January 12th, 1983...the day I knew my heart was no longer 'just mine'...

Y-these are the two pieces of my heart-Y
Put them together, and My Heart is Whole!
Steve adopted Brad when Brad was 12 yrs.old-this would become the HAPPIEST day of my life, other than Brad's "birth" day! :)

Today is Brad's birthday--26 years old--seems like yesterday, that I gave birth to this 9 pound 10 ounce baby boy! HELLOOOO- he was darn near 10 pounds!! :) My due date was Dec. 26th---he arrived on Jan. 12th!!! Now-I just thought that they (the Doctors) messed up on my due date...I mean, come on...16 days overdue...and back then, (ya know you're gettin old when ya use the wordage-"back then")....they didn't induce ya, just because ya wanted them to!!!!

Well, let me tell you--once I had to try to deliver him...I figured out rather quickly that his due date of Dec. 26th was actually SPOT ON...and if Brad would have come "on time", well he would have made it a lot easier on ME :) LOL---that should have been a 'red flag' right there...STUBBORN, and always wanting to do things HIS WAY! ;)

Ya know how fast a newborn grows...two-three weeks after ya bring them home...ya see the changes...and can actually see them grow right before your eyes! Well, they GROW even faster inside the womb than they do outside the womb! LOL!

Heck he stayed put for so long, that when he did decide to venture on out...he had to skip all the cute little "newborn" clothes I had for him, and we jumped right on into 3-6 month outfits!!

Anyway- 26 years ago- MY Y HEART was NO longer just MINE, and never ever would be again!!

I wrote the poem below for Brad, for his Birthday, when he was stationed in Iraq--that was the most difficult January 12th I've ever had...harder and more painful than birthing a nearly 10 lb baby!

Just in case I never told you…

I am so very PROUD
I think you know my feelings
Though, they weren’t [always] spoken aloud
You’ve become a man before my eyes
Strong and brave and bold
Seems like only yesterday
You were barely two years old
The years have passed by quickly
Times of troubles and of joys
My eye looks upon an man
My heart still sees 'my little boy'
Over the years I’ve watched you grow
Body, mind and soul
The changes came-some where hard
But that’s what makes you whole
As I sit here writing this
My heart has mixed emotions
An emptiness rushes over me
Like the waves crashing in from an ocean
I guess it’s hard to understand
Until you have your own…
The ‘love’ for a child is powerful
Ever-lasting…once that seed is sown
A prayer was whispered long ago
I prayed for only one
That I may find my own salvation
…and He sent me YOU, my Son
I still pray for only one
But now that ‘one’ is YOU
I ask that He will guide and care…
...through Him, you acquire peaceful refuge
In case I haven’t mentioned it…
Please know I’m very PROUD
If you could see inside my heart
You’d see pride and joy abound
So…just in case I haven’t showed you
Tuck this glimpse away
It’s a picture of my heart
Where I keep you everyday.

©K. Bosko

Happy Birthday, Brad
I love ya Y Mom

Thanks for stopping by my friends...and thanks for lettin me share my "Y"

Hope you all have a Happy Day-