Another re-do, DONE and a Th♥nk Y♥u!!

Monday...wow did my weekend FLY by!! Hope you all had a beautiful Palm Sunday! It was a gorgeous day here, yesterday.
Tonight and tomorrow we are s'posed to get SNOW!!
I can't believe it......is that a huge BUMMER 'er what?!
Well that's not the reason for my post...
the reason is....
I got another re-do complete, my pile of re-do's is getting smaller!
remember those boxes I found while spring cleaning??
Well here they are now!
Much, much better!
I love how they turned out, they weren't easy to do because I didn't have any "stack box" stencils! I actually used 2 different stencils I had and took parts from each one. The Saying is the one that goes with the pineapple stencil I used for my reversible cutting board!
I'm telling ya, trying to keep things lined up and getting a stencil to stay on tight and keeping it on tight, when your stencil is way to big...and your piece is round/oval is well, hard to do!!
Think I may just have to get some box stencils!! :)

It's always a good day when I see the mailman actually get out of his truck!! It means he's got something that won't fit in my mail box!!!! :)
Today, was one of those days....I was so tickled, when I saw him come to the door!
I received a package from LISA!!
She sent me a "goodie package" full of prims!!
Which just happens to be my favorite kind of goodie package!! ;)
Here's what she sent me..............along with a sweet card!

**I am so lucky to have received one of her famous sugar cones too!!**

I'm saying it again, bloggers are just the sweetest, kindest people ever!!
Thanks so, so much Lisa, I love it everything, especially the stitchery!!!
You're so sweet!

Guess,that's it for now...
thanks so much for stoppin by!!
Enjoy your week, I hope it's a H♥ppy One!