Good day, my Friends~ It’s Friday! Boy, my week flew by, once again! It’s very odd, because as fast as my weeks seem to go, winter seems to be standing still!
There is only so much one can do in the dead of winter with a few feet of snow on the ground! So
I decided to do some spring cleaning, figured I would get a jump on that chore! I got the family room all done and rearranged the furniture…it seems good to have it all changed up! I did the dining room, once I got my dry sink in here…that's what started the 'spring cleaning' mode!
My next stop is my bath….not much to clean in there or move…can’t really rearrange a bath! But I do want to sort through the drawers and vanity and get rid of clutter...and get rid of old towels too...seems like we use our bath towels till they are raggedy and have strings hanging...I need to throw them out!! I have a few stashed for guests...brand new, I'm gonna get those out, and start using them!
While I was in there, I was thinking about how much I LOVE my bathroom…the word NIRVANA just popped into my head!
So-I thought I’d share “my Nirvana” with you.

This is where I come to ‘get away’ from EVERY THING! I can kick back in the family room, sit in front of the stove put my feet up and relax, I can rest peacefully in the bedroom…I am happy and content in every room of my home….but this is where I find my true peace and tranquility most of time!

Steve built this retreat just for me....I designed it, he made my paper doodles come alive! He's so good to me...and FOR ME...he just makes me a better ME! :)

My walls are a color called Apples Brandied...it's not showing good in the pics, it's NOT mauve or pinkish rose...it's really pretty, hard to describe...I like to add color on the ceilings too. I have no idea what "style" to call this?? It's not country, in my opinion, it's not really prim...my nephews call it the "castle bath" so... maybe I'm leaning towards medieval here??

I have spent many hours in this tub, soaking away all my uneasiness, and worries. I come here when I am dead beat tired and I come here when I am upset...and need to calm myself....this is my quiet place
--it's where I come-- "to let it all go"..........

This is where I find myself after a long stressful day. I soak and relax and feel like a whole new ME! It's like all my troubles, worries, aches and pains...every thing that's not wanted...just washes away and goes down the drain! :)

I read in here, I meditate in here...I can clear my head of all the things that seem so...bleak...the things I have no control over....this is where I get a new perspective on things! This is where I dream, and hope...

On occasion, I watch a movie in here...He thought of everything....he even has Sirius radio via the satellite dish piped in so I can listen to soothing music if I'd like ......there is nothing as wonderful as coming in here on a COLD wintry night and dimming the lights and watching an old movie, or just listening to some soft soothing music.

This bath, of all places, brings me happiness & bliss!

It's peaceful, it's calming, it's refreshing... it's my Nirvana...............

Where is your special place, your place to totally relax, to find yourself after a stress filled day...your place of harmony and joy....your place to just let it all go?

Where's your Nirvana?

I wish you all... a wonderful-relaxing-stress free weekend!
~ ♥ ~