So...Whatcha up to??

Busy Busy Busy, I'll bet!
I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday and either relaxing or doin something FUN :) Or a combination of the two!
I am excited-know why?-cuz it's finally here!!!
I am goin to kick back and relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy my new edition of Country Sampler!! I have been so anxious to get my copy, looking forward to seeing Karen's beautiful home, and checking out all the other goodies throughout the magazine!
I have been busy making some more pieces, I have had quite a few orders for my hospitality pineapples, that has kept me very busy, I'm so happy ya liked 'em!
for both the orders and the kind compliments!!

I wanted to post some pictures for ya, we all enjoy pictures...so I'll keep this post short and Sweet!!

Oh, speaking of SWEET!

I tried my hand at makin' some prim sugar cones...

I think they turned out ok, I just made little ones (only a few inches tall) I made a flat one to sit with them, didn't have a fancy little pan, I used my candle plate :) It made a neat lil' mold!
I had these old cinni bun candles too, I grunged a bit, I was goin to throw them out because after sitting for a while the wax actually faded and looked PINK! YUKKO!

They look a little better, I should have taken a before pic of them, so ya could see how hideous they were....didn't think of it, I honestly thought they were goin in the trash! They still may!

I got another candle round finished.

Got a candle grunged and added it along with a star/berry ring

I have been working on some signs too...

This one is Perfect for any prim kitchen...

Love the saying...on this next one....it's hard tell in the pic, but I used milk paint on this one, and dried it rapidly, which gave a really aged, almost crackled effect to the paint.

This Linens and Threads is my FAVORITE! I got the look I as 'hoping' to achieve! It turned out just great!

This one I made for bloggin bud--shhhhhhhhh don't say anything that's between us! ;)

I posted some close up pics below, the sign looks olde and worn....the board I used was perfect for the look I wanted........I only stumble upon the perfect board for the perfect sign once in a blue moon :) This piece of pine had been laying around because it had splits and cracks in it...not good for much...but excellent for this sign!

Well, that's it from here....I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Thanks so much for stoppin in ~♥~Hugs!

Signs and candle rounds will be goin on my selling blog, if you are interested just give a holl'er & let me know!