I'M a GRAMMY!!!!!!!!!
♥CONGRATS to the NEW and very HAPPY Parents ♥

Hello Everyone!
I am so happy and so pleased to share our happy news!
We are Grandparents-OFFICIALLY!! :)
Little Ava was born Saturday night.
A very healthy, very beautiful little blessing from God.
He made her just PERFECT!!! As we knew He would!
She weighs 7 lbs 5 oz and is 19" long!
Little Ava and her mommy are doin GREAT!
They are waiting to be discharged as I type this.
We want to thank you all, again, for thinking of us and for your prayers!
I have never seen my son SMILE so big and true...his smile came from the inside, from deep inside his heart and shines outward!
Steve and I are so blessed!!!
As some of you know, we are in PA and the kids are miles away...in TX.
We knew that we would get "the call" and hopefully some pictures of little Ava would soon follow her birth....
Well, we were surprised by DIL parents with a special gift!!
They brought their laptop to the hospital and a web cam!
Hooked it up in the room and we got to be a part of the miracle too! :)
I get all weepy just tellin you this, I just thought that was the most awesome gesture from them......WHAT A GIFT!!
Steve and I got on my computer and could see them all and hear them! They could see and hear us too! Brad was so happy to know we could "be there"!
I talked with them, Amanda's parents, and thanked them for what they did for us....yeah, I was bawling my eyes out, and they prolly couldn't understand a word I was saying....when I thanked them, all they said was:
We just wanted you guys to be able to experience what we are!!"
How awesome is that??????
What wonderful people...I am so blessed to have my son be a part of such a caring family!!! Baby Ava is soooooooo lucky too...what wonderful grandparents they are!!
So...anyway....we were there in the room when little Miss Ava made her way into the world! We heard her CRY, she saw her yawn....we heard her SCREAM when she got her first bath (she didn't like that)!
It was so wonderful!
I cannot even come close to explaining how I feel...there are no words , NONE, that can describe this amount of JOY!! ;)
You other grammy's out there know exactly what I mean...huh?!
I will stop my rambling now, so you can see my little precious granddaughter!
Please meet Ava Kathryn

This is my favorite pic, holding her daddy's finger :)

...this is Ava's first kiss from her grammy

deliverd by her daddy....

...This pic says it ALL...Do ya get the feeling he's PROUD??!! ;)

Ava's big sis, Savannah

Thanks for visiting me, and sharing in our HAPPINESS!
I hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day!
I sure did!!!