Grab a cup of coffee, and head on over here!

Happy April Everyone! :)
Seems so good to be into a new month, doesn't it...the snow is finally gone, Easter is coming...days are getting longer and sunnier, the snow is finally gone, temps are getting warmer...grass is getting greener....the snow is finally gone...flowers are starting to come up...oh, and the SNOW IS FINALLY GONE!!! :)
Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday, I have some things to share so lets just get to it!

First of all, Pam and I did a swap. After winning her baskets, I decided I NEEDED more of her wonderful wares! Just so happened that she wanted some things I had...so the SWAP was on!

She sent me this cute, prim bunny and these eggs! I placed the eggs in a bark basket and sat a bunch of Sweet Annie in front! (She sent me the sweet annie too)! It's perfect, Pam...I love it!
Next, she sent me some candle stubs wrapped with Flax, She also got a bag of Flax, and sent me some of that as well!
She sent me this basket too! I haven't found a place for it, nor anything to put in it...but I will!!

Next we have another one of her Prim Bunny's and some carrots!

In the picture below, she sent me the Black spool, the Prim black cat and the angel (it's hard to see, tucked in the corner, it has red white and blue stripes on it)....sorry, I should have gotten a better pic! She also included the little hanging stitchery, hanging on the shelf knob...it says "simplify"
Next, for your viewing pleasure, we have one of Pam's pin keeps, LOVE THIS!!


Below is a Prim Sunflower with an old crow on it! I have this tucked in a wall box, with some Yarrow and Sweet Annie, looks cute, huh?

On this shelf, I have a black doll, Pam made, and the little black kitty and hanging is one of her onion baskets! I couldn't wait to get my hands on that basket!! :)

Pam also included some drieds and some little crow bowl fillers, which I forgot to get a picture of! I got some many goodies, I was like a little kid at Christmas!! Thanks so very much for everything, Pam, you truly over did it!! But I'm not complaining, I love it all!

Here is a candle sconce, I picked up a while ago at a flea market, I re-did it, and added those Flax wrapped candle stubs and my wick pick and match holder....love it!

I haven't had my new cheese baskets all that long, and have already "tweaked" them! I moved them from the family room and put them in the mud room! Now, they are the first thing ya see when you enter the house!

This is a close up of where I have the baskets, I got three little stuffed birds at a shoppe Steve and I visited last weekend. they were 2.75 a piece!! I brought them home and stuck them on some old spools and set them in the baskets.

I got these potted "faux" herbs too~LOVE'M!!
Love the pots too!
I have been moving them around tryin to find just the right spot for them.

I got these from Piper Classics. I love the way they look, not fake/tacky at all, some look plasticy(not a real word, I know), ya know what I mean right?!

Here is the pantry cake I made. I used Patti's recipe, I had asked her about it a few weeks ago and she shared it, so I jotted it down and tried it, didn't turn out too bad! [me and cooking/baking doesn't really hit it off, but I'm getting pretty good at "faux" baking! lol] As long as it's not something edible, I'm good to go....LOL!

I want to try Birgit's recipe too, and I see Linda also posted a recipe! If you haven't tried making a pantry cake, ya really should! Heck if I can do it, anyone can! ;)

I place my new herbs here on my stove cover, I think I'll keep them here for a bit!

Or, maybe I will keep this one here? I put it on an old candle holder I found...

Here's some more tweaking I did, I printed this Gettysburg Address up framed it. I put a picture of Abe on the top, I love it here with the candle keep, which reminds me, Pam sent me some frames too...LOL....I told her I don't work my stitcheries cuz I can never find frames.........well, didn't she send me some!! I painted this one black, I hope you're not disappointed in me for not displaying a stitchery in it, PAM! :) but, I still don't have one finished!!! ;)

I also made some grunged candles to go in my new chandelier! I love this chandelier, I have been wanting to get it forever, and finally just went ahead a ordered it. I got it from Piper Classics when I ordered my herbs!

Here it is........it's so wonderful! I LOVE wrought iron, this is a hand forged piece, heavier than the dickens too!!! I haven't decided there to put it yet, it's so heavy that I will need to toggle bolt it in, so I must be sure where i want it...I won't be able to "tweak" this...........Steve won't be too happy if I have him bolt it in, only the move it again!

Right now, I have it hanging in the dining room door way, it's hanging from the crown moulding, until I can find a place for it.

Please don't laugh..or make a strange face ......but I am really thinkin about hanging this beauty in the shower!
-ok, I can see you.....you just made 'that face'....just like Steve did when I told him that's where I want it!!!
Here's a picture of the shower, it's big, it wouldn't be in the way at all.

I want it hanging over the seat and visible from the archway! Can you picture it hangin here? I can...the ceiliing is plenty high enough and the archway is way wide enough, it's not like you'll bump it geting in and out.
Is that strange??? Am I strange for even coming up with this idea?? You are more than welcome to leave a comment on this topic, but please be kind! Try to just let me know that this idea is not good, you don't have to dwell on the "strange" part!LOL!

So, guess that's it from here, hope you enjoyed your visit with me!
I always enjoy hearing from ya ;)
Have a Beautiful rest of your week!