This is it.....MY 100th POST...Time for a GIVEAWAY!!

Hello Everyone, how the heck have ya been???
It's been awhile since I've been around...a loooooong while!
Hope you all are doin great and enjoying your summer :)
I've been busy, busy, busy...and...NO...my kitchen is not finished :(
BUT it's almost complete-we have a little bit more to do...just a LITTLE BIT MORE...
...can I hear a BIG "YippeeeeeeYAHOOOOO"
...."Yippeee" it's almost done...very very close...PTL!!!
"YAHOO" I am still married-this was a true TEST (lol)....
"Yippeeee" I finally have a functioning Kitchen....
"YippeeeeYahoooooo" you all don't have to listen to me gripe anymore!!!!!!

This has been the longest reno we've ever done, and we've done many!
I'll post pics soon :)

I have been busy trying to get caught up in my flower gardens, ya just can't believe how well and how fast I can grow WEEDS! We have had pretty unseasonable weather here...lets just say it's heading into the middle of July, and I have been wearing sweats and sweat shirts! Had to turn the heat on the past couple of mornings...it was in the low 40's--I don't like the heat, but I would like a couple of weeks of SUMMER! ;)
My parents are here for the summer. They have a home in Ft. Myers and come up here in the summer. They've been home for about two weeks now. I'm sure they would appreciate some SUMMER weather too!!

I am trying to get the garage hoed out...my old kitchen is in the garage...that's where I do all my crafting, so my crafts have been put on hold for a while. I think we are goin to install the old cabinets out in the garage along with the old counter tops and my stove/oven and microwave! I will be able to do all my crafts out there, from woodworking to fabric staining/baking pantry cakes and candle making...I am so tickled to have a workshop with a place to put things...everything will have it's place!! And all my crafty stuff will no longer be scattered through out the house!!! YAY!

OK, now...on to my giveaway!

I can't believe I finally made it to my 100th post!!! LOL...I was beginning to think I would never get here ;)
If ya would like to be entered to win ya just need to leave me a comment and be sure to leave an email addy if you don't have a blog!
Sorry-I have to limit my giveaway to U.S. and Canada friends only, due to shipping cost. :(
My giveaway will stay opened for about 2 weeks, I plan to draw the WINNER on July 23rd.

★Now...there's also a bonus gift....

If YOUR NAME is drawn, and you are a follower of The Olde Weeping Cedar OR ~All Things Prim~ you will get a "follower appreciation" gift too! So, YAY for YOU! :)

So.............without further ado....................................



I am offering this set of stack boxes, stenciled and primmed up by me.

With the boxes you will also receive a prim wooden candle stick and a prim bottle.
I finished the candle stick olde and prim to match your boxes....and I made a label and added it to the bottle along with an aged cork and a bit of Sweetannie.

(label reads: Doctor Dickerson's Stomach Bitters)

These stack boxes are done up in my Historic Preservation Color; Hotel St. Francis Fawn over Colonial black, distressed, and have a hand rubbed wax finish.

The candle stick, I finished, to match the stack boxes

Now for the

Follower's Bonus★

You have a choice of this sconce primmed to match the stack boxes and candle stick
(tin/globe candle holder not part of giveaway)


This sconce... made with olde cracked wood, in a plantation red (redish brown tone) with a waxed finish

So, if your name is selected and if you are a follower, you can pick which ever sconce ya'd like!!

I'd like to Thank You All, for sharing my bloggy stories with me...for sharing my happy times with me and for leaving me such sweet and caring words! I have made some AWESOME friends through blogging...and appreciate you all........though it seemed to take me forever to get to my 100th post.........I sure have had a blast gettin here :)

Good Luck, Everyone!

Today is Ava's 2 month birthday :) She's already 2 months old!! I can't believe it...she's getting so big, and she's starting to show her little personality! I can't wait until we are able to go visit her! She cooed on the phone to us the other night...the kids called and put her on the phone and she was just cooing and goo-gooin away :) I think she's gonna be quite the little jabber jaws when she's older!! ;)

Thanks for visiting~"♥"~hugs to ya all