♥Still Waiting♥

update May 4th
Thank You, ALL, for your sweet comments and for your prayers....You are the best friends ever!! :)
I just talked with Amanda this afternoon, after her dr. appt. she's getting closer...but...still..........No baby Ava yet! :)
Will keep you all posted, thanks for the emails guys! I appreciate you all so much!!!
Until the next update.......or hopefully, Ava's birth announcement...........
'♥' hugs~Kath
Hello my friends!
Just poppin in for a quick post...then it's back to work for me!
The kitchen is coming along...slowly but surely...I am totally out of my comfort zone-I can't stand having everything out of place...how does one manage with out a kitchen!?!!
I admit, I love primitive everything, but not this primitive!! LOL!
It's totally gutted...so the dirty part is done...at this point we are doin the wiring and plumbing. We decided to put in all new plumbing with everything gutted to the studs, this is the perfect time to do it. This house was built in the late 30's-early 40's and still has some of the original plumbing, so it's just better to do it now-rather than risk a plumbing mishap after my new kitchen is in!!!
we aren't' to any of the FUN stuff yet!!
Hopefully that will happen soon.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
The main reason for my post is that I wanted to share some of my HAPPINESS with ya.........
I got an email from Amanda (DIL) and she had her Dr. appt today. She has her appts on Wednesdays but today the doc told her that she probably won't make it to next Wednesday's appt!! The Doc told her that she's progressing fast!! It's almost time!!!!
Last Weds. Amanda said that the baby dropped
and that she had started to dilate...today, she is even farther along! If she doesn't have Ava over the weekend, the Doc wants to see her on Monday.
This is a bit earlier than expected, her due date is May 18th!
I would like to ask all my wonderful friends for a favor...
If you don't mind, can I ask for your prayers.
Maybe you could say a quick little prayer for baby Ava and her mom and Docs too?
Just a short little prayer that everything goes smoothly for all :)

I will keep you posted.........I guess it's all up to little Ava at this point!!
...........I am soooooooooooooo excited!
I'm gonna be a Grammy!

*I want to say a special Thanks to Kimberly too! I won her Bib giveaway!So little Ava will be wearing a Brown Bag Bibs original :) Thanks Kimberly!! I can't wait to get it, and send it down to Ava! :)

I am sooooo close to my 100th post....this is #95!! Be keepin a watchful eye, I will be having my 100th post giveaway pretty soon!!
Guess that's it from here, I hope you all have a beautiful week.
I miss you all and will be back as soon as I can!
Big ""HUGS to ya ...and thanks in advance for your prayers.
I appreciate you all, so much!

*UPDATE * for those who asked...

I received some emails and comments wanting know about the fans/flooring and lighting. I have updated this entry and posted links so you can check the sites out.
Thanks for your kind comments and emails...
I sure do appreciate all of my wonderful bloggin' friends :)
Enjoy your evening!

Hello Everybody!
It's a chilly day here in my neck of the woods...don't know what happened to that gorgeous weather we had over the weekend!
The sun is trying to come out, hopefully it stays.

With the nice weather over the weekend, we did manage to get the other two windows in!! So all three are now in! The siding is back up on the outside and everything from the outside looks good....the inside is another story!

One wall gutted to the studs and 1/2 of the wall that we are taking out to make the kitchen bigger is demo-ed!!

Kitchen's are worst re-model ever!
I am taking a break today, the dumpster is full and the dump trailer isn't here so I have nowhere to put the demo debris! Awh...Shucks! ;)

Thought I'd make a post and share what I've got picked out so far....so far that is, until I change something....AGAIN!

I finally have all my parts and pieces selected! I have an entire folder on my computer filled with little pics that I am trying to fit together...


If it all comes together (as I have it pictured in my head) we'll be grinnin'!
It's like goin through and getting all the puzzle pieces and laying them out, then, trying to picture it all put together!

Here's what I have laid out so far....you can't really go by the sample pics, the real life stuff looks a bit different, color wise and finish wise, but this will give an "idea" of what we are doin.


Two colors, (I know these styles don't match, they WILL when we order) I am just showing colors choices :)

This brownish color is a Knotty Alder, it has knots through it, LOVE the knots!! This doesn't show knots, but the samples I looked at had lots! It has a Blackened Whiskey glaze.

