Or the hunk of homemade goats milk soap….those were some special gifts sent to me by Loretta!  Wasn’t that sweet of her?!  I thought I would incorporate them into my textures post, since they are now “textures” in my home, Thanks so very much Loretta— ♥♥



In between taking all my texture photos, I have been busy with some other projects…some crafting is getting done, here’s a couple of new wall boxes I finished up—009





My chair re-do, before and after!

I had these in my old kitchen and rather then buy new ones I just painted them.


Jeepers, I don’t know why I didn’t paint ‘em sooner, I think they look WAY better, BLACK!

We’ve done some more work on the kitchen!!

We got the crown put up around the wall cabinets.  What a difference a little bit of crown makes!




We also got another window trimmed out and we got our ‘above the window’ shelf made and put up.  

window shelf


We made our own ‘corbels’ so to speakcorbel/pegs

I Love the look, just by adding the the wooden back plate behind the bracket we made and adding the grommets, it gives the shelf a wonderful …more substantial look….don’t ya think so?

I am so pleased with the shelf and the look of the window.

Crown & Window Trim


We still have one more window to trim out and make a shelf for that, the base trim for the floor needs to be installed yet….and then we have 4 doorways to trim out!  Yeah…I know…who has 4 doorways in a kitchen—that’s a lot to trim out, and it made it extremely difficult to lay out a plan for the kitchen in the beginning too.

Hopefully we can start on my pantry cupboards pretty soon  :)

So much to do yet…


We are getting it finished, slowly but surely!

Thanks so much for stoppin by!

I enjoy all of your comments so much—some of you ‘sillies’ sure make my day---ya always know how to make me smile ;)


Have a beautiful week, friends!

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♥Textures in my Home♥

~Happy Friday, Friends~

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002 (2)

I’ve decided to take the “Textures of the Home” challenge. I loved all the textures and different photos Carolyn and Pam posted on their blogs, and thought I would join in on the fun :)

These are just a few textures throughout my home…I see now why Pam said she had about 100 photos! Once ya start, ya can’t stop! LOL…I had a bunch too and narrowed it down to these. It’s really difficult to choose which textures to post!

From textiles to wrought iron, from hand stitched to hand forged….from cottons to clays to drieds and everything in between!!

I hope you enjoy taking a peek at some of the textures that make up my home.

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I’m lookin forward to takin a peek at some of the textures in your lovely homes!! ☺

Com’on….take the

Textures” challenge!!

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!!

Until my next post……TGC!

“♥” ~hugs to y’all!