It's gonna be a "GOOD FRIDAY"

Hello, My Friends!
I want to wish you all a Happy Easter....I hope you will be spending it with family and close friends, surrounded by lotsa love and loved ones'!

I am posting a bit early, Steve is taking tomorrow off, (YAY-he NEVER takes a day off!) so we can spend a three day weekend together. I have to say, tomorrow, being "Good Friday" is a very special day for us. This Friday will indeed be a "GOOD" one! :)
A year ago, [tomorrow]-Brad was in that horrific accident. We were told he probably would not survive. The Doctors in the Surgical Trauma Critical Care Unit don't know how, or why Brad made it through this, but Steve and I both know....
I cannot even begin to tell you all of the things that took place on that dreadful day, a year ago.............every single thing that happened, evolved into one huge MIRACLE. For those who don't believe in Miracles, one day I will sit down and tell you what happened...there is NO other explanation, only that GOD stepped in. His Doctors and his Trauma Nurses said the same thing. It was a miracle!

So, Steve and I are spending tomorrow together just appreciating everything we've been given. It's a blessing to be here a year later, knowing that Brad's heart is at the point now where he only needs tests once a year....he's back to 100%, and has a new baby girl on the way....Yeah, we've been BLESSED! Though we've traveled a difficult journey...we made it and Steve and I both know that we can make it through anything :)
We all can!!
I wrote this poem, yesterday, and just wanted to share it. I get words and verses stuck in my head and have to jot them down....they just come to me...LOL....and in this case they kept coming (it's a long one-sorry!).....anyway, it ended up being in recognition of "GOOD FRIDAY", at least that's how I am taking it.....when I started to write, I had no idea what I was actually writing about ...when I was done..............this how it came together.

Thanks for stopping by, and reading my post today.
Happy Easter, to you all....I wish you the most Beautiful and Blessed Day ever! I will meet ya all back here after Easter,
Always...Believe in Miracles!!!!


Promenade to MY Splendor

your journey through life will have hardships my friend
at times the road appears rough
Be aware;
its not the road you are on...

but the steps you choose, that are tough

the intent of life’s journey is this;
to grow in faith, offer forgiveness, to love in peace and hope
sometimes you'll stumble, you may even fall
it’s your conviction, that will keep you afloat

“FAITH” is the key that opens life’s gate
you simply need to walk through
it will help you to conquer your toughest trials
with My promise that peace will ensue

encountering “PEACE” along the way
is like holding a sunbeam, bright
it radiates a warmth and a brilliance,
despair cannot shadow, no matter its might

along the road you'll happen upon “HOPE”
it’s like a prayer with feathers
it perches deep within your soul, eager to soar…
just waiting to be un-tethered

your life is but a journey, my friend...
along the way you'll have burdens and trials
your troubles will seem insignificant
once you've hiked that toughest mile

suddenly your course will take a ‘right’ turn,
as if someone has mapped out your way
obstacles will be less difficult,
seems your path has now been paved

this trek that once seemed a struggle,
a wearisome uphill climb
has now leveled out nicely,
paved in “LOVE”, its smooth and sublime

for you've finally come upon “FORGIVENESS”
along this journey called life
emitting a force so powerful,

your pace no longer arduous, your steps commence to glide

so should you ever drift from your road,
feel lost, as you tremble and tire
Be aware;
there’s always a ‘right’ turn ahead,

a place to pause, to respire

life’s journey will point your direction,
it’s up to YOU to choose the right track
no matter how awkward your stride may become,
you must never ever turn back…

traveling this road, stepping steadfast and sure
is My supreme desire….
if you heed the signs along the way,
their direction will guide and inspire

by the side of the road, along your journey
these five signs appear;
Faith, Peace, Hope, Love, Forgiveness…
their lessons, both essential and clear

your journey through life has hardships, it’s true,
at times it’s as if you travel alone
Be aware;
it’s not the road you're on that's forsaken,
it’s the steps you choose that are forlorn

for those who heed the last sign, first,
it’s forgiveness that points the way
it’s a guiding light of direction,
bestowed purely of My grace

sometime it seems the signs aren’t there,
at times you just don’t see….
that all you need is mercy,
to fulfill your journey with ease

forgive yourself, forgive others,
this obstacle, your greatest quest
once you cross this hurdle it’s clear,
you'll walk with Me, abreast

I died for your salvation,
to free you, to show you, I AM THE WAY
to prepare you for your journey’s end, a new beginning...
to lead you from astray

I know of only good,
I know that evil cannot dwell
it’s when you lose your faith in ME
that you'll step through that gate of hell…

so, look within, find MY light,
know My salvation is never at a loss
I am the beacon shining on those signs...
...once nailed to a rugged cross...

by the side of the road, along your journey
My five signs are [always] within your sight…
Faith, Peace, Hope, Love, Forgiveness
through Me, in Me, with Me...you’ll rise above your plight

yes, this voyage through life will seem vast now and then,
have faith, it’s not a worthless endeavor
Be aware;
life’s journey is but a passage, my friend...

it's simply a promenade... in route to My Splendor

© K.Bosko