My 'So-So'-Sewin'

~Hi Friends~
Wheeeeeew it's already Thursday! I totally missed yesterday--I got to comment on some blogs, but not on others and I
was unable to post at all because "Blogger" was causing me so much grief I finally just gave up!

Hopefully I can get this post out there :)

I haven't had time to do much crafting, I have bookkeeping to do--year end--tax prep stuff...YUK! No fun at all-I'll be so happy when this is DONE!

I have found time at night to practice on my sewing machine! These are my first attempts...they aren't very good...but as they say; Practice makes Perfect-or in my case...Just Keep Practicing! :)

I just drew some Hearts and Stars and made my own patterns...I have to say they don't look as bad on here as they do in "real life"! I have the hardest time keeping my stitch STRAIGHT! And I have the darnedest time stitching my opening closed--it's so OBVIOUS where I hand stitch it closed! :(

So then I tired just sewing the outside so I didn't have to stitch them closed...they turned out 'so-so'...for my first time, I guess! I'm not happy with them, they are all crooked-I just have a hard time with the sewing machine...it's so unwilling to cooperate with me!

Hopefully, in a few months, (or by the looks of these-a bit longer) I can look back at these and see an improvement!! I really think I did better on my sheep make-do's, and I sewed everything by hand on those! I know.....I hear ya.......Keep Practicing! ;)


I also wanted to let my 'surprise b-day present' recipients know that I do have everything finished and ready to take to the P.O....but we are having bad weather, ice yesterday and now snow which = BAD ROADS!

I'm not one to drive in this wintry mess...so I have to wait for Steve to take me to the P.O. Hopefully I can get there tomorrow or Sat. I'm sorry for the delay guys!

Well, I hope you all have a FABULOUS Thursday-I sure hope it's more fun than what I'll be doin!!

...bookkeeping awaits me!

Happy Y Blessings