Creepy Critters, Color, Cabinets, Crafts and Kisses!

Happy Friday, Bloggin Buds!
I hope you all had a wonderful week, and a beautiful weekend...last weekend! Wow, did my week fly by! It always does. Which is really strange, cuz time here, seems to stand still, working on the kitchen....it's sloooooooooooow goin.....seems we'll never get it done!!
Yet before we know it...a week has passed!
I don't have much to share, I purposely posted the germanium pic here...so as NOT to give ya the "eeebie-jeeeebies", mostly for those of you who have thumbnails of blogs posted on your side bar! You'll know what I'm talkin 'bout in a sec...as soon as ya scroll down.
(I am always thinkin of you, my friends)

I am behind in every aspect of my life right now! My house is still quite a mess, my gardens are being neglected (which makes my heart sad, I LOVE my gardens)...I haven't even planted a veggie garden :( we don't have the pool opened, my pond is in need of some work....I am way behind visiting all of my friends, I have done no crafting to speak of, I can't even get to my craft area in the garage. We have all the old cabinets out there, and all the cardboard from the new ones, all the flooring and the brick...I feel LOST! Seems like when ya can't do crafts, that's when ya want to do them the most!

We have started putting the kitchen back together! Got some of the cabinets installed, the color on the walls and ceiling. I painted the ceiling the same as the walls, but used flat on the ceiling and satin on the walls. We ended up doin a texture on the walls....I am NO fan of texture at all!
But with the brick and the "look" I wanted, "Olde World-ish", I decided texture would be the way to go. So we monkeyed around and figured out a way to get the look I wanted. A texture appearance, but yet a smooth...wipe-able, cleanable and re-paintable surface! I love it! It looks like the texture of an orange peel!

Doesn't it seem like we have been remodeling FOREVER??? LOL...it does to us! I've been trying (and not makin much headway) to catch up on my outside work in between the kitchen and other daily CHORES!
I went over to my pond, yesterday to work in the flowers and reset some rocks around the edge...I took my camera to get some "pretty pics" to share with ya.....BUT....decided NOT to work over there after all.....*see below!

*WARNING* the next few pics may be disturbing to some viewers!

Water Snake!!!! YIKES!


Ah-Make that PLURAL!!

Ok-now I thought, at the time, that this was a baby snake lookin for his mama, after I watched them for a while, they slithered up to each other and then wrapped themselves together.

I was thinkin...."awhhhhhhhhhh ya found your mama" :)

Steve came home, and asked me why I didn't kill it! I said I couldn't....they "need each other"!

He told me that he's pretty sure it IS NOT a Mama and a baby, but rather a MALE and a Female! ....and yeah...they 'needed each other'.................Eeeeeeewwww...

Now I am gonna have lots more (if he's right). I don't mind them, except for the fact that they eat my smaller fish and my frogs and my salamanders and my trapdoor snails........they don't bite, they do strike at ya, but are not poison....they are just creepy!

Since I didn't get any pics of my pond, I did snap a few of my fish... These started out as small goldfish! I got 3 of them from a lady who owns a greenhouse. She had them and adapted them to the outdoors (temps in winter). She gave me three, I brought them home and put them in my little pond. Well, they had babies so I had to move them to my big pond. They bigger the environment, the bigger the fish! :) Some of the fish are 7-8 inches long! I had one that was about 10" but he Blue Heron snagged that one! I have a ton of 'em now! I have to let nature take it's course! My pond is it's own little eco-system. The trapdoors eat the algae, the fish eat the tads, the frogs eat the bugs, the snakes eat the frogs, the snakes eat the fish, the snakes eat my trapdoors.....the snakes eat my salamanders....the Blue Heron eats the frogs, snakes and the fish....................everything is under control over there, with out any help from me :)

Do ya ever have any clay pots that are broken or cracked? Don't throw them out!

I place them around my gardens, the toads LOVE them! They have to stay cool during the day and come out at night to eat bugs. They will bury themselves in mulch and dirt....but if you put out some old broken pots, they'll love ya for it! ;) I think they look neat too-the scattrered broken pots I mean :) !

Here's some I put over by my whiskey barrel---and take look below---

but make it quick, they need their PRIVACY!

