♥ Breaking News ♥ UPDATE

*just needed to clarify myself*
Hello Prim Friends,
Hope ya all had a wonderful day. It rained all day here in PA. That's ok tho....it's
better than snow!! :)
Although, with all this snow melting and now this rain, we do have a lot of water laying. The creek is really high too, sure hope we don't get water in the basement!!
I have some breaking news I'd like to share with my special friends :)

I actually sewed my first "pattern"!
YES...A REAL honest to goodness PATTERN!
*[when I say "real, honest to goodenss pattern" I mean a pattern I actaully did, using my sewing machine! I didn't mean that other patterns I have, or have used aren't "real honest to goodness patterns! I appreciate ALL patterns :)
I just felt I needed to clarify that...] *
This is "GILBERT" Bunny.
He is a Heartspun Treasure Primitives pattern.

I am so happy with the way he turned out...I had a heck of the time getting his ears turned-it took me forever...........I obviously need more sewing tools. Tweezers and a sharpie marker don't cut it for turning bunny ears :)

I have to tell ya, I really want to pat myself on the back when it comes to Gilbert's feet!!. They actually look like little bunny feet!!!! Don't ya just love his feet?????????????

I made Gilbert rather prim, but I did want him to look "springy" too, so he's wearing a posy and there are a few posies poppin up in his box amongst his fabric eggs too.

Below is a sign I just finished up. I love it...I have to make myself one next.
This one is heading to Missouri! :) Hope she likes it!

Well, that's all I got today...rather boring here, rainy, dreary...gonna get cold and nasty...good weekend to do more prim projects!!

You all have a wonderful weekend--and thanks so much to taking a minute to stop by! I love hearing from ya....

...oh...I'm glad some of ya got a good ole belly chuckle outta that last post.......it wasn't funny until Roger showed up...then I had to LOL too.......it's GOOD for your B/P to LAUGH OUT LOUD!! :D