I am also goin with Black, these are Heirloom Black, and are distressed, you can't tell by the pic. But they are distressed. The guy we talked to about the cabinets said we had to sign a disclaimer, stating that we will 'keep the cabinets' and not try to send them back or hold them responsible because the paint is worn off'! LOL....if he only knew how much I love worn paint, and actually work on trying to get things to look worn!! He said so many people order these and are disappointed with the worn look!
NOT ME! :)
I chose an old aged brick for the back splash and chimney.
I may do the one entire wall in this, I have to see how my budgeting goes! ;)

This is the counter top
...and flooring

Click here for Flooring info

Here it is all put together...I love it!
It is so hard to put in a new kitchen and try to get an "old" feel out of it!
In fact it's almost impossible!

I think with the brick and flooring and the fixtures
I will get the look of a old kitchen...I am actually goin for an Old World/Prim look...if there isn't such a thing...there will be when I am done! LOL!

These are lighting fixtures for above the island and the peninsula

Click here for lighting fixtures

Light fixture for about the sink

Door and drawer pulls, aged pewter.
Love the pewter!!
I am already thinkin of changing these to Bin Pulls in Pewter tho!

Pewter wall mount fan. We "plan" to install this on the side of the brick chimney! Rather than having a ceiling fan. Love this...

Just wanted to share these KEWWWWL Old World style ceiling fans, below...
(that wordage doesn't really go together...Kewl/Old world!!)
but aren't these fans gorgeous...it is so hard to get a ceiling fan that fits in to old style decor....

Click here to see these and more fans

---someday...I will have this one! ;)

This my window treatment! Just Toppers.

Faucet and a black sink, no pic of the sink, sorry.

and this picture is of the cabinet in the bath, we are making two more of these, a bit larger in scale to flank one of the windows...these will become my double pantry!

I haven't' picked out a wall/ceiling color yet. I will actually have very little paintable wall space. Since I am shooting for the old world natural look....I selected knotty/worn cabinets, plank floors and brick and aged metals, at first I had wrought iron picked out. But changed my mind...I think the aged pewter will look better with the appliances and the lighting and they will show up lots better on the black cabinets.

So, that's pretty much it.
Can you put my kitchen puzzle together and visualize it?
I think it will look wonderful once it all comes together, the only thing is, the longer it takes, the more time I have to change my mind!! Which is NOT a GOOD thing!! ;)
Like I said in my post below, I have been dreaming and planning this for many years and saving and saving and saving for it!
I actually saved 1 dollar bills! LOL, hubby saves his change and I decided to save dollars...I saved enough in 1 dollar bills over the years to buy almost all of my appliances!!!!!!
There is nothing good about the state of our economy, in fact that is why I held off last year, I didn't dare spend money, with all the uncertainty out there...but so far, things are holding for us...so we decided to go ahead...like I said, there is nothing good about the economy....BUT.... there are some awesome buying incentives right now!
Just about everything is on sale and has FREE SHIPPING! I have saved about 3k by buying online...that makes me smile during this MESSY, Stressful and LONNNNNNNNNNG process! ;)

I wish you all a HAPPY day and Beautiful week!
Thanks so much for visiting me.....I will keep you posted on the progress...and or changes....
Oh wait, before I go....
....one more thing, Amanda's shower was great! She emailed me and said she got so many wonderful things for Ava. She's s'posed to be sending me pics...I'll share them when I get them!

Also, I got my penny rug mat/chair pad from Karen...I don't have a picture of it, it's stored away so it doesn't get yucky with all this dirty dustiness...it's gorgeous and I love it Karen, Thanks so much.
She actually made it special for me! I saw a mat I just had to have, but asked her to make it in the size of a chair pad so I could use it as a mat or pad!
She did....and it's perfect. I have an old chair I started to "re-do"...which has now been put on hold....but when I finish the chair that pad will look so wonderful on it! Thanks again, Karen...I will prolly post pics of the penny rug, after I finish my chair...


I have discovered something...

Hello there! It's a Beautiful day here in PA! I hope it's a lovely day where you are too!

I am just poppin in quick to tell ya....what I've discovered:
Now, I thought that shopping for Prims was the bestest thing ever! I mean what is more fun that shopping for Prims??
Well, let me tell ya.............shopping for baby clothes! I had a blast shopping for little outfits for Ava!
Amanda's shower is Sunday. We had to order things for the baby shower (did that earlier and had the items shipped site to store in TX) and her parents were kind enough to pick the things up for us and make sure they are there for the shower. I appreciate them doin this for us.
I so wish I could be there for it!
I spent all day yesterday shopping online for baby clothes. There are some wonderful sales goin on, and so many shipping prices are reduced or even FREE, I couldn't pass it up! I actually ordered the things and will have them sent here, to PA. I have other things I have been picking up here and there that I have to box up, so I will put all baby stuff together and ship it to TX all at once.