They came outta the frog pond, I can see the little water plants stuck to 'em!
She will go back there to lay her eggs...
Is this post sorta reminding ya of Animal Planet??!

Here's another frog at the good ole frog pond...

They all come here, cuz there are no snakes over at this pond! They are smart! :) I have very smart frogs! LOL!
Below the frog, are just a couple pics of the frog pond garden....

Now for my

I don't care how hard I try, my wall color never comes out true on the computer!
This is the brick and the paint color, I put my brick sample up so ya can see them together.
I love it. (the white splotch is where the wall cabinet goes, no need to paint there)
The paint color I selected is called
Hotel St. Francis Fawn
It's Valspar, from their National Trust for Historic Preservation series.
Here are the cabinets, so far!
The band you see around the top of the wall cabinets is where the crown will go.
the wall behind the cabinets will be bricked.
I was very fortunate, I kept my old sink and base and island in the kitchen during the remodel, that way I could still do dishes and make coffee and we had a place to sit and eat our PBJ!
We slid the sink base out and disconnected the sink, when we had to work back there, and then moved it back and reconnected! It's wasn't that much of a pain...I think trying to do dishes in the bath tub would be more of a pain! :)
I now have my OLD counter top and sink sitting on top of the new sink base, so I can use the sink right up until the new counter top is done!

I think it will look wonderful when we get it all done!
This all I am showing ya till we are finished.....we still have to do the brick, the floors, the counter tops, all the trim...the rest of the light fixtures....still gotta a lot to do...but we have come a long way!!!
Please don't mind the mess....
I did get one of my light fixtures up, I love it!
It's above the island. I have a matching one for above the peninsula.
I got a single shade for above the sink. I can't wait to get to the point where the lights are up and the decorating can begin!!!
Sorry, got nothin!! :(
I did make another bee skep...to go with the big one I made.
This one is a lot smaller, I just used a small plastic pot for the 'frame' on this one.
It's only about 6-7" tall.

Looks sorta cute sitting on this twig chair next to my big one amidst my creeping thyme

...and finally, I saved the best for last!


No words needed for this pic :)

Van and Ava

Well, that's it for now! Thanks so much for stoppin by and visitng with me....

....Wishing you all a HAPPY, Beautiful, FUN-FILLED weekend!


what do ya do when you're....

....waiting for paint to dry??? Why ya CRAFT, of course!!

Hello Friends!

It's such a beautiful day here, today. Is it BeaUteeeeeful where you are?? Hope so!
S'posed to be near 80! That's a bit warm for me! I am on my way out to mow...but thought I would pop in quick to thank you all so much for the "congrats" and sweet words you left in my last post! You guys are just awesome bloggers and wonderful friends!! You just make my heart happy!

Ava is doin well, we spent time (night before last) with her, via webcam!!! That's just the greatest thing...well, being closer to the kids would be the GREATEST thing...but it's so wonderful to "see" her!!
She is changing so fast.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and.........................
She smiled at her grammy!!! :) She is just so stinkin cute!!!!!!!!!

I could go on and on and on about her.....................BUT......
I'll spare all my "grammy mush" and get to my post!

I wanted to share some crafts I've been doin, in between my kitchen painting! Yes, we have reached the point that I NEVER thought we would--PAINT! We have the walls all drywalled, spackled and finished...I am in the process of painting my COLOR now! YAY. I have also been able to CLEAN MY HOUSE!!! That makes me feel so good! ;)

So, in between my painting, I decided to try making a beeskep!!

It didn't turn out too bad. It looks like a skep, at least! :)

This is all trail and error, I will let ya know how much is error at a later date! I came up with the idea, as I wanted a skep so badly in my garden...I figured I'd just give it try and see if I could make one. So that's what I did, while my paint dried ;)

Now, I had all the stuff here to make this...I had some sisal rope, and strong bond hot glue. I had a hard time finding something to use as a "frame" tho....While I was out in my greenhouse, I saw one of my rose covers. Do ya know what I mean? They are a stryrofoam cone shaped dome that you put over your roses (other plants) to protect them from frost???? That is what I used, ya could use anything tho! After I got my rope on, I stained it up a bit...and whah-lah...a beeskep!

