My most precious 'St. Patrick' gift....a true "♥" gift...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you ALL!

I wanted to make a quick post and share my FAVORITE "GREEN" with you, no better day to do this than TODAY!
This is my favorite and most treasured gift ever!
From my wonderful, thoughtful ♥Hubby♥! He's given me many gifts over the years, I am not a jewelry girl, but I do love Emeralds...he has gifted me with those precious green stones more than once over our 20 years...in fact, that,rather than a diamond was my engagement ring choice!
I'm prolly the only girl who doesn't think "diamonds are a girls best friend" :)
Of all the gifts Steve has given, (except for his unconditional LOVE) I have never received anything so precious and thoughtful as this......
Steve got me this gift a few years back....but every time I pick them up, it's like getting a NEW GIFT every day!

....My Prayer Beads

Up until he got me these, I used my Gram's, that my Aunt had given me after my Gram had passed away-they mean the world to me.

Steve ordered these for me and had them shipped to my Aunt (to keep me for knowing he got them for me, it was to be my Easter gift!) From there they went to my cousin who took them to church with her and she had them blessed...then dipped into the fountain of Holy Water!
Nothing is more thoughtful, than to have your Rosary blessed as part of the gift ;)

These beads are not only special because they came from Steve, for him to know how much my Rosary beads mean to me, and for him to find such beautiful beads....I was just taken aback. This rosary is made from Connermara Marble which comes from Ireland. It is very old, millions of year old, in fact! The marble is various shades of green and earth tones...it's just beautiful!
The beads are adorned with the metal of St. Patrick and Jesus on a Celtic cross.

[Just as its name implies, Connemara marble is found in only one place in the world. Connemara is located on the west coast if Ireland. It is also one of the most picturesque places in Ireland, with a landscape full of rugged wonder and beauty. The coastline is spectacular with myriads of coves, natural harbors, and rock formations.Just inland is an area of 12 mountains, known as the "Twelve Bens." It is in this area that Connemara marble is found. The formation of this rock dates all the way back to the Pre-Cambrian ear. Limestone was subjected to intense amounts of heat and pressure, causing a metamorphism into marble. It is the presence of various natural elements in the limestone that gives Connemara marble its rich and beautiful colors. This beautiful marble offers a range of color tones. From the lighter, paler shades of green, all the way to rich dark emerald tones. How fitting for Ireland that one of its natural treasures is the only green marble known to exist!Estimated to be approximately 600 million years old, Connemara marble is not only thought to be one of the world's oldest minerals, but it is also one of the rarest types of marble on the planet. Connemara marble is often referred to as "Ireland's gemstone" due to its beauty and the fact that Ireland is the sole source.]

I have my rosary beads near me at all times! The entire time Brad was in Iraq, it seemed I had those prayer beads (of my Grams) in my hand. On more than one morning I woke up, beads still in my hand! I never lost my grip while asleep.......nor my faith!

Her beads are old and worn and I wanted to save them, I was so afraid something would happen to them...so Steve ordered these for me. I have these with me or near me all the time. They have been to Texas and back! When Brad was in that accident, it was all I could do to function...couldn't think straight, didn't even pack half the clothes we needed to take with us! (We had to buy clothes when we got to TX!!)
But I had my prayer beads! They were the first thing I grabbed!
I just thought today, being St Patrick's day, would be a nice day to share my Precious Gift-
Marble coming from Ireland, and bearing the Celtic cross and Patron St. Of Ireland, St. Patrick....seemed like a nice time to share it! :)
~I also wanted to add a quick little shout out to Joy~
"good for YOU"
...I love your idea of "Faithful Friday's"....
That's it for today, I thank you for your visit and
I wish you all a very LUCKY and BLESSED Day!
Happy St. Patrick's day!