♥Baskets and more...lots more♥

Hello Prim Friends,
Hope your day has turned out to be a nice one!
It's a cloudy, wet and sorta dreary day here in my neck of the woods...But
that's ok...SPRING is here, and I am starting to see my spring bulbs beginning to sprout, and all the snow is gone!
After the winter we had, a little rain aint nothin'! :)
(midwesterners, are really getting hit hard tho...stay safe, friends)

...I just wanted to pop in and let ya know "I haven't fallen off the face of the earth"...and I miss you guys!! :(

Funny, ya don't think when ya start bloggin that you'll "get to know" so many great friends, and actually end up missin' 'em when ya can't get on here like ya want to!!


I just had to get on here to share my Giveaway Win with ya!
Some beautiful Baskets I received from Pam.
She had the most wonderful giveaway and I was so lucky to win!
She makes such lovely baskets, and so many varieties...Please check out her blog and also, her selling blog...Primitive Basket Case, she has lots of handmades, perfectly prim wares you'd just love to place in your home!

Pam really outdid herself, what a generous gal!
I got a set of her beautiful Cheese baskets!


She also included this sweet little garlic basket

Which I didn't use for garlic (yet)! I 'tweak' quite often, so I'm sure garlic will be in it before too long!

...and she sent me this lil' prim bunny and some drieds!

Isn't this a FANTASIC 'WIN'??

Thanks so very much Pam...it was a wonderful giveaway...I am so lucky to have won. Please stop Kindra's blog and Sarah's blog too, they were also LUCKY winners in Pam's giveaway!

I've been doin some tweaking too...in the bath

I made this 'Primitives' sign and moved my wash basin from my drysink into the bath an put it on the wall, and added a star.

In the dining room I put another pineapple on the shelf with my olde crow and put my "Simplify" sign up above...and yesssssssss....added a rusty star!

While I was out making my 'Primitives' sign for the bathroom, I made this cutting board.............

Nice -n- Prim and looks great, by itself or with other cutting boards!

Oh, but HOLD ON............it's not just a olde worn cutting board.....

NOPE, I made this one VERY special :)

It's a "dual" display Prim cutting board!!!

It's REVERSIBLE!!! How great is that????


Here's the other side of it

So, if you're like me, and like to change things up quite often, this ONE board will give you two completely different looks!! :)

I love this idea!! YAY ME!!! :)

I also made this little sheepy for my Prairie doll to hold...isn't it cute?

Just the perfect size for her :)

Now, I have a very special picture to share. This is our granddaughter, please meet Ava Kathryn. The kids had a 3-D sono done last week...not much longer and she'll be here. I am getting so excited.

This is my most favorite pic ever! I know it's prolly hard to make her out...but...

Isn't she beautiful???

Well, that's it for today. Thanks so much for stoppin' by!

"" hugs to you all ;)

So...Whatcha up to??

Busy Busy Busy, I'll bet!
I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday and either relaxing or doin something FUN :) Or a combination of the two!
I am excited-know why?-cuz it's finally here!!!
I am goin to kick back and relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy my new edition of Country Sampler!! I have been so anxious to get my copy, looking forward to seeing Karen's beautiful home, and checking out all the other goodies throughout the magazine!
I have been busy making some more pieces, I have had quite a few orders for my hospitality pineapples, that has kept me very busy, I'm so happy ya liked 'em!
for both the orders and the kind compliments!!

I wanted to post some pictures for ya, we all enjoy pictures...so I'll keep this post short and Sweet!!

Oh, speaking of SWEET!

I tried my hand at makin' some prim sugar cones...

I think they turned out ok, I just made little ones (only a few inches tall) I made a flat one to sit with them, didn't have a fancy little pan, I used my candle plate :) It made a neat lil' mold!
I had these old cinni bun candles too, I grunged a bit, I was goin to throw them out because after sitting for a while the wax actually faded and looked PINK! YUKKO!

They look a little better, I should have taken a before pic of them, so ya could see how hideous they were....didn't think of it, I honestly thought they were goin in the trash! They still may!

I got another candle round finished.

Got a candle grunged and added it along with a star/berry ring

I have been working on some signs too...

This one is Perfect for any prim kitchen...

Love the saying...on this next one....it's hard tell in the pic, but I used milk paint on this one, and dried it rapidly, which gave a really aged, almost crackled effect to the paint.

This Linens and Threads is my FAVORITE! I got the look I as 'hoping' to achieve! It turned out just great!

This one I made for bloggin bud--shhhhhhhhh don't say anything that's between us! ;)

I posted some close up pics below, the sign looks olde and worn....the board I used was perfect for the look I wanted........I only stumble upon the perfect board for the perfect sign once in a blue moon :) This piece of pine had been laying around because it had splits and cracks in it...not good for much...but excellent for this sign!

Well, that's it from here....I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Thanks so much for stoppin in ~♥~Hugs!

Signs and candle rounds will be goin on my selling blog, if you are interested just give a holl'er & let me know!

My most precious 'St. Patrick' gift....a true "♥" gift...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you ALL!

