I have discovered something...

Hello there! It's a Beautiful day here in PA! I hope it's a lovely day where you are too!

I am just poppin in quick to tell ya....what I've discovered:
Now, I thought that shopping for Prims was the bestest thing ever! I mean what is more fun that shopping for Prims??
Well, let me tell ya.............shopping for baby clothes! I had a blast shopping for little outfits for Ava!
Amanda's shower is Sunday. We had to order things for the baby shower (did that earlier and had the items shipped site to store in TX) and her parents were kind enough to pick the things up for us and make sure they are there for the shower. I appreciate them doin this for us.
I so wish I could be there for it!
I spent all day yesterday shopping online for baby clothes. There are some wonderful sales goin on, and so many shipping prices are reduced or even FREE, I couldn't pass it up! I actually ordered the things and will have them sent here, to PA. I have other things I have been picking up here and there that I have to box up, so I will put all baby stuff together and ship it to TX all at once.

It's very hard being so far away, I got the baby shower invitation in the mail and tho I was so HAPPY, I just sat down and cried.....I know I will miss out on so much. I was very close to my grandparents and so loved spending time with them...it's a special bond and to this day my brother and I still talk and laugh about the 'times we spent with our grandparents"!!
I always thought that's how it would be when I was a Grammy...at least Ava will have Amanda's mom and dad right there close to bond with tho and I am so grateful for that!
Not much longer and Ava will be here I can't believe how fast this time went! Only about 4 weeks to go...while at her last appointment, the Doc measured her belly and told Amanda that either the baby was gonna be BIG, or her due date is off, and she will come a bit early!
Amanda is hoping for the latter of the two! ;)
I also wanted to share some exciting news... I am finally re-doin the kitchen!! YAY...we started on it last night. Well, actually we started on it last weekend, and got one new window in....had to cut a larger opening because we went with bigger windows. It's a total "gut job". We are re-doin the entire area, removing a wall and making the kitchen bigger, new windows and cabinets....flooring, everything! I am so happy, I have only been planning, dreaming and wanting this since we moved in..........14 years ago!!
The time has finally come!
So, I won't be on here as much as I would like, I will try to keep in touch tho the best I can! This is gonna take a while...and being without a kitchen will prolly do me in........(I will try my best not gripe or complain about the mess and the disruption)...........I'm already goin nuts with everything out of place and dusty and dirty in here! I just have to stay focused on the end result!

Have a beautiful weekend, and I will be back eventually!!
Please don't forget about me......I'm sure I will be outta the loop for a while
....I'll be thinkin of ALL of YOU, and will be keepin up as much as I can with your blogs ;)
I will definitely let you know when baby Ava arrives!!
"♥"hugs to ya all!