WORD of the DAY...

1) without pattern: done, chosen, or occurring without an identifiable pattern, plan, system, or connection,
2) Kath's life, see example below! LOL!
Hello my Friends!
It's been far too long since I have been on here...
We are still workin' on the kitchen!! Making some progress, but it's sure slow goin.
We're goin on week #10...I am so amazed that I haven't lost my mind (yet)! lol- I prolly have, and I am just too tired to realize it at this point ;)
Seems to be draggin here, I am very happy with what we do have done-just wish it was completely DONE!
We can't work on the kitchen "steady", as hubs works all day...he's beat when he gets home...so that leaves us a few evenings (when he feels like working) and weekends!
I feel like I have NO plan, no system, what I do "plan" never works out as planned...
I'm just wandering from one thing that needs done to another...
I have no veggie garden in yet, probably won't get one in, it's getting pretty late to plant! I really miss it, i enjoy workin in the gardens so much....but there is no way we can do the kitchen and keep up with the garden too. I miss it now, but I will really miss it when it come times for harvest and I have NOTHIN! :(
It's all we can do to keep up with the mowing and flower gardens...we did manage to get the pool opened this past weekend! LOL...NO time to enjoy it...but it is opened!
So, my life feels a bit random...and...my post I'm sure, will appear that way too!! :)
I'm starting off with some Cherries!
Do you remember Linda's post? Janet's? Well if I remember correctly, it all started here I do believe, with Kathy, from Home on the hill and one of her beautiful gatherings she has displayed!
I just loved the cherries the three of them displayed...so I made some for myself!
I used some wood putty/filler I had here, it was dryin up and I was gonna pitch it. Rather than throwing it out, I rolled it into balls and stuck some stems in them, let them dry and painted them! Whah-Lah...cherries! :) I actually used real cherry stems! I picked them off the cherries I had here for us to eat! I think they look pretty good:)
Moving along, from cherries to brick!
We did get the brick all finished. I LOVE it!
I picked an old-dirty look...and it's just perfect for the look I was goin for.
This is the chimney...I did the brick on this myself, and also the mortar. I tooled/striked all the joints.
I think I'd make a pretty darn good bricklayer ;)
Of course, these pictures are in RANDOM order...
this is the trim, and light above the sink. We are still using the old sink and counter top for now. We haven't even started on the counter tops!
[Below] This is the oven, microwave and the peninsula coming off the chimney will be where the cook top goes...again, I have my old counter top on top of the peninsula, just so we have a place to sit and eat...and prepare meals (in the foreground, is the island with NO counter top and in the background is my old pantry cabinet, that we left in here until Steve gets the two cupboards built for our new pantry)
...this is my old stove top board, I just put it on top of this cabinet to get it out of the dining room...and to get some things picked up....this is the brick on the wall, across from the chimney
Larger view of the wall across from the chimney, I am so happy we bricked the entire wall. Still have the frig, dishwasher and cooktop to install yet....and the flooring...and the counter tops...and..........the 2 pantrys.........and..........well....A LOT yet to do! I know ya can't see the cabinets very good, but the whiskey colored cabinets are the knotty Alder....the knots and the grain in these cabinets are just gorgeous!
(I don't know why or how some of my pictures will enlarge when ya click on them and some won't??? seems the one's I want to, don't! what am I doin wrong?) I enlarge my page by clicking on "change zoom level" on the bottom of my IE page, over on the far right hand side, do you have that on yours? if so, click on it and increase the percentage of zoom! That helps, both with picture viewing and reading!! It's either change that, or get bifocals! ;)

These are the switch plates I found! I am doing a pineapple theme in here, well not really a theme, nothing too dramatic, just some pineapple accents here and there...I was also goin with pewter knobs for the cabinets, and the fan has a pewter head...so when I came across these, well I just had to have them! They are aged pewter and they have little pineapples on them! LOVE 'em! Now if I was "LOOKING" for some like these, I would never find them...I just happened upon them, I'm thinkin that means I was meant to have them ;)
This is my trim...I actually just painted the trim the same as my walls and ceiling...then distressed it and waxed it. It's way prettier in real life! It's very difficult to make a NEW kitchen appear OLD! I did try my best to choose things that looked old, like the old, dirty brick, the black (paint worn) and the knotty blackened Alder cabinets, some of the knots go entirely through the wood. You can actually see from one side to the other :)
I chose an old lookin fan and punch tin lighting...we did a texture on the walls and ceiling...the flooring will appear old too, other than that, it's very hard to get the look of an old kitchen!
I tried tho!

I took a few outside pics for ya....here's my duck house...we used to have ducks, I loved them, well, maybe not 'loved' them, but I really enjoyed them!! They had quite the house, a back door... a front porch, windows....out behind the house is the creek...they hung out there for the most part. All I had to do was whistle and they would come home! They are no longer with us, the coyotes and fox got 'em :(

...I actually wanted to show you the pic of the stone wall in front of it tho...
Looks like it collapsed??
Nope...we have a big black bear who likes to visit us, and one night when Steve took the dogs out, the bear was out there and Steve startled him so he took off running and ran head first into my stone wall!!
OOOOOOOOUCH! Blew the wall apart!
Here's a picture of my pond.
Hubs and I built this, we gathered the stones when we did the excavation, when we built his workshop! Gathered 'em up and saved them to build a pond. It's quite large, about 26 feet long and 12 ft wide at the widest point.
Steve also built the gazebo you see in the background.

This is a gathering I have out back on the patio
see my crow on the old watering can?
My friend Pam, made him for me :)
He looks so cute on there, doesn't he?


