Good Day, All :)
Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!
It's snowing here in PA...again...or STILL.....LOL...seems it is never ending!
I am so tired of WINTER-*please note* I'm not complaining...I am just making a statement! :)

I am suffering from a BAD case of cabin fever, I have already done my spring cleaning, (which at this rate, by the time spring gets here, I will have to do again!) I am so bored, I try to find things to keep me busy....there is only so much one can do, especially when I don't drive in the winter!!

As some of ya know.....I have resorted to doing COUNTED CROSS STITCH...that's how bad it is.......Counted Cross Stitch..........HELLOOO---that is the most slow moving, and sorta boring project ever!! It sure isn't helping my time to pass quickly!

I have been working on a few other projects, in between my bouts of cross stitch boredom! :)
I got another label made for that candle I had put aside in my "re-do" pile...so I guess I can scratch one more off that list! :) ....and here are a few others I have made..........
I like to burn the edges a bit to give them a more aged effect! The candle label I decided to burn a bit more :) I like how it turned out!

I have also been workin on my sewing-I got some prim cinch sacks made, Just made them outta muslin and used twine for a draw string. I got 5 bags made and some of them stitched.

I plan to make up some for dried herbs and hang them on a peg board.

I made two for my candle keep peg rack too...

for this one I used ticking...

We also made a Peg Board Candle Keep! I have to say, I am so pleased with how this finished up! I JUST LOVE IT!

I have been debating on whether or not to get my selling blog goin, I have had it up for a couple of months now, and still haven't posted prices!

Honestly, I am having a hard time with which pieces to offer....my pieces aren't exactly easy to ship, boxes are a big problem, I have to have pretty big boxes for some items, and another concern is shipping costs. I think I may offer a few smaller things to start with, and just see how it goes............I really need to get my rear in gear on this...make a decision one way or another...to SELL or NOT to SELL???

While on that subject....I want to say CONGRATS to Pam, Janae and Jenn--who just started their new selling blogs! (....and YAY for all of us...who get to purchase their wonderful goods!) They offer some awesome prim items...if you haven't checked them out...Please do!:)

I wish you girls the best on your new venture...you'll do GREAT...you are all so talented!

Oh and before I go.......Guess what....Maurine left me a comment about my Amish Doll-(I had posted that I would love to find someone willing to make her a new outfit) She said she would make it!! I am sooooo tickled about it! THANKS SO MUCH MAURINE!! I guess that's another "scratch off" my re-do list!!! :)

Well, guess that's if from here--I have to go finish up my cinch sacks, get the words stitched on them, then I might make so signs and work on the stove top cover...............Enjoy your day and thanks so much for stoppin by!

Hugs ♥