As I said, I'll have to see how it holds up, if it doesn't, I am not out anything but my time...*fingers crossed* it holds up!! ;)

Here's an Americana sign I did, with Memorial Day upon us I thought I'd hang it out on the patio...

Below are just a couple of pics I thought ya'd like....

...this is my frog pond! I get a ton of frogs in here...I have bull frogs too and bull frog tad poles! Did ya know that bull frog tads take a couple of years (or more) to develope?? They live in the pond until they finally develope into a FROG...then they keep coming back to the same pond! :)

Here's my Oriole. I have more than one family...and the males fight over the feeder and the GRAPE JELLY! So do the females...Territorial, must be? LOL, it looks like he's standing guard over the grape jelly!

I have a Great Blue Heron who visits my bigger pond and steals my fish...I have a decoy I set out to deter Him, they ARE territorial! I have to wait tho, before I put out my decoy, if I put it out too soon, it actually draws them in, due to mating season! Mating season is until the end of May....LOL...that's all I need!!! To look out and see a Great Blue Heron trying to mate with my decoy! ;)

I also wanted to share a couple of wonderful new blog shoppes with ya too!
Please, if ya have time check 'em out! I know they are just starting out and would LOVE ya to stop by take a look and say hello! :)
Cassandra has opened The Vintage Willow
Loretta has opened Primgurl's Gatherings
Both are very talented gals!
Well, I guess that's it from here. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Memorial day weekend!
Have FUN, Be Safe...and "remember" those who have touched us....................
I am so sorry that I haven't been out-n-bout in blog land...I will hopefully catch up here soon and be back to my regular, well sorta regular, visits!
Until my next post..................TGC!
((((((((((((((((♥HUGS♥))))))))))))))) to ya, all!!!


I'M a GRAMMY!!!!!!!!!
♥CONGRATS to the NEW and very HAPPY Parents ♥

Hello Everyone!
I am so happy and so pleased to share our happy news!
We are Grandparents-OFFICIALLY!! :)
Little Ava was born Saturday night.
A very healthy, very beautiful little blessing from God.
He made her just PERFECT!!! As we knew He would!
She weighs 7 lbs 5 oz and is 19" long!
Little Ava and her mommy are doin GREAT!
They are waiting to be discharged as I type this.
We want to thank you all, again, for thinking of us and for your prayers!
I have never seen my son SMILE so big and true...his smile came from the inside, from deep inside his heart and shines outward!
Steve and I are so blessed!!!
As some of you know, we are in PA and the kids are miles away...in TX.
We knew that we would get "the call" and hopefully some pictures of little Ava would soon follow her birth....
Well, we were surprised by DIL parents with a special gift!!
They brought their laptop to the hospital and a web cam!
Hooked it up in the room and we got to be a part of the miracle too! :)
I get all weepy just tellin you this, I just thought that was the most awesome gesture from them......WHAT A GIFT!!
Steve and I got on my computer and could see them all and hear them! They could see and hear us too! Brad was so happy to know we could "be there"!
I talked with them, Amanda's parents, and thanked them for what they did for us....yeah, I was bawling my eyes out, and they prolly couldn't understand a word I was saying....when I thanked them, all they said was:
We just wanted you guys to be able to experience what we are!!"
How awesome is that??????
What wonderful people...I am so blessed to have my son be a part of such a caring family!!! Baby Ava is soooooooo lucky too...what wonderful grandparents they are!!
So...anyway....we were there in the room when little Miss Ava made her way into the world! We heard her CRY, she saw her yawn....we heard her SCREAM when she got her first bath (she didn't like that)!
It was so wonderful!
I cannot even come close to explaining how I feel...there are no words , NONE, that can describe this amount of JOY!! ;)
You other grammy's out there know exactly what I mean...huh?!
I will stop my rambling now, so you can see my little precious granddaughter!
Please meet Ava Kathryn

This is my favorite pic, holding her daddy's finger :)

...this is Ava's first kiss from her grammy

deliverd by her daddy....

...This pic says it ALL...Do ya get the feeling he's PROUD??!! ;)

Ava's big sis, Savannah

Thanks for visiting me, and sharing in our HAPPINESS!
I hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day!
I sure did!!!

Uggggh...I GIVE UP....