It's very hard being so far away, I got the baby shower invitation in the mail and tho I was so HAPPY, I just sat down and cried.....I know I will miss out on so much. I was very close to my grandparents and so loved spending time with them...it's a special bond and to this day my brother and I still talk and laugh about the 'times we spent with our grandparents"!!
I always thought that's how it would be when I was a Grammy...at least Ava will have Amanda's mom and dad right there close to bond with tho and I am so grateful for that!
Not much longer and Ava will be here I can't believe how fast this time went! Only about 4 weeks to go...while at her last appointment, the Doc measured her belly and told Amanda that either the baby was gonna be BIG, or her due date is off, and she will come a bit early!
Amanda is hoping for the latter of the two! ;)
I also wanted to share some exciting news... I am finally re-doin the kitchen!! YAY...we started on it last night. Well, actually we started on it last weekend, and got one new window in....had to cut a larger opening because we went with bigger windows. It's a total "gut job". We are re-doin the entire area, removing a wall and making the kitchen bigger, new windows and cabinets....flooring, everything! I am so happy, I have only been planning, dreaming and wanting this since we moved in..........14 years ago!!
The time has finally come!
So, I won't be on here as much as I would like, I will try to keep in touch tho the best I can! This is gonna take a while...and being without a kitchen will prolly do me in........(I will try my best not gripe or complain about the mess and the disruption)...........I'm already goin nuts with everything out of place and dusty and dirty in here! I just have to stay focused on the end result!

Have a beautiful weekend, and I will be back eventually!!
Please don't forget about me......I'm sure I will be outta the loop for a while
....I'll be thinkin of ALL of YOU, and will be keepin up as much as I can with your blogs ;)
I will definitely let you know when baby Ava arrives!!
"♥"hugs to ya all!

It's gonna be a "GOOD FRIDAY"

Hello, My Friends!
I want to wish you all a Happy Easter....I hope you will be spending it with family and close friends, surrounded by lotsa love and loved ones'!

I am posting a bit early, Steve is taking tomorrow off, (YAY-he NEVER takes a day off!) so we can spend a three day weekend together. I have to say, tomorrow, being "Good Friday" is a very special day for us. This Friday will indeed be a "GOOD" one! :)
A year ago, [tomorrow]-Brad was in that horrific accident. We were told he probably would not survive. The Doctors in the Surgical Trauma Critical Care Unit don't know how, or why Brad made it through this, but Steve and I both know....
I cannot even begin to tell you all of the things that took place on that dreadful day, a year ago.............every single thing that happened, evolved into one huge MIRACLE. For those who don't believe in Miracles, one day I will sit down and tell you what happened...there is NO other explanation, only that GOD stepped in. His Doctors and his Trauma Nurses said the same thing. It was a miracle!

So, Steve and I are spending tomorrow together just appreciating everything we've been given. It's a blessing to be here a year later, knowing that Brad's heart is at the point now where he only needs tests once a year....he's back to 100%, and has a new baby girl on the way....Yeah, we've been BLESSED! Though we've traveled a difficult journey...we made it and Steve and I both know that we can make it through anything :)
We all can!!
I wrote this poem, yesterday, and just wanted to share it. I get words and verses stuck in my head and have to jot them down....they just come to me...LOL....and in this case they kept coming (it's a long one-sorry!).....anyway, it ended up being in recognition of "GOOD FRIDAY", at least that's how I am taking it.....when I started to write, I had no idea what I was actually writing about ...when I was done..............this how it came together.

Thanks for stopping by, and reading my post today.
Happy Easter, to you all....I wish you the most Beautiful and Blessed Day ever! I will meet ya all back here after Easter,
Always...Believe in Miracles!!!!


Promenade to MY Splendor

your journey through life will have hardships my friend
at times the road appears rough
Be aware;
its not the road you are on...

but the steps you choose, that are tough

the intent of life’s journey is this;
to grow in faith, offer forgiveness, to love in peace and hope
sometimes you'll stumble, you may even fall
it’s your conviction, that will keep you afloat