I just have to show a picture of Ava :)

Isn't she precious!

"Grammy Love" is just the best :)

OK now...Last but not least:
This is my 99th post!! WOW...never thought I'd get here!
I am planning a 100th post giveaway...so now... I wantcha to be watching for it!
I will let ya know more about that in my 100th post :)
I want to include an extra gift for all my followers, a "followers appreciation" if you will! You need not be a follower to be included in my giveaway-I do appreciate all my blog readers and visitors, but if you are a follower...you will receive an extra special goody if your name is drawn!!
Like I said, I will post about my giveaway in my 100th post, and at the rate I am goin...as y'all can see....that could be a while yet...LOL!

I do apologize for not being on here, not so much for not posting, but mostly for not visitng as much as I'd like. I miss ya!
I try to stop by as time permits...hopefully things slow down around here a bit and my visits won't be so RANDOM! ;)

There are a few blogs that I am unable to leave comments on...don't know why...I see others can, but I can't!

Please know....I'm thinkin' of ya, and I hope you're all enjoying your summer so far.

Until my next post.....whenever it may be..............

Blessings and "♥" Hugs to y'all!

♥ Random Acts of Kindness ♥

"Kindness is more than deeds.
It is an attitude,
an expression,
a look, a touch.
It is anything that lifts another person"
~ C. Neil Strait

Good evening, Bloggin Friends!
I hope you had a wonderful day, and your week is goin well :)
I want to share some Random Acts of Kindness - I received in the mail!
When I say Random Acts of Kindness, I mean "Heart Gifts"...
Now these truly are heart gifts, made by a couple of beautiful ladies, that I am privileged and honored to call my FRIENDS :)
These heart gifts were made with LOVE + sent with Love + received, with LOVE, therefore they = True Heart gifts!
Loretta, sent me one of her gatherings. She has a primfabulous blog shoppe, I mentioned it in a post below. I hope you stopped by to take a look-see.....If you haven't visited her shoppe, Please do! You will not believe how wonderful, her Prim Gatherings are! They are just so neat...and each one is very different and unique.
Below is the gathering she made for me, she sent it to me for my new kitchen. Can you believe that???!!! What a generous, wonderful heart gift to receive, huh?
Can you picture this in my kitchen?? Loretta could, and she wanted me to have it, just like that, a simply random, heartfelt act of kindness........WOW....
She did an awesome job-I can't tell you how much I love it!!!
It's just perfect!
I am honored to have one of her gatherings in my new kitchen...it will add the perfect prim touch! THANK YOU, again...my sweet friend.♥
If that wasn't enough...
Loretta also sent me this framed scripture verse...she had it penned and framed.
It's a "heart gift" for Ava.
It reads:

"For I know the plans I have for you,"
declares the Lord,
"Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope
and a future"
~Jeremiah 29:11

In a card Loretta wrote;
....I hope someday, when she is old enough to read, it will be a blessing to her...
(I get teary, just posting about it...I can't get over how much Loretta cares about others'...truly cares!)
It's a beautiful Heart Gift and I know that it WILL be a blessing to Ava.

Thank you so much, Loretta. You have such a giving, caring heart.
You truly lift others' up with your kindness ♥
You have lifted me ...

Even more Kindness................I am blessed...

...Blessed to have such caring, Friends!

This is what I found in the mail today :)

This Heart gift is from my friend, Pam

I don't know, maybe it's hormones or stress from this never-ending remodel or maybe it's just knowing someone thinks so much of me....what ever it is...I BAWLED when I opened this box too!

Here a stitchery Pam did up for me

I think you can read it ok?

if not, it says:

"except this posey

from a friend whose

love will

never end"

'except' is 'sposed to be spelled that way! it's PRIM spelling!

Love it! Love the saying and I love that it came from Pam :)

Pam also tucked this sweet lil prim doll in my box...too cute, so prim!
Love this too, Pam ;)

I found the perfect spot for her too...
Hanging from my candle keep
Isn't she perfect there?

Lastly, but really... firstly...
..let me explain....
I opened Pam's box and tucked in it right on top was a litte note that read:
Enjoy your goodies, the basket is for your new kitchen!

LOL...all I saw was..."blah blah blah.....B-A-S-K-E-T"!!!


What............She sent me one of her baskets...???

OH Yes she did....another... simply random act of heartfelt kindness.

It's beautiful, Pam

She does such beautiful weaving!

I love all her baskets. Who wouldn't want one in their kitchen or ANY WHERE for that matter??

It's lovely isn't it??

Thank you so much Pam, you are one of the kindest souls I know...(((hugs)))

Thank you both, Loretta and Pam-
"Kindness is more than deeds.
It is an attitude,
an expression,
a look, a touch.
It is anything that lifts another person"

I don't know what I've done in my piddly little life to deserve such kindness, such thoughtful gifts...such wonderful, beautiful women as you (both) to come into my life...I am blessed...truly, I am!
Blogging has brought some of the most wonderful and ever so special friends into my life, I am truly grateful for each one of you...I am glad to have 'met' ya...
...I may not "know" you, outside of the blogging world, but I "know" I'd love ya, outside of this bloggin world..... :) Each one of you have given heart gifts to me, shown me kindness....whether it's in your attitude, your expression, your kind, thoughful words......kindness is far more than just "deeds"....it's a touch, it's anything that lifts another up....each one of ya have touched my heart & lifted me up!! :)
Thanks so much for poppin in!
I wish you all a wonderful rest of your week-and a Happy weekend too!
"♥" hugs to you all-