Uggggh...I GIVE UP....

Hello, Hello, Helllllllllooooooooooo, My friends!

My goodness, where does the time go!?
It's a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods. I hope it's beautiful where you are too ;)

Here it is...May 8th, and I am just getting around to making a post.....shame on me! I surely didn't mean to leave you all hangin', I am still waiting, patiently (NOT), for little Ava to get here!

Jeeeeeeeeeepers, I wonder if she realizes what she's putting her grammy through...LOL!

I can't stand this waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess the Doc wasn't correct...poor Amanda isn't progressing fast at all.
Ava's gonna come when Miss Ava is good a ready to come!! :) Who knows, she may hold out until her due date. Or Mother's day...that would be a wonderful Mother's day blessing!!!
I do Thank YOU ALL for your kind words and prayers...I know the kids thank you too!

Now-About my post title.

Do you know hard it is to take a picture when every corner of your home is a mess? I have kitchen stuff everywhere and where there isn't kitchen stuff, there is dusty dirtiness............I have given up with the never ending cleaning! Every time I do clean, the dust is back, I don't know where it's hiding, but it lies in wait for me to put my swifter away...and in one big POOOOOOF it's back!!
[I actually thought about writing this post with my finger, I have enough dust in here to do that ya know....LOL...then I could just snap a photo of my dust and let ya read my finger writings.] HA!

...........I think I will just wait until all the drywall is up and finished before I do anymore cleaning!! If I can stand it that long!

I don't know if it's just me...but I cannot deal with a mess--I actually STRESS when my house is a mess. BIG TIME! I know it's only been a couple of weeks, but to me....well it seems like MONTHS!
I feel like that little guy on Charlie Brown, ya know...that little Pig Pen fella, he always has a "dust cloud" around him! :)

So at this point....
I don't know if I am more excited about getting my new kitchen OR finally being able to clean--and KEEP it that way!! We plan to start hangin the drywall this weekend-YAY!! After the drywall is finished I think the fun stuff can start and the cleaning!

The gutting/wiring and plumbing is not fun! Its the tedious stuff that no one ever sees and seems to take forever...I am so happy to announce that we are past the tedious stuff! :) We are finishing up the insulation later today when hubs gets home....then it's drywall time!

I wanted to get a pic of the giveaway I won from Kimberly, and of the little '♥ ' gift I received from Maurine....do you think I could find a spot in this mess of a house to get a picture??? NOPE!

So I hoed through all the stuff piled on the counter, cleared it all off and went out and picked you all a bouquet of fresh flowers...
and used those as a backdrop!
See how much I think of you all ;)

Here are your flowers....

..hope you like the colors I picked for ya :)

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from me to YOU"...

Here is a little "just because" gift I received for my friend, Maurine.

Isn't the little doll just adorable?! She also included a little prim note pad. It says "FRIENDS" at the top and has a pineapple on it....she knows I LOVE pineapples. You can check out lots more of Maurine's dolls by visiting her at the online shoppe! ~Kotton Kountry Kreations~ Thanks so much Maurine, when I get a "just because" gift it means so much to me...I mean I love the doll and the note pad, but even more...I love that you thought me!!!!!!!!!!! ((((sending HUGS to you!))))

This is the giveaway I won from Kimberly! LUCKY me...'err I should say lucky little Ava! I love the bright cheerful colors. Kimberly, my friend, you do beautiful work!! If you haven't yet checked out Kimberly's new blog shoppe, Brown Bag Bibs--PLEASE DO! Anyone with a little one or a little one on the way will love these, they would make fantastic shower gifts too!!

Kimberly has it all put together so nicely---I didn't want to undo the bib from the brown bag so I didn't get a pic of the bib opened up....Love the little diaper bag too! I'm sending it down to Amanda, for baby Ava and I wanted Amanda to see how Kimberly sent it!

Of course now, I can't end my post without a special mention....

I'd like to wish My beautiful Mom a very Happy Mother's day!!!
She's down in Florida, she and dad will be heading home around the end of June...which can't come soon enough for me :)

I Love you and miss you...and sure do wish you were here!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful mom's out there in blogland...I wish you the happiest and most beautiful Mom's day, ever!!!

Enjoy your family time together!

"♥" hugs & blessings to you all,