Spring Cleaning---unearths more projects!

Hello my Friends!
... It's the 9th day of February...and this is my FIRST post of this month! What the heck has been goin on with me??

Well, I have been busy doin all my spring cleaning! Figured I might just as well get it over with since the weather is yucky! The nasty deary cold *ickiness (*word or not??) will break soon...I just know it...and SPRING will be here and I will be all ready for it! :)

I got all the windows washed (inside) the curtains washed, quilts and throws laundered and I got all my walls and wood work wiped down...... along with the "hoeing" out of closets (where most of this stuff was unearthed!)

Ya know I was feeling pretty darn good about being ahead of the ole ball game when it came to my spring cleaning! But that good feeling about "being ahead" sorta dwindled, once I took a gander at the spare bedroom!

See, this is where I put all my great finds while cleaning....sorta like Janene's "Good Will" hunting, only I didn't even leave my home ...I'm thinkin that's not really something to be proud of! :)

LOL-this room is the catch all for every little misfit in my home, and the last room to get done!
As I went through each room, and gathered up things that needed some prim TLC or things that I just didn't finish--
they all ended up here!

I found so many unfinished projects (I'm actually embarrassed about how many I found!!!)...I found other things that I had stashed away in closets (cuz-they needed a re-do)--and then I forgot all about them!

I found a few things I had stored just because I didn't know what else to do with the stuff :) Am I the only one that does that?

For no other reason, than, I'm just this way about things........ I have grouped my stuff...I'm happy that I only have THREE GROUPS to be honest! LOL!
Group #1 "UFP's"...all my Un-finished Projects! This group has the most items and is the most disappointing to see...
unfinished bench found in laundry room!

Stove Top Cover, this project is actually a sample, we just made it the other day so I don't feel as bad about this one not being done yet--but it does go into the unfinished group!!

This pile of primed pine is a shelf! LOL...I found this up on another shelf! It needs PUT TOGETHER and then distressed!

Unfinished stitchery Unfinished counted cross stitch-aka-my nemesis!

This is a baby blanket cross stitch, it's huge...well not huge, but rather large for a cross stitch project....it's all done as far as the cross stitching goes, but I still need to get a back on it and an edge around it! I started it for my nephew, before he was born, planned on giving it to him after he arrived-LOL-he turned 10 in Sept! :) That's 10 as in Years-not months! This would be my OLDEST unfinished project!! Can anyone out there beat that?? Or will anyone out there, besides me....admit to having an UFP that old??

Group #2 is my "re-do" stuff!

Quilt Rack, some scones/candles, little wooden chair, tissue holder, stack of boxes to recover, More boxes and some jars to re-do with labels

Finally I have Group # 3...this is my 'just stuff ' pile! :)

I found these old oval wood frames ....and some old vintage postal cards (the cards I had put up because I don't know what do with them, they are enclosed in glass and leaded).

I have quite a few more, I just haven't come across where I put the other ones! Here's the back of one of 'em...some of them are really old....

I have this handmade Amish doll too, I am going to stain/age her body and
I would really like to change her clothes...anyone of you wonderfully talented seamstresses out there think you could make and sell me a little prim prairie outfit for her?? Please??? Anyone???

I would really like to give her a new look and re-do that little wooden chair and sit her on that!!

And lastly-here's what I have been working on in the evenings!
LOL-Yep-I started another counted cross stitch!! What was I thinking?

So, that's what I have been up to since my last post! :) I am not goin to say "stay tuned" to see the re-do's...lol...cuz heaven only knows when they will get done! I really do hope to finish my cross stitch tho!!

Thanks for stoppin by-Enjoy your day!

♥ ~Hugs