It's the start of BRAND NEW YEAR...with a tradition-BROKEN

Well here we are in a brand new year....and I'm making my first post a day late! I had planned on starting out on my blog with a JAN 1st post... LOL...I sure hope this is not any indication of how things will go in my new year ! ;)
I hope you all 'rang-in' a wonderfully HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I see some of ya have made some "self-promises" or resolutions! I wish you all the best...and I have faith in every one of you wonderful gals--you'll reach your goals -I just know it!
As for me...I made no promises, or resolutions. I just want to try to be a better person today, than I was yesterday (in every aspect of my life)!
Which would mean-by next year at this time- I should be right around 365 times better than I am right now! ;)
WOW-Now would that be a GREAT accomplishment 'er what????
It seems like a HUGE goal to reach, maybe even impossible-365 times better??...so I'm doin it one day at a time....as long as I am a better person today than I was yesterday, even if it's just a little better...then I will get there! :)
As for our New Years festivities...we did NOTHING!
New Years Eve we talked to all our family members, from right here in PA to TX to VA....wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Then we went to bed...promised each other "who ever is still awake @ midnight", we would wake the other one up and share our HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes! Needless to say, we exchanged our Happy New Wishes around 5 am the next morning!! LOL...we haven't stayed up till midnight since Brad moved out.....and when he lived at home, I was only awake then because mom's don't sleep till their kids are HOME-safe and sound! ;)
New Years Day....
Steve and I just kicked back and relaxed all day yesterday (after we cleaned out the shop and garage)! We have to be organized for the new year and new projects!
Do any of you have a Pork & Sauerkraut dinner on New Years day? It's a tradition with my family! I don't like it that much, in fact, every year I seem to like it less and less... although we do make our own-and homemade is way better than 'store-bought'!
Every year I try to get out of having it!
*sigh*...my aunt always says "YOU AT LEAST HAVE TO EAT SOME--IT BRINGS GOOD LUCK TO YA IN THE NEW YEAR and Grandma ALWAYS had us eat it" ...(Whenever she mentions "gramma" I cave--and end up eating it!!)
Well, so far...although we've had many blessings over the years...we have had some really rough and trying times, or as some would say, BAD LUCK-truth is, it was way beyond 'bad luck'!!
The past 5-6 years have been very hard on our family--and we ate the dang sauerkraut every year-so-obviously it doesn't help! ;)
Anyway, this year Steve and I opted NOT TO EAT THE SAUERKRAUT, it was HIS idea, I just went along with it!!!!
It felt...ummmm... liberating!!
We had Chili!!! LOL!
(I haven't told my aunt yet-I just know I will lose that 'liberating' feeling-and end up eating kraut anyway)!
I do feel sorta bad about breaking a tradition...but I DO NOT miss the kraut...and who's to say that CHILI isn't LUCKY??!!
I hope we made the right decision- ;)
Only time will tell!
I hope we all have "GOOD LUCK" and many "Happy Blessings" in '09!
I Pray that if we find ourselves traveling down a trying path...that we can find our way back or if it's HIS will, we will be guided down a new path-
*Cheers* Here's to a happy year ahead!
Happy Y Blessings