“FAITH” is the key that opens life’s gate
you simply need to walk through
it will help you to conquer your toughest trials
with My promise that peace will ensue

encountering “PEACE” along the way
is like holding a sunbeam, bright
it radiates a warmth and a brilliance,
despair cannot shadow, no matter its might

along the road you'll happen upon “HOPE”
it’s like a prayer with feathers
it perches deep within your soul, eager to soar…
just waiting to be un-tethered

your life is but a journey, my friend...
along the way you'll have burdens and trials
your troubles will seem insignificant
once you've hiked that toughest mile

suddenly your course will take a ‘right’ turn,
as if someone has mapped out your way
obstacles will be less difficult,
seems your path has now been paved

this trek that once seemed a struggle,
a wearisome uphill climb
has now leveled out nicely,
paved in “LOVE”, its smooth and sublime

for you've finally come upon “FORGIVENESS”
along this journey called life
emitting a force so powerful,

your pace no longer arduous, your steps commence to glide

so should you ever drift from your road,
feel lost, as you tremble and tire
Be aware;
there’s always a ‘right’ turn ahead,

a place to pause, to respire

life’s journey will point your direction,
it’s up to YOU to choose the right track
no matter how awkward your stride may become,
you must never ever turn back…

traveling this road, stepping steadfast and sure
is My supreme desire….
if you heed the signs along the way,
their direction will guide and inspire

by the side of the road, along your journey
these five signs appear;
Faith, Peace, Hope, Love, Forgiveness…
their lessons, both essential and clear

your journey through life has hardships, it’s true,
at times it’s as if you travel alone
Be aware;
it’s not the road you're on that's forsaken,
it’s the steps you choose that are forlorn

for those who heed the last sign, first,
it’s forgiveness that points the way
it’s a guiding light of direction,
bestowed purely of My grace

sometime it seems the signs aren’t there,
at times you just don’t see….
that all you need is mercy,
to fulfill your journey with ease

forgive yourself, forgive others,
this obstacle, your greatest quest
once you cross this hurdle it’s clear,
you'll walk with Me, abreast

I died for your salvation,
to free you, to show you, I AM THE WAY
to prepare you for your journey’s end, a new beginning...
to lead you from astray

I know of only good,
I know that evil cannot dwell
it’s when you lose your faith in ME
that you'll step through that gate of hell…

so, look within, find MY light,
know My salvation is never at a loss
I am the beacon shining on those signs...
...once nailed to a rugged cross...

by the side of the road, along your journey
My five signs are [always] within your sight…
Faith, Peace, Hope, Love, Forgiveness
through Me, in Me, with Me...you’ll rise above your plight

yes, this voyage through life will seem vast now and then,
have faith, it’s not a worthless endeavor
Be aware;
life’s journey is but a passage, my friend...

it's simply a promenade... in route to My Splendor

© K.Bosko

Another re-do, DONE and a Th♥nk Y♥u!!

Monday...wow did my weekend FLY by!! Hope you all had a beautiful Palm Sunday! It was a gorgeous day here, yesterday.
Tonight and tomorrow we are s'posed to get SNOW!!
I can't believe it......is that a huge BUMMER 'er what?!
Well that's not the reason for my post...
the reason is....
I got another re-do complete, my pile of re-do's is getting smaller!
remember those boxes I found while spring cleaning??
Well here they are now!
Much, much better!
I love how they turned out, they weren't easy to do because I didn't have any "stack box" stencils! I actually used 2 different stencils I had and took parts from each one. The Saying is the one that goes with the pineapple stencil I used for my reversible cutting board!
I'm telling ya, trying to keep things lined up and getting a stencil to stay on tight and keeping it on tight, when your stencil is way to big...and your piece is round/oval is well, hard to do!!
Think I may just have to get some box stencils!! :)

It's always a good day when I see the mailman actually get out of his truck!! It means he's got something that won't fit in my mail box!!!! :)
Today, was one of those days....I was so tickled, when I saw him come to the door!
I received a package from LISA!!
She sent me a "goodie package" full of prims!!
Which just happens to be my favorite kind of goodie package!! ;)
Here's what she sent me..............along with a sweet card!

**I am so lucky to have received one of her famous sugar cones too!!**

I'm saying it again, bloggers are just the sweetest, kindest people ever!!
Thanks so, so much Lisa, I love it everything, especially the stitchery!!!
You're so sweet!

Guess,that's it for now...
thanks so much for stoppin by!!
Enjoy your week, I hope it's a H♥ppy One!


Grab a cup of coffee, and head on over here!

Happy April Everyone! :)
Seems so good to be into a new month, doesn't it...the snow is finally gone, Easter is coming...days are getting longer and sunnier, the snow is finally gone, temps are getting warmer...grass is getting greener....the snow is finally gone...flowers are starting to come up...oh, and the SNOW IS FINALLY GONE!!! :)
Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday, I have some things to share so lets just get to it!

First of all, Pam and I did a swap. After winning her baskets, I decided I NEEDED more of her wonderful wares! Just so happened that she wanted some things I had...so the SWAP was on!