Hello, Hello, Helllllllllooooooooooo, My friends!

My goodness, where does the time go!?
It's a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods. I hope it's beautiful where you are too ;)

Here it is...May 8th, and I am just getting around to making a post.....shame on me! I surely didn't mean to leave you all hangin', I am still waiting, patiently (NOT), for little Ava to get here!

Jeeeeeeeeeepers, I wonder if she realizes what she's putting her grammy through...LOL!

I can't stand this waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess the Doc wasn't correct...poor Amanda isn't progressing fast at all.
Ava's gonna come when Miss Ava is good a ready to come!! :) Who knows, she may hold out until her due date. Or Mother's day...that would be a wonderful Mother's day blessing!!!
I do Thank YOU ALL for your kind words and prayers...I know the kids thank you too!

Now-About my post title.

Do you know hard it is to take a picture when every corner of your home is a mess? I have kitchen stuff everywhere and where there isn't kitchen stuff, there is dusty dirtiness............I have given up with the never ending cleaning! Every time I do clean, the dust is back, I don't know where it's hiding, but it lies in wait for me to put my swifter away...and in one big POOOOOOF it's back!!
[I actually thought about writing this post with my finger, I have enough dust in here to do that ya know....LOL...then I could just snap a photo of my dust and let ya read my finger writings.] HA!

...........I think I will just wait until all the drywall is up and finished before I do anymore cleaning!! If I can stand it that long!

I don't know if it's just me...but I cannot deal with a mess--I actually STRESS when my house is a mess. BIG TIME! I know it's only been a couple of weeks, but to me....well it seems like MONTHS!
I feel like that little guy on Charlie Brown, ya know...that little Pig Pen fella, he always has a "dust cloud" around him! :)

So at this point....
I don't know if I am more excited about getting my new kitchen OR finally being able to clean--and KEEP it that way!! We plan to start hangin the drywall this weekend-YAY!! After the drywall is finished I think the fun stuff can start and the cleaning!

The gutting/wiring and plumbing is not fun! Its the tedious stuff that no one ever sees and seems to take forever...I am so happy to announce that we are past the tedious stuff! :) We are finishing up the insulation later today when hubs gets home....then it's drywall time!

I wanted to get a pic of the giveaway I won from Kimberly, and of the little '♥ ' gift I received from Maurine....do you think I could find a spot in this mess of a house to get a picture??? NOPE!

So I hoed through all the stuff piled on the counter, cleared it all off and went out and picked you all a bouquet of fresh flowers...
and used those as a backdrop!
See how much I think of you all ;)

Here are your flowers....

..hope you like the colors I picked for ya :)

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from me to YOU"...

Here is a little "just because" gift I received for my friend, Maurine.

Isn't the little doll just adorable?! She also included a little prim note pad. It says "FRIENDS" at the top and has a pineapple on it....she knows I LOVE pineapples. You can check out lots more of Maurine's dolls by visiting her at the online shoppe! ~Kotton Kountry Kreations~ Thanks so much Maurine, when I get a "just because" gift it means so much to me...I mean I love the doll and the note pad, but even more...I love that you thought me!!!!!!!!!!! ((((sending HUGS to you!))))

This is the giveaway I won from Kimberly! LUCKY me...'err I should say lucky little Ava! I love the bright cheerful colors. Kimberly, my friend, you do beautiful work!! If you haven't yet checked out Kimberly's new blog shoppe, Brown Bag Bibs--PLEASE DO! Anyone with a little one or a little one on the way will love these, they would make fantastic shower gifts too!!

Kimberly has it all put together so nicely---I didn't want to undo the bib from the brown bag so I didn't get a pic of the bib opened up....Love the little diaper bag too! I'm sending it down to Amanda, for baby Ava and I wanted Amanda to see how Kimberly sent it!

Of course now, I can't end my post without a special mention....

I'd like to wish My beautiful Mom a very Happy Mother's day!!!
She's down in Florida, she and dad will be heading home around the end of June...which can't come soon enough for me :)

I Love you and miss you...and sure do wish you were here!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful mom's out there in blogland...I wish you the happiest and most beautiful Mom's day, ever!!!

Enjoy your family time together!

"♥" hugs & blessings to you all,