There's an ELEPHANT in the room...and my award from a special gal

Good Afternoon!!

So, it's Monday-- the first day of the first (full) week of the first month of
the new year....
Everyone is getting back to normal...or starting fresh...which ever the case may be! I'm actually doing both....getting back to normal while starting out fresh! Is that an oxy-moron?!

First off, I want give a SHOUT-OUT to Beth over at My*Prim*Cottage for giving me an award! I'm so happy to receive it, and even happier that it came from Beth, she's such a special person, and I'm so glad we met through blogging!
Well-as ya know, I am not one who likes to pick and choose...I have mentioned this before....I have a really hard time with that. So rather than picking 10 people to give this award to, I am asking....NO wait....I AM INSISTING (I have tried this 'askin' thing before, and not too many of ya actually listened to me)...so I am insisting that every one of my bloggin' friends take this AWARD and post it on your blog. This means YOU....if YOU stop by to visit...You had better take it...and don't think I won't check up on ya to see if ya did...cuz I WILL!! ;)
Seriously, I don't want to pick 10 people to give this to, you all deserve it...so PLEASE...if you haven't received this one yet.... just take it home with ya when ya leave, K?

Thanks so much!! :)

Gee, I see so many inspiring bloggers out there, I have to say Janene is a great inspiration! If ya haven't been over to her blog yet...please visit! She's as "real" as they come...btw -that's a compliment Janene! ;) I do admire you, you are brave and honest and after reading the comments on your blog, well, you truly are an inspiration to others!
Kimberly from My Brown Bag Studio is another great inspiration! She started a new blog to help other's on the same journey...what a GREAT IDEA! Ya gotta go visit her too!

Anyway, that got me thinkin, I really need to get back on track with my own "stuff" I let slide.................So thanks guys, I am goin to do just that!!

Ya know the old saying...'there's an elephant in the room'...well, it isn't just a saying here at my house! I actually moved my elephant into the vacant dining room area...so I would HAVE TO LOOK AT IT EVERYDAY...I have to walk by it to get to every room in my house! There is NO avoiding it....

I purposely had Steve move it here so that I couldn't avoid it!!
I was walking every day, between 3 and 4 miles and on an incline at that! When Brad had his accident, we had to go to TX and when we got home, I didn't feel like walking...in fact...I haven't felt like walking since his accident, last April!! Well I can't avoid this elephant any longer....the dang thing is huge and grey is now living in the dining room... it might as well be an elephant!! It's time I start walkin again....walking towards a better healthier me....and I need to take better care of ME, cuz I'm gonna be a "grammy" in about 4 months....so.........TODAY is the day... I'm gonna get off my rump...put on my walkin shoes.......and get back up on "my elephant"...

I already feel better ;)

Have a Wonderful day Everybody--and don't forget to grab your award on your out!! ;)

Y Blessings