★Transformation ★

Happy~Sunny~Temps are rising~Spring is getting CLOSER~Thursday,
♥My Prim Friends!♥

Last I was on here to post it was February 27th--wow...it's now March 5th. So are ya wondering what I have been up to for the past week??
Well, let me tell ya, I've been a busy, busy little bee! :)
I still wonder (with amazement) how so many of you gals have time to do everything you do, and still find time to post!!

I have been doin some projects along with my usual boring household chores...I don't understand why, when I clean...things just can't stay that way!! Ya know how much FREE time I would have if I didn't have to keep cleaning and doin laundry and paying bills and fixing meals..........I don't know how I ever did it all when I was working and raising Brad. I think I used to have more hours in my days back then??? :)
It's like I'm getting ripped OFF......I'm getting older, and shorter (what's up with that?) getting grayer...and slower...
....and grayer, and slower.....oh I said that already...so now
I'm repeating myself too...
.....lol...and my attention span is dwindling, I roam
from one thing to another...and can't seem to just stay on ONE project!

and now...................if that isn't enough....

I'm losing hours, somewhere....

...good grief at this rate I'm gonna be 3 feet tall, totally GRAY, have 6 hour days and a house full of UFP's all
by the time I'm 50!
[Poor Steve!! lol that's kinda scary!]
Ok, I got off track for a sec....back to my post...

First off, I have to tell ya about my Amish doll! Remember a few posts back when I gathered up some things I found during my spring cleaning and I put them into piles....UFP's and Re-Do's?? The Amish doll was in need of a little re-do! I asked if anyone would be willing to make her some new clothes. A nice prim little Prairie outfit would be great.

Well, Maurine got hold of me and said she would love to do it!!! I was so tickled! I know she does awesome work, I've been to her shoppe if ya haven't been there ya must go check it out! I ordered a doll from
her, and oh my...does she do fantastic work!!

Anyhooo...Maurine asked me to measure the doll, so
I measured the length, that's it, just the length
and sent it to her!
She asked what fabric I wanted to use, and I asked that she choose for me :) I just wanted something, prim/prairie and sorta neutral so I can sit her in any room!

I got the little outfit in the mail on Saturday--I WAS IN DISBELIEF, I was so blown away!! It was PERFECT in every way! Perfect fit, perfect style, perfect fabric.....JUST PERFECT!
I honestly couldn't get over what she sent me....I mean I knew she did wonderful work, but the outfit was outta this world!

Now, I'm gonna post pics of each piece so you can see just how much she put into this little project!

This is the prim little apron, see the hand stitched "1876" on the corner...Love that little touch! Drawstring top.

Little pantaloons, again with little drawstring top and around the bottom of the legs.

Sweet as can be, little dress!

LOVE the fabric Maurine picked out,

don't you?

...and last but not least, the bonnet! It's awesome, these pics don't do it justice at all.

Now are ya ready for the "BEFORE" & AFTER" pics!??!

She is so white, I had to do my part in this transformation, so I stained her up and made her OLDE and PRIM lookin...but

Maurine did the rest! ;)


Isn't she beautiful?? I love her, Thanks soooo/sew much Maurine!!

Her little prairie duds are just wonderful, and for the life of me, I can't get over how well they fit her, with only taking that

one measurement! It's like ya had her right there with ya when ya made the clothes!

Now, I was goin to post about what I have been working on this past week,

but this post is sorta long already and I really, really want any comments I may get to be about

Maurine's wonderful work! :)

She deserves so much credit, not only for making such beautiful dolls and clothes, but for being so sweet and just an all'round thoughtful and

wonderful person!

It's been said many times, on many blogs....

Bloggers' are just the bestest, kindest, most thoughtful and caring people!!

EVERYONE SHOULD be a BLOGGER, what a better place this messed up world would be, huh?


hopefully I will be back very soon with my projects and my tweakin' pics!

Hope you all have a wonderful day...It's SUNNY here that alone makes it a great day for me!


Here ya go Carolyn! This is the kind of candle I meant. Do ya know what it's called?? See, now that ya have a visual, my 'explaining skills' aren't really that bad..HUH?!!! LOL!