We all have 'em...

Ya know what I'm talkin about...
....those days where everything ya do turns to pooh! :(
I did NOT get one thing accomplished today...well, I did get all the laundry done...whooooooopie!
I figured I would get all my chores done, then try to make some fabric eggs to go with a bunny I have been trying to SEW! LOL...for one thing it doesn't even resemble a bunny...it looks like funky a pineapple! But at least I gave it a shot. I figured if I make enough fabric eggs...I can use them to hide most of the bunny anyway...
So-eager to get my chores outta the way so I could work on my fun stuff....
I got my vacuum out and started running it...all was goin smoothly until I snagged a loose fiber on my runner in the mud room.......my gosh can those unravel faaast!! Before I could even get the sweeper shut off almost half my runner was gone! It was all tangled onto my sweeper roller :(
Who woulda thought that rug was made outta one single LONG piece of nylon yarn??? Not me!!
Took me forever to get that unwound and off the roller. Then I had to try to get the burned rubbery smell out of here..............must be I didn't get it vacuum turned out off quick enough...cuz something started smelling pretty bad. Which made me very angry because I was in the midst of baking bread and simmering some homemade soup........... it WAS smelling quite luscious in here...until that mishap occurred!
Got the sweeper all taken care of.....lite some tarts...... and was all ready to start my fabric eggs!
But first....
I went out to check on my vat of homemade spilt pea with ham soup...all seems to be goin well in the kitchen! :) YAY!
Soup smells good, looks like split pea soup (which is a good thing)...don't know whether you've noticed, but I NEVER post about cooking and NEVER ever take "food pics"...
....cuz I can't cook!
So when something actually turns out...I get rather tickled!
Anywho....I decided I best taste the soup, so I did, and it needed some salt.
So I went to get up into the cupboard above the stove.... (which I hate cuz I can't reach anything)...and PLOP!
My box of bakers chocolate fell into my HOT vat of soup!
I actually caught the box of baking soda before it hit!! Nice save on that!
I had green pea soup splatter every where! All over the stove, the side of the frig on the microwave.....on the tile in the grout and all over ME and the dog! Thank goodness we didn't get burned!
That stuff dries like CRUST too...so I wanted to hurry up and grab my dish cloth and get it wiped up... so I reach in with my fingers to pull out the box....thinkin that's the fastest way to get it out......
Well, of course the box was opened and when I pulled it out...Plop---plop, plop (5 flippin' plops in all)
...all the squares went back into the soup! I couldn't use my fingers this time cuz some of the squares sank (of course) so I tried to hurry and get a big slotted spoon...well, since I was actually looking for and NEEDED a slotted spoon I couldn't find it! [Steve puts the dishes away sometimes, and he finds 'His own place for things' some times I NEVER find my stuff!!]
Funny thing- when I want that stupid baking chocolate to melt quickly it NEVER does...seems to take an eternity.....but drop it into piping
hot split pea soup...and start stirring it around tryin to find those squares....and you'd be amazed at how fast it melts!! :(
So as I am hurrying around trying to find something, anything to get the rapidly melting chocolate out...the UPS man shows up!
LOL.............I just had to crack up at that point...........HA!
I grabbed a spatula and fished around for the melty squares, some stayed wrapped, and some didn't!!! So I had to find the wrappers now too! I ran to the door...dish rag in one hand and green soupy spatula in the other and soup splatter and chocolate all over the front of me!
I yelled through the door at Roger (my wonderful UPS man) to open the door cuz my hands were full! He opened the door and stepped in...
He says..."GOOD LORD-KATH...what is that???????"
I said, "well Roger, I had a little mishap in the kitchen with my split pea soup and some bakers chocolate....do I really need to say more??!!"
...Nope...'nuff said!! :) He did add, "it looks like ya got into with SHREK and actually scared the crap outta him!"
Anyway...Roger delivered my Wellies, [my garden boots]-I was really happy to get them and couldn't wait to open them and try them on..........but first I had to go clean the kitchen-then shower!
So there ya have it...no crafting for me today!
No crafting and No dinner!
I do have a nice warm, fresh, loaf of bread tho...which will make very tasty PB&J sandwiches--YUM :(
It's all Steve's fault...if he would have put my slotted spoon in the drawer where it belongs I could have saved the soup and the chocolate!!!!!!!!! LOL!
I had a poohie day!
Hope you all had a good productive and fun day!
...at least my new Wellies fit :-)