*UPDATE * for those who asked...

I received some emails and comments wanting know about the fans/flooring and lighting. I have updated this entry and posted links so you can check the sites out.
Thanks for your kind comments and emails...
I sure do appreciate all of my wonderful bloggin' friends :)
Enjoy your evening!

Hello Everybody!
It's a chilly day here in my neck of the woods...don't know what happened to that gorgeous weather we had over the weekend!
The sun is trying to come out, hopefully it stays.

With the nice weather over the weekend, we did manage to get the other two windows in!! So all three are now in! The siding is back up on the outside and everything from the outside looks good....the inside is another story!

One wall gutted to the studs and 1/2 of the wall that we are taking out to make the kitchen bigger is demo-ed!!

Kitchen's are worst re-model ever!
I am taking a break today, the dumpster is full and the dump trailer isn't here so I have nowhere to put the demo debris! Awh...Shucks! ;)

Thought I'd make a post and share what I've got picked out so far....so far that is, until I change something....AGAIN!

I finally have all my parts and pieces selected! I have an entire folder on my computer filled with little pics that I am trying to fit together...


If it all comes together (as I have it pictured in my head) we'll be grinnin'!
It's like goin through and getting all the puzzle pieces and laying them out, then, trying to picture it all put together!

Here's what I have laid out so far....you can't really go by the sample pics, the real life stuff looks a bit different, color wise and finish wise, but this will give an "idea" of what we are doin.


Two colors, (I know these styles don't match, they WILL when we order) I am just showing colors choices :)

This brownish color is a Knotty Alder, it has knots through it, LOVE the knots!! This doesn't show knots, but the samples I looked at had lots! It has a Blackened Whiskey glaze.

I am also goin with Black, these are Heirloom Black, and are distressed, you can't tell by the pic. But they are distressed. The guy we talked to about the cabinets said we had to sign a disclaimer, stating that we will 'keep the cabinets' and not try to send them back or hold them responsible because the paint is worn off'! LOL....if he only knew how much I love worn paint, and actually work on trying to get things to look worn!! He said so many people order these and are disappointed with the worn look!
NOT ME! :)
I chose an old aged brick for the back splash and chimney.
I may do the one entire wall in this, I have to see how my budgeting goes! ;)

This is the counter top
...and flooring

Click here for Flooring info

Here it is all put together...I love it!
It is so hard to put in a new kitchen and try to get an "old" feel out of it!
In fact it's almost impossible!

I think with the brick and flooring and the fixtures
I will get the look of a old kitchen...I am actually goin for an Old World/Prim look...if there isn't such a thing...there will be when I am done! LOL!

These are lighting fixtures for above the island and the peninsula

Click here for lighting fixtures

Light fixture for about the sink

Door and drawer pulls, aged pewter.
Love the pewter!!
I am already thinkin of changing these to Bin Pulls in Pewter tho!

Pewter wall mount fan. We "plan" to install this on the side of the brick chimney! Rather than having a ceiling fan. Love this...

Just wanted to share these KEWWWWL Old World style ceiling fans, below...
(that wordage doesn't really go together...Kewl/Old world!!)
but aren't these fans gorgeous...it is so hard to get a ceiling fan that fits in to old style decor....

Click here to see these and more fans

---someday...I will have this one! ;)

This my window treatment! Just Toppers.

Faucet and a black sink, no pic of the sink, sorry.

and this picture is of the cabinet in the bath, we are making two more of these, a bit larger in scale to flank one of the windows...these will become my double pantry!

I haven't' picked out a wall/ceiling color yet. I will actually have very little paintable wall space. Since I am shooting for the old world natural look....I selected knotty/worn cabinets, plank floors and brick and aged metals, at first I had wrought iron picked out. But changed my mind...I think the aged pewter will look better with the appliances and the lighting and they will show up lots better on the black cabinets.

So, that's pretty much it.
Can you put my kitchen puzzle together and visualize it?
I think it will look wonderful once it all comes together, the only thing is, the longer it takes, the more time I have to change my mind!! Which is NOT a GOOD thing!! ;)
Like I said in my post below, I have been dreaming and planning this for many years and saving and saving and saving for it!
I actually saved 1 dollar bills! LOL, hubby saves his change and I decided to save dollars...I saved enough in 1 dollar bills over the years to buy almost all of my appliances!!!!!!
There is nothing good about the state of our economy, in fact that is why I held off last year, I didn't dare spend money, with all the uncertainty out there...but so far, things are holding for us...so we decided to go ahead...like I said, there is nothing good about the economy....BUT.... there are some awesome buying incentives right now!
Just about everything is on sale and has FREE SHIPPING! I have saved about 3k by buying online...that makes me smile during this MESSY, Stressful and LONNNNNNNNNNG process! ;)

I wish you all a HAPPY day and Beautiful week!
Thanks so much for visiting me.....I will keep you posted on the progress...and or changes....
Oh wait, before I go....
....one more thing, Amanda's shower was great! She emailed me and said she got so many wonderful things for Ava. She's s'posed to be sending me pics...I'll share them when I get them!

Also, I got my penny rug mat/chair pad from Karen...I don't have a picture of it, it's stored away so it doesn't get yucky with all this dirty dustiness...it's gorgeous and I love it Karen, Thanks so much.
She actually made it special for me! I saw a mat I just had to have, but asked her to make it in the size of a chair pad so I could use it as a mat or pad!
She did....and it's perfect. I have an old chair I started to "re-do"...which has now been put on hold....but when I finish the chair that pad will look so wonderful on it! Thanks again, Karen...I will prolly post pics of the penny rug, after I finish my chair...