Congrats to the ★WINNER★

Hello Everyone!
What a dreary, WET day here!! It's been wet, it's been cool sometimes even COLD, I haven't had shorts on but 3 times this entire summer...had the heat on a few times...what is goin on??? It's like summer skipped over us up here in NW PA!!
It's a good day for a GIVEAWAY--that will brighten my day! :)
Betcha thought I forgot all about it??? I didn't, I had an appointment this morning.
I had to take Issak to the vet. Took forever in there!!!
When I got home I got the mail and I received a special package!!
My little granddaughter sent us a CD full of pics and videos! :)
So- of course, once I saw what it was....I just had to pop it into my computer, and YES....I had to sit here and watch the entire thing, and my other plans got put on hold for a little while!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwh she so stinkin CUTE!!! She's getting so big!
...oh yeah... I was goin to keep this post short and to the point....
Point being, I have a winner :)

So...are ya ready......................????


Black Sheep Prims

I will email you here in a bit or you can em me, which ever happens first :) I'll get your mailing addy- OH and... Don't forget to let me know which candle holder you'd like too ;)

...and I want to say...
"Thanks to you ALL" for leaving such sweet comments,
and also a warm "Hello" & "Welcome"
to those who just joined my blog, (I don't really like the term "followers", never really did! I prefer that you "join me" along this journey through blogging.... not 'follow' me ;)
[Geeeeeeeeesh, it's hard tellin where I may lead y'all and I don't want that kinda responsibility!--hehe!]
But either way, I am so happy to meet you all and happy that you're here!
I LOVE meeting new friends, and finding new blogs! I have checked out a few new ones so far.... and they are just amazing!! You all amaze me :)
Thanks again for taking part in my giveaway...
I am planning another one here soon...my blog-a-versary is coming up too!
Sooner than I thought, September!! WOW, did this year fly by!!!

Have a GREAT Thursday afternoon, everybody! I'm off to clean Issak's ears and give him his meds...then it's time for his physical therapy!
Gosh my life is exciting...LOL!
Poor Issak is gonna be really, really bummed out this evening when he finds out he's been put on a DIET!
LOL...he's a big ole loyal, lovable, LAZY Lab with a bum knee :(
We are tryin to prevent surgery if we can...so weight loss and PT it is.....hopefully the combo of the two will do the trick!

Until my next post.....................TGC!

"♥" ~Hugs ~