Some new old things, and other stuff :)

Good Evening, All :)

It's Monday, again...already, and the day is almost over with!!

It's been a week since I've posted???

Boy...time sure does get away from me!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...

Steve and I went out Saturday, we had to go get groceries, not one of our favorite things to do! Anyway, I saw this little antique store along the way so we decided to stop! It's called the Whistle Stop Antique Mall...it looked like a small shop...until ya get inside!!! You wouldn't believe all the goodies in there!!
I wanted to stop, because I have been on the hunt for a bowl and pitcher set...thought there was a chance I may just find one...But NO LUCK!

I did find an old kitchen basin ....I have no idea why it looks BLUE!

It's grey!

$4.50 for this little find! The more chips and rust...the better...I love rust, I think some times ya have to pay extra for it! :)

I found this wooden dough bowl too. Buried under some boxes!
It didn't look like this when I spotted it!

It had been abused by it's previous owner(s) :(

The bowl is a Munising.

Made by a company out of Munising MI. I don't know how old it is, I think the company made different styles of wooden bowls/utensils in 1911- into the 1950's...I paid 12.00 for it...I think it's well worth that :)

No cracks or chips. Just good old wear and tear!
But...very, very DRY! So I brought it home and gave it an oil bath.......and WOW, it's so pretty!! Well, I think wooden bowls are pretty, so it's PRETTY to me!

You can actually see the difference in the two pics below.

Before I oiled the bowl

After I oiled it - it's much happier! ;)

I have been putzing around here, moving things from one spot to another...then trying to find something to replace the thing I moved to begin with! LOL- It's a vicious putzing cycle!! I can't stand when I move something from one spot, only to have bare spot left! Drives me crazy!

Anyway, I had moved some candles and then I needed to find more to replace the one's I moved! So I found some candle sticks I had here, but I had no more candles for them...not prim ones anyway! I have a whole drawer full of old ugly tapers ...don't ask me why...I just do, ugly tapers and lots of other "junk"...guess I shoulda just said I found them in my JUNK DRAWER!

Anyway-I needed 4 and found one ugly blue one and 3 even uglier red ones, I think they were actually burgundy at one time! I had to make do with what I had to remedy their unsightly appearance...

I thought about re-dipping them, but didn't want to take the time to melt the wax and monkey around with it, so I took some of my jute twine and wrapped this one, and just added a little rusty star.

And this one, I wrapped with cotton twine, then grunged it!
and this is wrapped with some stained cheese cloth.

*~These are just for looks!!! Please don't worry--I do not intend to light them~ ;)

...and as long as I had my twine out...I made some bowl fillers too!

It's amazing whatcha can do with twine! LOL!

I have also been doin a bit of shopping!! :)
Online shoppin'... since I don't venture out in the winter (unless hubby
chauffeurs me) I can't wait to get my goodies...I had to limit myself...(very hard to do) I wanted to order some of those labels I see on just about everyones blog. They are so neat and really prim up old mason jars and candles and canisters... Rondell, Pam, Beth, Janene...I can't name you all....but everyone did a wonderful job and you are so creative, and I loved Tammy's candle idea! ;)

But, with all the prim goodies I "wanted" and only being able to spend so much, I didn't get any labels ( I didn't get a lot of things )!...I had to make some really tough choices...trust me, seeing all the prim eye candy, and only being able to pick a few things was so HARD-on the verge of being torturous!! :(

So, I tried to make some labels ...they aren't as nice as Susie's ,but they are ok for me!

Oh, Gee--I almost forgot!!!!!!!! (not really-hehe-I'm too excited to forget!).... the jars in the above pic...well, guess what they are sitting on??? I have them on my dry sink!!! Yes...I finally got it finished.......and better yet, it's finally sitting in my dining room!!!

I am so happy to have it all done...............I just love it!

I have some pictures of it and I will post them next...this post is way to long already--and it's time for me to get dinner!

I also want to be sure and thank Deb and Sharon for sharing their awards with me! Thanks to both of you for thinking of me, and for all your kindness :)

I do appreciate it!!!

Well, I have to go get dinner... hopefully I'll be able to get back on here later with some pics of the dry sink!

Have a wonderful evening, and thanks so much for visiting with me!

PS...so sorry.... I didn't take the time to proof this post...just try to ignore all the typos! ;) I hope that's not rude??