what do ya do when you're....

....waiting for paint to dry??? Why ya CRAFT, of course!!

Hello Friends!

It's such a beautiful day here, today. Is it BeaUteeeeeful where you are?? Hope so!
S'posed to be near 80! That's a bit warm for me! I am on my way out to mow...but thought I would pop in quick to thank you all so much for the "congrats" and sweet words you left in my last post! You guys are just awesome bloggers and wonderful friends!! You just make my heart happy!

Ava is doin well, we spent time (night before last) with her, via webcam!!! That's just the greatest thing...well, being closer to the kids would be the GREATEST thing...but it's so wonderful to "see" her!!
She is changing so fast.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and.........................
She smiled at her grammy!!! :) She is just so stinkin cute!!!!!!!!!

I could go on and on and on about her.....................BUT......
I'll spare all my "grammy mush" and get to my post!

I wanted to share some crafts I've been doin, in between my kitchen painting! Yes, we have reached the point that I NEVER thought we would--PAINT! We have the walls all drywalled, spackled and finished...I am in the process of painting my COLOR now! YAY. I have also been able to CLEAN MY HOUSE!!! That makes me feel so good! ;)

So, in between my painting, I decided to try making a beeskep!!

It didn't turn out too bad. It looks like a skep, at least! :)

This is all trail and error, I will let ya know how much is error at a later date! I came up with the idea, as I wanted a skep so badly in my garden...I figured I'd just give it try and see if I could make one. So that's what I did, while my paint dried ;)

Now, I had all the stuff here to make this...I had some sisal rope, and strong bond hot glue. I had a hard time finding something to use as a "frame" tho....While I was out in my greenhouse, I saw one of my rose covers. Do ya know what I mean? They are a stryrofoam cone shaped dome that you put over your roses (other plants) to protect them from frost???? That is what I used, ya could use anything tho! After I got my rope on, I stained it up a bit...and whah-lah...a beeskep!

As I said, I'll have to see how it holds up, if it doesn't, I am not out anything but my time...*fingers crossed* it holds up!! ;)

Here's an Americana sign I did, with Memorial Day upon us I thought I'd hang it out on the patio...

Below are just a couple of pics I thought ya'd like....

...this is my frog pond! I get a ton of frogs in here...I have bull frogs too and bull frog tad poles! Did ya know that bull frog tads take a couple of years (or more) to develope?? They live in the pond until they finally develope into a FROG...then they keep coming back to the same pond! :)

Here's my Oriole. I have more than one family...and the males fight over the feeder and the GRAPE JELLY! So do the females...Territorial, must be? LOL, it looks like he's standing guard over the grape jelly!

I have a Great Blue Heron who visits my bigger pond and steals my fish...I have a decoy I set out to deter Him, they ARE territorial! I have to wait tho, before I put out my decoy, if I put it out too soon, it actually draws them in, due to mating season! Mating season is until the end of May....LOL...that's all I need!!! To look out and see a Great Blue Heron trying to mate with my decoy! ;)

I also wanted to share a couple of wonderful new blog shoppes with ya too!
Please, if ya have time check 'em out! I know they are just starting out and would LOVE ya to stop by take a look and say hello! :)
Cassandra has opened The Vintage Willow
Loretta has opened Primgurl's Gatherings
Both are very talented gals!
Well, I guess that's it from here. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Memorial day weekend!
Have FUN, Be Safe...and "remember" those who have touched us....................
I am so sorry that I haven't been out-n-bout in blog land...I will hopefully catch up here soon and be back to my regular, well sorta regular, visits!
Until my next post..................TGC!
((((((((((((((((♥HUGS♥))))))))))))))) to ya, all!!!