♥Still Waiting♥

update May 4th
Thank You, ALL, for your sweet comments and for your prayers....You are the best friends ever!! :)
I just talked with Amanda this afternoon, after her dr. appt. she's getting closer...but...still..........No baby Ava yet! :)
Will keep you all posted, thanks for the emails guys! I appreciate you all so much!!!
Until the next update.......or hopefully, Ava's birth announcement...........
'♥' hugs~Kath
Hello my friends!
Just poppin in for a quick post...then it's back to work for me!
The kitchen is coming along...slowly but surely...I am totally out of my comfort zone-I can't stand having everything out of place...how does one manage with out a kitchen!?!!
I admit, I love primitive everything, but not this primitive!! LOL!
It's totally gutted...so the dirty part is done...at this point we are doin the wiring and plumbing. We decided to put in all new plumbing with everything gutted to the studs, this is the perfect time to do it. This house was built in the late 30's-early 40's and still has some of the original plumbing, so it's just better to do it now-rather than risk a plumbing mishap after my new kitchen is in!!!
we aren't' to any of the FUN stuff yet!!
Hopefully that will happen soon.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
The main reason for my post is that I wanted to share some of my HAPPINESS with ya.........
I got an email from Amanda (DIL) and she had her Dr. appt today. She has her appts on Wednesdays but today the doc told her that she probably won't make it to next Wednesday's appt!! The Doc told her that she's progressing fast!! It's almost time!!!!
Last Weds. Amanda said that the baby dropped
and that she had started to dilate...today, she is even farther along! If she doesn't have Ava over the weekend, the Doc wants to see her on Monday.
This is a bit earlier than expected, her due date is May 18th!
I would like to ask all my wonderful friends for a favor...
If you don't mind, can I ask for your prayers.
Maybe you could say a quick little prayer for baby Ava and her mom and Docs too?
Just a short little prayer that everything goes smoothly for all :)

I will keep you posted.........I guess it's all up to little Ava at this point!!
...........I am soooooooooooooo excited!
I'm gonna be a Grammy!

*I want to say a special Thanks to Kimberly too! I won her Bib giveaway!So little Ava will be wearing a Brown Bag Bibs original :) Thanks Kimberly!! I can't wait to get it, and send it down to Ava! :)

I am sooooo close to my 100th post....this is #95!! Be keepin a watchful eye, I will be having my 100th post giveaway pretty soon!!
Guess that's it from here, I hope you all have a beautiful week.
I miss you all and will be back as soon as I can!
Big ""HUGS to ya ...and thanks in advance for your prayers.
I appreciate you all, so much!