I wanted to make a quick post and share my FAVORITE "GREEN" with you, no better day to do this than TODAY!
This is my favorite and most treasured gift ever!
From my wonderful, thoughtful ♥Hubby♥! He's given me many gifts over the years, I am not a jewelry girl, but I do love Emeralds...he has gifted me with those precious green stones more than once over our 20 years...in fact, that,rather than a diamond was my engagement ring choice!
I'm prolly the only girl who doesn't think "diamonds are a girls best friend" :)
Of all the gifts Steve has given, (except for his unconditional LOVE) I have never received anything so precious and thoughtful as this......
Steve got me this gift a few years back....but every time I pick them up, it's like getting a NEW GIFT every day!

....My Prayer Beads

Up until he got me these, I used my Gram's, that my Aunt had given me after my Gram had passed away-they mean the world to me.

Steve ordered these for me and had them shipped to my Aunt (to keep me for knowing he got them for me, it was to be my Easter gift!) From there they went to my cousin who took them to church with her and she had them blessed...then dipped into the fountain of Holy Water!
Nothing is more thoughtful, than to have your Rosary blessed as part of the gift ;)

These beads are not only special because they came from Steve, for him to know how much my Rosary beads mean to me, and for him to find such beautiful beads....I was just taken aback. This rosary is made from Connermara Marble which comes from Ireland. It is very old, millions of year old, in fact! The marble is various shades of green and earth tones...it's just beautiful!
The beads are adorned with the metal of St. Patrick and Jesus on a Celtic cross.

[Just as its name implies, Connemara marble is found in only one place in the world. Connemara is located on the west coast if Ireland. It is also one of the most picturesque places in Ireland, with a landscape full of rugged wonder and beauty. The coastline is spectacular with myriads of coves, natural harbors, and rock formations.Just inland is an area of 12 mountains, known as the "Twelve Bens." It is in this area that Connemara marble is found. The formation of this rock dates all the way back to the Pre-Cambrian ear. Limestone was subjected to intense amounts of heat and pressure, causing a metamorphism into marble. It is the presence of various natural elements in the limestone that gives Connemara marble its rich and beautiful colors. This beautiful marble offers a range of color tones. From the lighter, paler shades of green, all the way to rich dark emerald tones. How fitting for Ireland that one of its natural treasures is the only green marble known to exist!Estimated to be approximately 600 million years old, Connemara marble is not only thought to be one of the world's oldest minerals, but it is also one of the rarest types of marble on the planet. Connemara marble is often referred to as "Ireland's gemstone" due to its beauty and the fact that Ireland is the sole source.]

I have my rosary beads near me at all times! The entire time Brad was in Iraq, it seemed I had those prayer beads (of my Grams) in my hand. On more than one morning I woke up, beads still in my hand! I never lost my grip while asleep.......nor my faith!

Her beads are old and worn and I wanted to save them, I was so afraid something would happen to them...so Steve ordered these for me. I have these with me or near me all the time. They have been to Texas and back! When Brad was in that accident, it was all I could do to function...couldn't think straight, didn't even pack half the clothes we needed to take with us! (We had to buy clothes when we got to TX!!)
But I had my prayer beads! They were the first thing I grabbed!
I just thought today, being St Patrick's day, would be a nice day to share my Precious Gift-
Marble coming from Ireland, and bearing the Celtic cross and Patron St. Of Ireland, St. Patrick....seemed like a nice time to share it! :)
~I also wanted to add a quick little shout out to Joy~
"good for YOU"
...I love your idea of "Faithful Friday's"....
That's it for today, I thank you for your visit and
I wish you all a very LUCKY and BLESSED Day!
Happy St. Patrick's day!


Happy Monday, Prim Friends!

I wanted to share some new things I've been working on...
I have wanted so badly to come up with a
wooden pineapple, so I got my trusty pencil out and drew one up!
Then I came up with an idea to make it actually look like a pineapple, rather than just a cut-out pineapple shape on a piece of wood!
I think it turned out awesome...I love it! I mean, doesn't it look like a pineapple to you?!
This is my own creation, no pattern, and I have never seen one, trust me, I have been looking long and hard-that's why I just had to figure something out...I wanted one so bad!! ;)

My original plan was to make one for my counter top in the kitchen, to lean against the back splash,
But I made it bigger instead so I could hang it on the wall!

Of course,

after I made this one, I decided I did want a smaller one for my kitchen, so
here is the smaller version...
This size makes a perfect "shelf sitter" or it fits under the kitchen cabinets.

I am in the process of making my third size. I want a smaller one to set amongst cutting boards. We all love cutting boards, wouldn't a wooden pineapple be so cute sitting with them?

Here are the wall hanger and the self sitter or under the cabinet sitter sizes.

Now onto my Candle Rounds

I also made a very simple primitive candle board.

I use mine for other things, not just for candles.

I plan to do up some painted/distressed ones too.

I am going to sell the pineapples and the candle rounds so if anyone is interested let me know. As soon as I get the third pineapple made I will post them [along with their sizes and prices] over on my selling blog...so keep an eye out!