She sent me this cute, prim bunny and these eggs! I placed the eggs in a bark basket and sat a bunch of Sweet Annie in front! (She sent me the sweet annie too)! It's perfect, Pam...I love it!
Next, she sent me some candle stubs wrapped with Flax, She also got a bag of Flax, and sent me some of that as well!
She sent me this basket too! I haven't found a place for it, nor anything to put in it...but I will!!

Next we have another one of her Prim Bunny's and some carrots!

In the picture below, she sent me the Black spool, the Prim black cat and the angel (it's hard to see, tucked in the corner, it has red white and blue stripes on it)....sorry, I should have gotten a better pic! She also included the little hanging stitchery, hanging on the shelf knob...it says "simplify"
Next, for your viewing pleasure, we have one of Pam's pin keeps, LOVE THIS!!


Below is a Prim Sunflower with an old crow on it! I have this tucked in a wall box, with some Yarrow and Sweet Annie, looks cute, huh?

On this shelf, I have a black doll, Pam made, and the little black kitty and hanging is one of her onion baskets! I couldn't wait to get my hands on that basket!! :)

Pam also included some drieds and some little crow bowl fillers, which I forgot to get a picture of! I got some many goodies, I was like a little kid at Christmas!! Thanks so very much for everything, Pam, you truly over did it!! But I'm not complaining, I love it all!

Here is a candle sconce, I picked up a while ago at a flea market, I re-did it, and added those Flax wrapped candle stubs and my wick pick and match holder....love it!

I haven't had my new cheese baskets all that long, and have already "tweaked" them! I moved them from the family room and put them in the mud room! Now, they are the first thing ya see when you enter the house!

This is a close up of where I have the baskets, I got three little stuffed birds at a shoppe Steve and I visited last weekend. they were 2.75 a piece!! I brought them home and stuck them on some old spools and set them in the baskets.

I got these potted "faux" herbs too~LOVE'M!!
Love the pots too!
I have been moving them around tryin to find just the right spot for them.

I got these from Piper Classics. I love the way they look, not fake/tacky at all, some look plasticy(not a real word, I know), ya know what I mean right?!

Here is the pantry cake I made. I used Patti's recipe, I had asked her about it a few weeks ago and she shared it, so I jotted it down and tried it, didn't turn out too bad! [me and cooking/baking doesn't really hit it off, but I'm getting pretty good at "faux" baking! lol] As long as it's not something edible, I'm good to go....LOL!

I want to try Birgit's recipe too, and I see Linda also posted a recipe! If you haven't tried making a pantry cake, ya really should! Heck if I can do it, anyone can! ;)

I place my new herbs here on my stove cover, I think I'll keep them here for a bit!

Or, maybe I will keep this one here? I put it on an old candle holder I found...

Here's some more tweaking I did, I printed this Gettysburg Address up framed it. I put a picture of Abe on the top, I love it here with the candle keep, which reminds me, Pam sent me some frames too...LOL....I told her I don't work my stitcheries cuz I can never find frames.........well, didn't she send me some!! I painted this one black, I hope you're not disappointed in me for not displaying a stitchery in it, PAM! :) but, I still don't have one finished!!! ;)

I also made some grunged candles to go in my new chandelier! I love this chandelier, I have been wanting to get it forever, and finally just went ahead a ordered it. I got it from Piper Classics when I ordered my herbs!

Here it is........it's so wonderful! I LOVE wrought iron, this is a hand forged piece, heavier than the dickens too!!! I haven't decided there to put it yet, it's so heavy that I will need to toggle bolt it in, so I must be sure where i want it...I won't be able to "tweak" this...........Steve won't be too happy if I have him bolt it in, only the move it again!

Right now, I have it hanging in the dining room door way, it's hanging from the crown moulding, until I can find a place for it.

Please don't laugh..or make a strange face ......but I am really thinkin about hanging this beauty in the shower!
-ok, I can see you.....you just made 'that face'....just like Steve did when I told him that's where I want it!!!
Here's a picture of the shower, it's big, it wouldn't be in the way at all.

I want it hanging over the seat and visible from the archway! Can you picture it hangin here? I can...the ceiliing is plenty high enough and the archway is way wide enough, it's not like you'll bump it geting in and out.
Is that strange??? Am I strange for even coming up with this idea?? You are more than welcome to leave a comment on this topic, but please be kind! Try to just let me know that this idea is not good, you don't have to dwell on the "strange" part!LOL!

So, guess that's it from here, hope you enjoyed your visit with me!
I always enjoy hearing from ya ;)
Have a Beautiful rest of your week!