Happy Monday, Prim Friends!

I wanted to share some new things I've been working on...
I have wanted so badly to come up with a
wooden pineapple, so I got my trusty pencil out and drew one up!
Then I came up with an idea to make it actually look like a pineapple, rather than just a cut-out pineapple shape on a piece of wood!
I think it turned out awesome...I love it! I mean, doesn't it look like a pineapple to you?!
This is my own creation, no pattern, and I have never seen one, trust me, I have been looking long and hard-that's why I just had to figure something out...I wanted one so bad!! ;)

My original plan was to make one for my counter top in the kitchen, to lean against the back splash,
But I made it bigger instead so I could hang it on the wall!

Of course,

after I made this one, I decided I did want a smaller one for my kitchen, so
here is the smaller version...
This size makes a perfect "shelf sitter" or it fits under the kitchen cabinets.

I am in the process of making my third size. I want a smaller one to set amongst cutting boards. We all love cutting boards, wouldn't a wooden pineapple be so cute sitting with them?

Here are the wall hanger and the self sitter or under the cabinet sitter sizes.

Now onto my Candle Rounds

I also made a very simple primitive candle board.

I use mine for other things, not just for candles.

I plan to do up some painted/distressed ones too.

I am going to sell the pineapples and the candle rounds so if anyone is interested let me know. As soon as I get the third pineapple made I will post them [along with their sizes and prices] over on my selling blog...so keep an eye out!

The pineapples are just perfect for just about any decor.
From Prim/Colonial, to Cottage Country to Rustic Country.
They are just a nice "Welcoming Sign of Hospitality"!

I also got my silicone bulbs done...made a dozen of them, that should tide me over for a while. I didn't' make any grunge ones this time, I like them but not in my candles I have in my window, I think they give off an orange look and I don't like that.

And......I got my stove top cover done too!!

I wanted it to look like an OLD abused
cutting and prep board, so I distressed it good and even added some cut marks...

Lovin how it turned out!!

I wanted it to actually cover my entire stove top, rather than just sit on top of the stove. I have a gas range, and I wanted my burners hidden :)
Steve even made it with handles for me...easy removal! Dang....he thinks of everything! Once I had it on there, I was hoping to just leave it...hehe!

So that's it from my neck of the woods, I will post on my selling blog soon, about my pineapple boards and candle rounds.

Hope you are all haveing a beautiful day-Thanks for visiting me:)