The pineapples are just perfect for just about any decor.
From Prim/Colonial, to Cottage Country to Rustic Country.
They are just a nice "Welcoming Sign of Hospitality"!

I also got my silicone bulbs done...made a dozen of them, that should tide me over for a while. I didn't' make any grunge ones this time, I like them but not in my candles I have in my window, I think they give off an orange look and I don't like that.

And......I got my stove top cover done too!!

I wanted it to look like an OLD abused
cutting and prep board, so I distressed it good and even added some cut marks...

Lovin how it turned out!!

I wanted it to actually cover my entire stove top, rather than just sit on top of the stove. I have a gas range, and I wanted my burners hidden :)
Steve even made it with handles for me...easy removal! Dang....he thinks of everything! Once I had it on there, I was hoping to just leave it...hehe!

So that's it from my neck of the woods, I will post on my selling blog soon, about my pineapple boards and candle rounds.

Hope you are all haveing a beautiful day-Thanks for visiting me:)


★Transformation ★

Happy~Sunny~Temps are rising~Spring is getting CLOSER~Thursday,
♥My Prim Friends!♥

Last I was on here to post it was February 27th--wow...it's now March 5th. So are ya wondering what I have been up to for the past week??
Well, let me tell ya, I've been a busy, busy little bee! :)
I still wonder (with amazement) how so many of you gals have time to do everything you do, and still find time to post!!

I have been doin some projects along with my usual boring household chores...I don't understand why, when I clean...things just can't stay that way!! Ya know how much FREE time I would have if I didn't have to keep cleaning and doin laundry and paying bills and fixing meals..........I don't know how I ever did it all when I was working and raising Brad. I think I used to have more hours in my days back then??? :)
It's like I'm getting ripped OFF......I'm getting older, and shorter (what's up with that?) getting grayer...and slower...
....and grayer, and slower.....oh I said that already...so now
I'm repeating myself too...
.....lol...and my attention span is dwindling, I roam
from one thing to another...and can't seem to just stay on ONE project!

and now...................if that isn't enough....

I'm losing hours, somewhere....

...good grief at this rate I'm gonna be 3 feet tall, totally GRAY, have 6 hour days and a house full of UFP's all
by the time I'm 50!
[Poor Steve!! lol that's kinda scary!]
Ok, I got off track for a sec....back to my post...

First off, I have to tell ya about my Amish doll! Remember a few posts back when I gathered up some things I found during my spring cleaning and I put them into piles....UFP's and Re-Do's?? The Amish doll was in need of a little re-do! I asked if anyone would be willing to make her some new clothes. A nice prim little Prairie outfit would be great.

Well, Maurine got hold of me and said she would love to do it!!! I was so tickled! I know she does awesome work, I've been to her shoppe if ya haven't been there ya must go check it out! I ordered a doll from
her, and oh my...does she do fantastic work!!

Anyhooo...Maurine asked me to measure the doll, so
I measured the length, that's it, just the length
and sent it to her!
She asked what fabric I wanted to use, and I asked that she choose for me :) I just wanted something, prim/prairie and sorta neutral so I can sit her in any room!

I got the little outfit in the mail on Saturday--I WAS IN DISBELIEF, I was so blown away!! It was PERFECT in every way! Perfect fit, perfect style, perfect fabric.....JUST PERFECT!
I honestly couldn't get over what she sent me....I mean I knew she did wonderful work, but the outfit was outta this world!

Now, I'm gonna post pics of each piece so you can see just how much she put into this little project!

This is the prim little apron, see the hand stitched "1876" on the corner...Love that little touch! Drawstring top.

Little pantaloons, again with little drawstring top and around the bottom of the legs.

Sweet as can be, little dress!

LOVE the fabric Maurine picked out,

don't you?

...and last but not least, the bonnet! It's awesome, these pics don't do it justice at all.

Now are ya ready for the "BEFORE" & AFTER" pics!??!

She is so white, I had to do my part in this transformation, so I stained her up and made her OLDE and PRIM lookin...but

Maurine did the rest! ;)


Isn't she beautiful?? I love her, Thanks soooo/sew much Maurine!!

Her little prairie duds are just wonderful, and for the life of me, I can't get over how well they fit her, with only taking that

one measurement! It's like ya had her right there with ya when ya made the clothes!

Now, I was goin to post about what I have been working on this past week,

but this post is sorta long already and I really, really want any comments I may get to be about

Maurine's wonderful work! :)

She deserves so much credit, not only for making such beautiful dolls and clothes, but for being so sweet and just an all'round thoughtful and

wonderful person!

It's been said many times, on many blogs....

Bloggers' are just the bestest, kindest, most thoughtful and caring people!!

EVERYONE SHOULD be a BLOGGER, what a better place this messed up world would be, huh?


hopefully I will be back very soon with my projects and my tweakin' pics!

Hope you all have a wonderful day...It's SUNNY here that alone makes it a great day for me!


Here ya go Carolyn! This is the kind of candle I meant. Do ya know what it's called?? See, now that ya have a visual, my 'explaining skills' aren't really that bad..HUH?!!! LOL!